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18-year old Nicole Green sighed and rolled over onto her back. The old military-surplus cot she was lying on creaked under her as her weight shifted. The young woman stared up into the darkness that filled her best friend Rachel's room. Nicole couldn't sleep. She was far too excited. In only a couple hours, she would be kidnapped and sold as a slave!

Not for real, of course, and entirely by her own choice. It was a charity slave auction, both Nicole and Rachel had volunteered to be sold tomorrow morning, and the money donated to help inner city kids. Whoever bought them, then, would be allowed to put them to work, however he or she wished, all day Saturday.

"Can't sleep either?" Rachel said from her bed where she was lying. She too, was unable to sleep.

"What? No, I'm asleep. This is just me talking in my sleep." Nicole joked, than added. "When do you think they'll come?"

Rachel had explained to her, when they'd volunteered. Early the morning of the auction, to get the volunteers in the right mindset for their imminent slavery, they would be kidnapped from their homes sometime before dawn, tied up, blindfolded and driven to where the auction was taking place.

As thrilling as that was by itself, it was made all the more exciting, at least to Nicole, in that she had no idea when they would come. Rachel's mom had left the door unlocked, so the volunteer "slavers" could get in. The two girls would almost certainly be asleep when they'd be grabbed.

The two girl's had already changed into their "slave-girl" costumes for the auction. Rachel had made them with a little help from her mom, and Nicole thought her friend had done a good job, even if her outfit seemed a little too small for her. The hem of the skirt didn't seem to want to stay down far enough for modesties sake.  

The costume was, to put it simply, a brown cloth sack Rachel had sewn from some old discount fabric, open at the bottom with three holes cut at the top for their head and arms. A rope belt cinched the sack around the girl's waists. In spite of the cold weather, both girl's had elected to go barefoot and hope whoever bought them put them to work inside. A pair of leather collars, set on the table for the slavers to find, along with Nicole's glasses, would complete the outfit.

"I still can't believe your mom let you do this." Nicole said. Needless to say, there would have been less chance then a snowball in hell of her parents agreeing to let her volunteer for a slave auction, unless Rachel's mother had first talked to them and convinced her mom and dad it was perfectly safe and for a good cause.

"Are you kidding?" Rachel replied. "Last year she was up on stage with the rest of us. She just can't volunteer this year because her promotion means she doesn't have the time. Sarah wanted to come, but didn't want to drive all the way down here and miss class."

"Darn!" Nicole said, grinning. If there was anyone she'd like to see up on the auction block in a slave-girls outfit being sold off, it was Rachel's older sister. Grinning, she rolled over and pulled the covers up. Slowly, but eventually, she fell asleep…


Nicole awoke with a start as someone clamped a gloved hand over the teenage girl's mouth. She opened her eyes and found herself staring up at a man wearing a black ski mask. "Not a word." He said with a grin. Nicole nodded her heart racing with excitement. She was being kidnapped!

Her kidnapper reached down and pulled the covers off her. "Stand up and get up against that wall." The man said. As Nicole did so, she glanced over and saw another person, a young woman also wearing a black ski mask holding a duffel bag.

"Don't even think about trying to run." She said with a chuckle, holding a brightly colored water pistol. "Now, up against the wall! Hands on your head!"

As Nicole complied, there was a muffled squeal from the other side of the room as the first kidnapper woke up Rachel. A second later, the two girls stood side by side, against the wall, hands on their heads, glancing at each other and trying their hardest not to look as excited as they felt.

"Now," The man said, as his partner unzipped her bag. "Turn around and cross your hands behind your back." As she did, Nicole felt a familiar tingle run up and down her spin, as it did whenever she was about to be tied up.

The kidnappers worked quickly, binding their two captive's hands. The woman pulled a pair of bandanas from her bag. They'd already been folded into bands and knotted in the middle. As she gagged Nicole, the teenager tested out the ropes binding her wrists. Though far from loose, they weren't painfully tight, with little slack or give, and knots just tantalizingly out of reach of the girl's fingers. She'd have a merry time struggling before she could get free.

"Nice slave costumes." The older girl said, as she knotted Nicole's gag tight. "Oh, by the way, your panties are showing. You might want to do something about that before you go on stage in front of everyone." Nicole's face blushed bright red as she tried to pull the hem of her dress down with her bound hands. It must have hiked up in the night while she was sleeping. The slaver laughed at her captive's embarrassment before helping her set her skirt to rights.

Meanwhile, the older man had found the collars Rachel had left out, connected to each other by a chain. He held up Nicole's glasses. "These yours?" he asked. Nicole nodded, grunting affirmatively into her gag. "Right," he said, pocketing them, "I'll just hold onto these for you then." As he said that, his partner blindfolded the two soon-to-be-slaves.  

Blindfolded, Nicole felt one of the captors put on of the collars around her neck and buckled it tight. The other did the same to Rachel. Nicole could feel the short chain leash tugging erratically as they did.

"Come on, ladies," the man said, grabbing the middle of the chain like a leash. "You two are going for a ride…" Nicole and Rachel grunted into their gags, enjoying playing the role of the helpless captives, as they were marched out of Rachel's room, and through the dark house.

Cold wind blew over Nicole as the two volunteer slavers opened the front door and dragged their captives outside. A gust of wind made Nicole regret letting Rachel make their costumes for the second time that morning. She shivered, as she hurriedly half-walked half-ran down the cold concrete path, bare feet frozen.

Briefly, Nicole wondered what the neighbors, not that any of them would be out at such an early hour, would make of the spectacle of the two girls, dressed in rather flimsy slave girl outfits, blindfolded, bound, gagged, being led by a pair of masked kidnappers. She grinned. They'd probably call the cops, or grab their cameras…

Luckily, the slavers had a van waiting on the side of the road in front of Rachel's house. As one of the slavers opened the side door, a chorus of gag muffled "mmmppphhh's" told Nicole they weren't the first girls to have been picked up tonight. The male slaver helped Nicole clamber up into the vehicle, which luckily had the heat going. Rachel climbed up in after her, still connected by the chain on their collars.

Nicole felt unseen hands guide her to a spot against one wall of the inside of the van, sitting against another woman on her right, Rachel on the left. Though she couldn't see anything, from the feel of the girl pressed almost immodestly close against Nicole, her costume was, if anything even skimpier then theirs.

The man finished securing Nicole by tying her feet together with some rope. He slammed the side door shut and called out "Ok, Polly, we're all set back here!" as he climbed into the passenger's seat. Nicole felt the car lurch as the female slaver, Polly, pulled away from the curb and began driving.

The ride seemed to last forever, though it was probably only a couple hours. Every time they took a sharp turn, all the girls were thrown in a heap on one side of the van. They'd struggle to untangle themselves, no easy feat with their hands and feet tightly bound, only to be thrown back into a jumbled mess as the slavers accelerated or braked.

After about twenty minutes of driving, they pulled to a stop and Nicole heard doors open and slam shut as the volunteer slavers got out. They'd be gone maybe ten minutes, and she'd hear the side door open and the "mmmppphhh's" of the next slave girl being kidnapped.

They stopped maybe three times, each time picking up two or three girls, until they were packed in the back. "Everyone comfortable?" The male slaver, Frank, called out, laughing at the chorus of angry "mmmppphhh's!" he got in return. This time, they drove for the better part of forty-five minutes, maybe an hour. Then, as they pulled to a stop, Frank loudly announced to his cargo of slave girls: "ok, ladies! We're here!..."
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Yurikaiscandar Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016
Sounds like a fun story
Achast Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016
Thanks! Hope you like the rest of the story.
TraceMem Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good start to this one. I like the idea behind it; very original.
LoneWolf168 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
Good story. Great idea too. Wish I'd thought of it...
TheTriskelion Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
I couldn't help my mind run wild thinking about that one line "They'd probably call the cops, or grab their cameras…"
The first thing I though of was that most normal people would have no reason to grab their cameras, especially crabby older people (no offense to any of you to whom it may apply)
Next I noticed that a lot of phones have a built in camera, killing two birds with one stone.
Then, I started thinking about someone reporting it to the police, using the picture as evidence. Then the police goes "that's all fine and well to take a picture for evidence, but explain to me why you have over 30 pictures in hd in the 30 seconds you saw the kidnap." And the pervert's all like "erm..."
Achast Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
ShadowZangetsu Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
That's a great idea. It's a shame it's only for a day though... maybe they'll get lucky (or unlucky) and kept as slaves permanently? :)
Achast Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
Hmmmm... :plotting: *runs off to go write...*
FallenJace Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
Tis genius! I love it!
ED3765 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010  Student Writer
excellent story idea, I look forward to reading more chapters :)
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