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It was a dark, moonless night. The sounds of the jungle filled the air over the small, tropical island. Roger's old, military surplus jeep bounced down the dirt road. The vehicle's headlights had been dimmed with red cellophane, making it hard for him to see much of the road ahead. It twisted and turned, following the lay of the land around the steep jungle covered hills, slowly working its way down to the bay.

The headlights of the car behind Roger's was similarly dimmed. He could barely make it out in his mirrors, some twenty yards behind him. He hoped the brakes on the other jeep were still in good order. Nothing was harder on a vehicle then the combination of jungle humidity, sand and salt water from the ocean and spare parts were hard to come by out here.

Roger sighed in relief when he rounded another corner and the jungle broke. Out ahead of him was a small inlet of water into the island, where the water was deep enough for ocean-going craft to dock. The island extended around, on either side of the tiny bay, the jungle covered hills screening the dock from any ships further out at sea.

There was a small wooden hut built near the shore. Beside it was a wooden pier, extending out onto the water. Both looked quite old, the wooden planks bleached by the sun and worn smooth by wind and wave. A man was seated in the hut. He opened the door and stepped out. Roger could see the man had on a mottled camo uniform, same as he and the other driver were wearing. The uniforms were jungle-pattern, not that colors were visible in the dim light. He had an assualt rifle slung over his back.

"Have you heard from the boat yet?" Roger said, after he'd parked his jeep near the hut and shut the engine off. The other driver, a man named Smith, parked beside him.

"Nope." The sentry replied. "They're maintaining radio silence, as instructed. At approximately 0300 hours, we're supposed to light off a couple flairs to guide them in." He glanced at his watch. "That' ten minutes from now...assuming they can even find the cove in this darkness."

Roger shook his head. " bloody navy ships comes sniffing around and everyone panics..." He reached into the pocket of his uniform tunic and pulled out a half-full packet of cigarettes. Pulling one out, he fumbled with his lighter a moment, until the end of the cigarette caught.

"Hand me one of those, will ya?" Smith asked. Roger tossed him the pack, then the lighter. The men hung around the hut, smoking and swatting at the mosquitoes that swarmed around the hut's light, until the sentry nodded.

"'bout time, I guess." He stepped into the hut. From a wooden crate, he pulled out three flares and handed two of them to the other two men. They walked down the pier, spreading out along the whole length of it. At the same time, the three lit off their flares, marking the length of the pier in the darkness.

For a few moments, Roger thought no one would show up. Then, suddenly, a long boat coasted in, its engines cut off, as it pulled up alongside the pier. Roger dropped his flare into the water. It hissed and went out. One of the sailors up on the deck of the boat tossed down a line. Quickly, Roger tied it off to the wooden pier. Down at the other end of the pier, Smith was also tying off a line. With a loud wooden 'thunk' a gangplank was lowered from the boat.

"Alright, get this cargo unloaded, quickly!" One of the officers on the boat ordered. Up on deck, there was a hustle of movement from the sailors. A moment later, one of them came down the gangplank, wheeling a metal trolley. Secured to it, with heavy-duty cloth straps, was a large metal drum. Behind him came another sailor, wheeling another drum on a second trolley. As they passed by Roger, he could faintly hear a soft groan, coming from inside the drum.

"Where are these from?" Roger asked, falling in beside the lead sailor as he dragged his load up the pier.

"China." The man replied. "Not sure where, though. We picked 'em up near Shanghai. Our recruiters over there have been busy lately. After this, we're heading right back to pick up another load."

"Well, we'll find room for them when you do." Roger said. He helped the sailor lift the heavy metal drum up into the back of the jeep. There was a groan from inside, muffled by the metal sides. While the sailor returned to the boat for another load, Roger secured the first drum with more straps. Nearby, Smith was loading the second drum into his jeep.

The sailors made half a dozen trips from the boat to the jeeps. After half an hour, both drivers had six drums loaded into the backs of their vehicles. With a nod to the sailors, Roger got into the drivers seat and started the engine. He turned it around and began the long drive back to the base, up the winding jungle road.

Dawn was just breaking over the eastern shore of the island when they reached the compound. A small pre-fabricated quonset hut was built into the side of a steep hill. Palm trees and camouflage netting hid it from the air, while it hid the entrance to the larger complex underneath it. Another, larger hut for vehicles was hidden nearby.

A small party of men were waiting out in front of the hut. "Alright. Let's see what they've sent us this time..." The man in front said, as Roger pulled to a stop. HIs men grinned eagerly. They hurried forward and quickly lifted one of the drums out of the trunk and set it on the ground. Roger got out of the jeep and walked around, just as they pried the lid off the drum.

"mmmppphhh..." A young woman stared up, out of the opening. Her eyes were wide with terror. Roger could see she was stripped completely naked. Her arms were bound behind her back with leather straps. Her legs were folded, pressed against her chest in the confines of the drum. More straps held them there, forcing her into a tight ball. "mmmppphhh!" She groaned. A strip of cloth was clenched between her teeth, wet with drool. Her cheeks bulged from the padding stuffed in her mouth to keep her quiet during transport.

Twelve drums, twelve helpless young women. Working quickly, the six slavers soon had all of them unloaded. The girls trembled in fear, lying on the ground, still tightly bound and gagged as the men looked down at their naked bodies.

"Why don't we get to know our news guests a little better?" the leader of the slavers said. Along with the other men, Roger cheered lustfully...


"This is my kind of mission!" Naomi said. The young woman lay back on the deck chair soaking in the warm, tropical sun. She had on a bright green bikini and a pair of sunglasses. Her shoulder-length dark black hair was tied back, out of the way. "Nothing to do but relax." She watched as the blue-green waters of the south pacific as the Porpoise cut gracefully through the waves. Here and there, small islands rose from the water, slowly drifting by as they sailed on.    

"Don't get too comfortable." Lucy called from behind Naomi. She was seated at the ship's helm, controlling the slow cruise as they drifted through the island chain. Like the other woman, Lucy had on a skimpy blue bikini. Her looks marked her Chinese ancestry.  Her dark hair was tucked underneath a sun hat and she also had on a pair of shades. "We're here to do a job."

"We're meant to be posing as a civilian ship, on vacation." Naomi shot back. "I'm helping to keep up appearances, in case our target happens to be watching right now. It's the two below decks who have the real job."

"And I think we'd like a break from that!" A woman called from below decks. "So why don't you to come below and relieve us."

Naomi sighed. "aye aye, ma'am." she said, getting up from the chair. Lucy stopped the yacht and the two walked over to the stairwell at the rear of the boat. Standing at the bottom of the stairs was Lt. Louise. The young woman was wearing the uniform of an officer in the Royal Navy: a white dress blouse, unbuttoned at the top, with the epaulettes of a Lieutenant, a white skirt and black dress shoes. Her long, dark brown hair spilled out of the smart naval cap on her head.

A short distance away, the fourth member of the crew, Konnie, sat at a station, hunched over the large, sophisticated console the navy engineers had installed in the ship's hold. Like Louise, she was also wearing a navy uniform, though her dark skinned marked in Indian heritage. Though they were posing as a civilian vessel for this mission, Louise had insisted the four naval officers wear their uniforms while hidden belowdecks, to keep up discipline.

"Pick up anything interesting, Konnie?" Naomi asked, as she and Lucy grabbed their uniforms and put them on over their swimsuits.

The other woman shook her head, turning from the screen to look at the other women. "Nothing much." She said with a shrug. "Picked up some radio chatter from a cargo freighter half an hour ago, radar's got nothing."

"Something will turn up sooner or later." Louise replied. Naomi took over the console from Konnie, who walked over to join Louise. The two stripped out of their uniforms, setting them aside. Like Naomi and Lucy, they had on swimsuits underneath the naval outfits. "Keep looking. Konnie and I will watch things on deck..."

"Roger." Naomi replied. As she watched the endless turning of the radar display, scanning through radio frequencies, hoping to pick up a signal, she thought back to the briefing, the four had gotten before they'd begun this assignment:

"As you ladies know," the admiral had said, when they'd assembled in his office, back in London. "The Royal navy has made one of its chief priorities the stamping out of the modern slave trade wherever we can." He pointed to the map, projected on one wall of the office. It showed a stretch of the South Pacific, scattered with hundreds of tiny islands.

"We have reason to suspect a group of international slavers are using one of the islands in this area as a base of operations. The young women they kidnap from around the world are shipped to their compound here to be broken, trained sold and finally shipped to their new owners, usually high class, black market brothels in Europe or the Far East.

Unfortunately, if the slavers do have a base here, they have it well hidden. Satellite and aerial reconnaissance haven't located it yet. In addition, many of these islands are owned by private individuals and corporations, some based in the UK, but most are foreign owned, meaning we can't search the islands without strong evidence and a warrant from the international court. Surveillance by warship has proved fruitless, our ships are spotted well before they reach the area and the slavers go underground until we move on."

He pressed a button on his computer and the slid changed. It showed a picture of a large yacht, next to schematics. "That's where you four come in. The admiralty has recently acquired this boat, the Porpoise and has retrofitted it with the most advanced surveillance gear available. Since you don't appear naval, hopefully the slavers won't take notice of you. You are to cruise around these islands until you pick up any activity that may indicate the location of the slavers base. Understand."

The four nodded, confidently.

"Good, dismissed!"

Naomi sighed. That had been almost three weeks ago. It had taken them two days to travel out to meet their new vessel, three more days to sail to the island chain. The next two weeks had seen them sailing around, without catching even a hint that there might be a hidden slavers base on one of these islands. Though the four had maintained their professionalism and were committed to completing their assignment as best as possible, they had already resigned themselves to the likelihood that they weren't going to find anything.

"If there were any slavers operating in this area," Naomi thought to herself. "Odds are, they're long gone by now..."


With a loud groan, Robert suddenly came. The young woman kneeling between her legs gave a short whimper as he shot his load into her mouth. The slaver glanced down at her, a leering grin on his face. She was a pretty young redhead, who'd been unlucky enough to catch the eye of the slavers while on vacation a week ago. Soon she'd be just another slave girl, serving her new master somewhere far away.

"Much better..." Robert said, leaning back in his chair. The naked woman  kept silent, eyes down. The older man grinned. "I knew you'd improve once we got rid of that temper of yours." He remembered the girl back when she'd first been brought to the island, fighting her handlers every step of the way as they dragged her to the dungeon, screaming loudly through her gag. A few days under the whip had taught her how futile resistance was.

There was a knock at the door. "Back to your cage, slave." Robert ordered. Silently, the young girl stood, head bowed and turned. "There's a good girl." Robert said, giving her a quickly slap on her ass. The marks from her punishment had faded to a few, faint pink lines across the pale white globes of her ass. Not long ago it had been covered in livid red strips from her latest caning.

Slowly, the slave girl shuffled across the room, the chains on her wrists and ankles jingling merrily. Along the far wall of the room were half a dozen small, metal cages, little bigger then a small pet carrier. Four of the cages contained a single, naked girl, curled up inside the cramped space. The redheaded slave knelt in front of one of the empty ones and crawled inside. Turning, she pulled the door shut. The lock clicked shut, trapping her inside until Robert choose to let her out again.

"Come in." Robert called towards the door. It opened and a man entered. It was Charles Reed, the head of the base.

Charles  glanced over at the line of cages. "Evaluating the merchandise, eh Robert?" He said with a leering grin.

Robert shrugged. "Checking to see how their training is progressing." He nodded to the redhead. "She's coming along nicely. I think in a couple of days she might be ready to be put up for sale."

"Good." Charles replied. He grabbed a chair and sat down in front of Robert. "You used to work in recruiting, is that right? You were in charge of a snatch team."

Robert nodded. "That's right. Back Stateside. Company recruited me out of army Special Forces.  Two years ago, we were doing a standard house call, a mother and her two daughters, late at night. Mom caught wind up us coming, tagged me in the leg with a couple pellets of buckshot. Cops managed to pull the DNA from the blood, fingered me for the abductions. Company got wind of it from one of their informants and got me out before I got nabbed. I can't go back to the United States or anywhere that has an extradition treaty with them, so I was re-assigned to training where I could lie low a while."

"Do you still remember your training?" Charles asked.

"Isn't something you really forget. I'm a little rusty though." Robert replied. "Why?"

"We've spotted a boat, sailing in our neighborhood." Charles reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a phone. Turning it on, he showed Robert a series of photographs, showing a small, ocean going yacht. "It's been in the area for about three weeks. We suspect they might be spying on us. I'd like you to assemble a team from amy personnel on the island who have experience and pay them a visit."

"Why don't you call headquarters?" Robert asked. "I'm sure they could get a fully equipped team with way more experience then I've got, out here in 24 hours or less. It would certainly be less risky than trying to half-ass something like this."

Charles shook his head. "And if they are spying on us? They might intercept our signal. Right now, they shouldn't be able to spot us, the base is camouflaged and shielded, the next shipment of slaves isn't for a few more days, but bringing in a strike team by helicopter will certainly attract the wrong sort of attention."

"Fine. What sort of crew or passengers are aboard? Weapons?"

"We've seen four people onboard." Charles said, flipping through several photographs. "They seem to be working in two man shifts...or rather two woman shifts." Robert smiled. The small photographs weren't the best quality, but the four young woman looked hot enough and the bikinis they were wearing certainly didn't hurt. "Judging from the size of the boat, I doubt there are more than four. If they are naval, they'll likely have some small arms on board. If they are navy, we need to take them out. If they're not," He grinned. "I'm sure having four extra slaves won't hurt..."


Late in the evening, as the sun was setting into the ocean to the west, the four Royal Navy officers anchored their vessel near the shore of a small, uninhabited island for the night. The converted yacht only had a small, basic galley and all they had were standard navy rations. Never the less, Lucy, who had cooking duty that evening, did her best to turn the canned food into something edible. The four ate without complaint. All of them had been in the Royal Navy long enough to grow used to how things were done at sea.

Dinner was served on a small card table that was folded out of the way during the day. After eating their simple meal and cleaning up, Naomi, Konnie and Lucy pulled out a desk of cards and whiled the evening away, while Louise manned the survaillence console beside them. From time to time, she'd interrupt her watch to comment on their game.

Around 11 o'clock, they turned in. Konnie had the first watch. She took Louise's spot at the console while the other three put the card table away. As senior officer, Louise got to use the yacht's one small cabin and bed. Rank had its privileges. The others set up hammocks in the space where the table used to be.

Naomi crawled into her hammock, still wearing her uniform and drifted off to sleep, rocked by the movement of the boat as it bobbed on the waves. It seemed like moments later when she was shaken away by Konnie, telling her it was her turn to go on watch, but according to her wrist watch four hours had passed.

Yawning, Naomi walked into the galley and fixed herself a cup of strong tea and carried the mug over to the console. Fighitng off sleep, she resumed her fruitless vigil. The radio scanners listened for any transmissions that would reveal human habitation in this part of the world. The radar systems would pick up any large ships or aircraft nearby.

Unfortunately for the four women, as sophisticated as their sensors were, the radar failed to pick up the two small rubber rafts slowly making their way towards the anchored yacht. The rafts were too low in the water, it was impossible to seperate them from the waves around them as the four men in each boat silently paddled in close. Once alongside, one of the raiders reached up with a graple and hooked on to the yacht's railing with a quiet 'thunk!'

As quiet as it was, Naomi still heard the muffled thuds as people clambered over the rails onto the deck. Had she been thinking straight, Naomi would have realized immediately they were being boarded and woken the others. But exhuastion, and the quiet of the last three weeks had lowered the officer's guard. Instead of raising the alarm, the young woman instead decided to investigate the strange noise. With a yawn, she grabbed on of their two service pistols and made her way to the stairwell.

The first the officer realized the danger she and her shipmates were in was when she was grabbed by several black-clad figures as she stepped out onto the deck. "He-mmmppphhh!" Naomi's shocked cry was cut off as one of the men clamped his gloved hand over her mouth, silencing her. His other hand went around her waist, trapping her arms to her sides. A second boarder grabbed her legs and picked her up off the deck. A third grabbed the pistol from their stunned captive's hand.

Naomi squirmed in her captors' grasp, unable to believe what was happening as they carried her to the far end. She screamed as loudly as she could, hoping to alert her friends, but the hand over her mouth stifled the frightened officer's cries. Moving quickly, with obvious skill, the boarders secured their first prisoner. Naomi's hands were crossed behind her back and secured with strong, rough cord. She grunted through the hand gag as the rope dug painfully into her wrists. Her feet were tightly bound together as well. The left over rope was passed between Naomi’s arms and tied off to the rope around her ankles, leaving the squirming woman tightly hogtied.  

The hand clamped over her mouth was removed. An instant later, a wad of cloth was stuffed inside. Before Naomi could spit it out, one of the men slapped a several pieces of silver duct tape over her. More tape was used to blindfold her. They set her down on the deck, near the stern of the boat. She moaned into her gag in a mixture of fear and anger as she struggled against her bonds helplessly.

One of the raiders stayed behind to guard over her. Grinning, he crouched over her. His hands made their way to her breasts, feeling them through the fabric of her uniform. Naomi squealed into her gag indignantly. She thrashed about, trying to escape his groping fingers, but tied up, she wasn't going anywhere...


The others made their way to the stairwell and headed below decks. Konnie and Lucy were still asleep in their hammocks, blissfully unaware of the danger as the boarders crept up on them. They split up, three to each hammock, while their leader hung back. At his signal, they struck. The two officers woke up, surprised, as they were suddenly wrapped up in their hammocks. The women cried out in shock as the raiders carried the squirming bundles towards the stairs.

In the captain's cabin, Louise heard the commotion. Immediately, she realized she and her friends and crewmates were under attack. Frantically, she fumbled for the other pistol, sitting on top of the small cabinet beside her bed. Flipping the safety off, the young officer jumped out of bed and ran to the door and threw it open. Her eyes widened as she saw half a dozen men dressed in dark-colored camouflage, carrying two long bundles of cloth. From the muffled cries coming from the makeshift sacks and the way they squirmed, Louise realized two of her women were trapped inside them.

"Let them go!" Louise said, raising the pistol as she advanced out of the cabin. She couldn't fire, for fear of hitting one of the men's captives. As she stepped into the main room, she saw a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye, another boarder, waiting beside the door for her to come out. She turned, but it was too late.

With a cry, Robert grappled with Louise. One arm went around her waist, the other reached for her wrist. The two struggled for control of the gun for a moment. Louise' finger tightened on the trigger just as Robert wrenched her arm to the side. The gun barked three times, the bullets smashing into the surveillance console. Robert squeezed Louise’s wrist, until the young woman cried out in pain and dropped the pistol. It fell to the floor with a loud clatter.

Two of the raiders holding Konnie and Lucy rushed to help their boss. Louise continued struggling for all she was worth, but by then it was all over. Despite her efforts, the young woman’s hands were pulled behind her back and secured with more rope. She shook her head, but couldn’t stop them from stuffing a wad of cloth into her mouth. Silver tape sealed in the wadding, muffling her angry groans.

It took two of the slavers holding onto her to drag Louise to the stairs and up onto deck. As she stepped out into the cold night air, the young woman whimpered in defeat, seeing her friends. Lucy and Konnie had been released from their cloth prisons, one at a time, so they could be bound, gagged and blindfolded. Naomi was lying on the deck nearby, moaning miserably as one of the raiders felt her up.

The four women whimpered through their gags as Louise was marched over and forced to kneel beside them. Her feet were bound and her arms and legs lashed together in a hogtie. Everything went dark as tape was pulled across her eyes, blindfolding her. She fought to keep calm, to fight the mounting urge to panic. These men could only be the slavers the four had been sent to locate. Now they were the helpless captives of these ruthless criminals. What was going to happen to them now?


Robert glanced over the four captive women, kneeling bound and gagged, trembling in their smart naval uniforms. The whole operation had gone smoother than he’d thought it would. They obviously hadn’t been expecting attack. He grinned. They’d wanted to find out about the slavers’ operation here? Well, now they were about to find out more about it then they’d ever wanted to.

“Hank! Jones!” Robert ordered. “Go back down and search the ship. Find out what our four spies here have discovered. Their computer took a couple rounds, see if you can salvage the from it. Thomas, get the charges set.” The three men nodded and made their way below decks again.

A few minutes, the first two returned. One of them, Hank, shook his head. “No good, boss.” He said, “one of the bullets went right through the hard drive, it’s completely totaled. We did find some papers here.” The other raider held up a stack of binders. “Haven’t had time to go through them yet.” They most likely included the girls’ orders to patrol the area, along with the usual nautical charts, regulations and other paperwork that came with running a ship of her majesty’s navy.

Robert shrugged. “That’s too bad. I guess we’ll just have to ask our guests some questions when we get back to the base. I’m sure you’ll tell us what we want to know if we ask nicely, right ladies?” He leered down at the four captives, who moaned through their gags in fear as all of the men laughed.

At that moment, the third boarder who’d gone below returned. “The bomb’s set.” He said, “So we’d better get the hell out of here.”

Robert nodded to his men. Instantly, the four bound officers were seized. They young woman squirmed, grunting into their gags as they were carried to the side of the boat. They were picked up and dropped into the bottom of the rubber rafts floating on the water below. Louise squealed into her gag as she bounced in the bottom. Naomi landed beside her. Nearby, Konnie and Lucy were dropped into the other raft. The raiders climbed down into the rafts.

With the four navy officers captured, there was no danger of them being found, so they started up the rafts’ motors and quickly sailed away from the now empty yacht. Lying at the bottom of the rafts, the women whimpered as the men amused themselves, toying with their captives.

When the raiders were about a hundred yards away, Robert nodded to Thomas. The other man pulled out a small remote detonator and flipped the safety off. He paused a moment before thumbing the trigger. Across the water there was a muffled ‘thump!” and a wave rippled out from the yacht, causing the rafts to bob for a second.

The other slavers, who had been hoping for a satisfying fireball, sighed in disappointment, but Robert nodded approvingly. Already, the yacht was starting to list to one side, as water flooded in through the hole Thomas’ bomb had blown in the ship’s hull. Within minutes, it would sink straight to the bottom. Not as impressive, maybe, but this was far less likely to attract attention. “Let’s get these bitches back home.” He said, as they quickly sped away from the listing vessel…


Down in the bottom of the raft, Louise shivered, not just from the cold, though within moments the waves that splashed over the rafts left her and Naomi soaked to the bone, freezing in the cool night air. No, she was trembling with fright, wondering what was going to happen to them. That they would be questions, possibly tortured, was a certainty. Louise had been trained to resist interrogation, she didn’t worry for herself, but the thought of the other three women, her close friends and fellow officers, suffering at the hands of these monsters chilled her to the bone, though that might have been the half-inch of cold sea water she was lying in.

And after that, what would happen to them? Would they simply be killed? Or would the slavers sell the four of them, like their other victims? Being sold into a life of sex slavery was a terrifying prospect for any woman, but for four naval officers it was even worse. Louise knew there were plenty of cruel men in the world who would gladly pay for the captured officers, to get revenge on the navy they served in.

“We just have to hold out until we’re rescued.” she thought to herself. Tomorrow at noon, when they failed to check in with the admiralty, the alarm would be raised and soon enough, a British fleet would be on the way to locate the four women and rescue them and the rest of the slavers’ captives. “We just need to be strong, survive whatever these bastards do until then...” It was inconceivable to Louise that they might not be found and rescued. The alternative, a lifetime of bondage as a sex slave, was too horrifying to contemplate…

It was still dark, when the slavers came ashore at one of the tiny, jungle covered islands. They ran their rafts up onto the beach. The four captives were picked up out of the bottom of the boats and tossed over the side onto the sandy shore. The slavers’ leader ordered his men to drag the rafts up to the tree line and get them under the camoflage tarps there. Louise groaned.The slavers’ whole operation seemed to professional and organized. It explained how they were able to remain hidden for so long…

“Where are the jeeps that were supposed to meet us?” One of the men asked.

“Must have gotten lost in the dark.” the leader replied. He shrugged. “Can’t radio them, least not until we find out whether our guests here have friends still out there. Looks like we’re walking.” His men groaned, shouldering their equipment as they got ready to move out. Their four prisoners were also prepared for the march. The rope binding their feet were untied and quickly repurposed into makeshift leashes. Louise was placed at the front of the line, Naomi behind her, followed by Connie and Lucy, each girl tethered to the captive in front of her at the neck. Robert was at the head of the line, Louise’s leash held in one hand. Their blindfolds were ripped off, none too gently, so the prisoners wouldn’t stumble in the darkness.

“Come on, slaves." Robert said, tugging sharply on the leash. The women whimpered into their gags as they were each jerked forward in turn. Hurriedly, they began walking, struggling to keep up with the quick pace their captors set. The other slavers fell in on either side of the girls, taking it upon themselves to ‘encourage’ the four whenever one of them starting to slow.

The trail they were following was little more than a rough dirt path, twisting and turning its way uphill into the island. Trees and bushes pressed in close on either side and there were plenty of roots for the unwary traveler to trip over. The jungle was quite humid, and despite the cool air, everyone was quickly soaked in sweat from their exertions.

At the front of the column, Louise moaned in misery. Her hands had gone numb from the cruel ropes cutting into her wrists. Her mouth was dry, the foul tasting cloth stuffed there to keep her quiet had sucked up all the moisture. Her legs ached from the long march. The smart military shoes she had on were perfect for the deck of a ship, not so much the primitive dirt path. From their miserable groans, she knew the other captive officers were suffering just as badly as she was.

The first light of morning was filtering through the leaves of the jungle, giving everything a green hue, as their march came to an end. “Here we are, ladies…” Robert taunted, as they saw a low structure through a gap in the foliage. “Your new home...until we sell you of course.”

As they were led over to the structure, the naval officer studied the set up with a critical eye. Louise noted how most of the building was built into the low hill beside the entrance, how natural plants and camouflage netting had both been used to great effect to hide what did show above ground. “No wonder we never spotted this place.” She thought. Then, they were led inside. “Oh my god…” she thought, giving a soft whimper through her gag as she saw the stairs, spiraling down underground and realized this was only the tip of the iceberg…

Beside her, Robert handed her leash over to one of his subordinates. “Take them to Training Room 4 and prepare them for interrogation, while I tell Charles how things went.” As the four trembling women were dragged past him, he called out, cheerfully. “Don’t start without me!”


Charles wasn’t in his office, when Robert went to look for him. “Guess it’s a bit too early for that…” Robert thought, when he found the office door locked. He followed the maze of hallways through the underground base to where the head of the facilities had his quarters.

“Is that you, Robert!?! Please, come in!” Charles called from inside, when Robert knocked on the door. Robert opened the door and found himself in a small living room, with a table and chairs for meeting with visitors. “In here.” Charles called from one of the three doors that led off of the entry-hall.

The room on the other side proved to be Charles’ bedroom. The large bed took up most of the space. Charles was sitting up in the bed, the covers half off him. From what Robert could see, the other man was completely undressed. Lying on the bed beside the older slaver was a young woman. She was definitely naked, the shape of the thin, silk sheet as it settled over her curvy figure confirmed that. Her hands and feet were lashed to the posts at the four corners of the bed, stretching out the young woman completely. A strip of cloth was clenched between her teeth, to keep her quiet during the fun, but at the moment she was in a light, fitful sleep.

“Nerves were getting to me...last night.” Charles said. “Knowing you and your men were out there. I needed something to help me sleep. Jean here still needs a bit of work before we can ship her out, but she did the trick well enough…” She moaned, quietly through her gag as Charles rose from the bed, but didn’t wake.

Robert turned around, as his boss put on a silk robe. “I take it everything went according to plan?” Charles said, leading Robert back to the main room. He sat at the table, waving Robert to another chair across from his.

“Easier than I expected.” Robert said, grabbing a chair and sitting down. “They weren’t expecting any trouble. We didn’t have any trouble grabbing all four of them.”

“And when the rest of the Royal Navy come looking for them?”

“We sank their boat in some pretty deep water. They can search for months, barring a lucky accident they aren’t going to find it. If our ‘guests’ haven’t reported anything, they still won’t have any evidence they can use to get a warrant to land anywhere. It’ll take them a while to decide what to do next, which should give us time to make our next move, whatever we decide.” Robert yawned. “Sorry. Long night.”

Charles smiled. “I’ll bet. Why don’t you and your boys take the next day off, get some rest. I can get some other people to get our new guests settled in.”

Robert shook his head. “I’d like to handle that myself. Besides…” he grinned. “It will be a nice reward for the men, after their good work tonight…”


Louise whimpered into her gag, trembling with fear. The young naval officer was bent over a squat, square table. The table was obviously made for securing a captive to. It was made of wood, painted black. The top, covered with a leather padding, was angled, so that Louise’ rear end was thrust up in the air. Leather cuffs were fixed to the four legs near the ground. This had the unfortunate effect of forcing her legs wide apart. She blushed crimson with shame. She was stripped completely naked.

A couple yards in front of her, the other three captives were bent over three similar tables, facing their former commander. They looked at her, faces filled with worry. Like Louise, the three of them were also stripped naked.

About fifteen minutes ago, the captive officers were brought into a large, empty room. There were two doors, opposite each other, including the one they came in through. The women were lined up, kneeling with their backs against one wall and the ropes around their necks were removed. One of the slavers produced a digital camera and began snapping pictures of the four, individually and together. He grinned, turning the camera around, to show it to his four subjects. “The buyers are gonna love you four.” He said with a smile.

Meanwhile, another one of the slavers stepped through the second door. He returned a moment later with four metal collars. Crouching over the captives, the man locked the collars around their necks. Louise couldn’t help but notice the box fitted to the side of Naomi’s collar as it was locked around her neck. There was a small light on the side, glowing red. When he snapped the collar shut, locking it on and flipped a tiny switch on the side of the box the light turned green. When it was her turn to be collared, Louise could feel two tiny metal prongs, on the side with the box, poking into her neck. “A shock collar.” She realized with a jolt of fear.

“Listen up, slaves.” The slaver said, standing back up. “As you might have guessed, these collars we’ve put on you are shock collars. We normally only use these on the slaves who give us a lot of trouble, but we aren’t taking any chances with you.” He reached down to his belt and pulled out a small remote control. “At any time, we can punish any of you with just the push of a button...” Shooting his captives a wicked grin, he casually pressed the remote. The four women grunted sharply into their gags as a brief jolt of intense pain shot through them.

“That was a level one punishment. We can go much, much higher. Anyone want another demonstration?” The slaver said, sadistically. His four helpless prisoners shook their heads, whimpering miserably. That brief display had ended any thought they might have had of resistance. None of them dared try anything as the slavers untied their wrists. Louise gasped at the pin-pricks that spread out across her fingers as the blood rushed back into her hands.

“Ok, slaves. Now, get those uniforms off.” He ordered. For a moment, the four women hesitated, but the cruel man held up the remote, reminding them they had no choice but to obey, if they wanted to avoid any more painful shocks.

Whimpering softly, Louise reached up and undid the top button of her white naval blouse. Slowly, she worked her way down, opening the uniform shirt. Following her example, the other three women did the same. The men jeered, encouraging the four captives as they stripped. Louise pulled off her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Reaching down, she unzipped the white skirt and pulled it down her long legs. Underneath, the young woman had on a white cotton bra and a pair of matching panties. Beside her, the other four had also stripped down to their underwear.

“Everything off, slaves.” Their captor ordered, leering at the sight of the four officers shamefully exposed. Glumly, Louise kicked off her heels. She reached behind her back and undid her bra. Her large breasts bounced free of the supporting cups as the bra fell off her shoulders to the ground. Finally, she slipped her fingers underneath the band of her panties and slowly pulled them down around her ankles, stepping out of them.

Within a few minutes, the four officers stood side by side, naked save for the collars around their necks and the tape over their mouths. They glanced at each other, faced red with shame as they tried their best to cover their breasts and pussies with their hands. Their best wasn’t good enough, from the leering gazes of the assembled slavers.

“Place your hands behind your heads,” the photographer ordered. “Fingers interlaced. And spread your legs out, wider!” The whole time the four had been undressing, he’d been snapping picture after picture, recording their shaming. He continued to take pictures of the four, ordering them to slowly turn around.

When he was taking the pictures, the leader of the team, Robert, returned. He went to Louise first. Reaching up, he peeled the tape away from her mouth. She winced as the sticky mass tugged sharply against her skin, but it gave way. Gratefully, she spat out the sodden mass of cloth that had filled her mouth for the last several hours. Turning, he stepped over to Naomi and did the same to her, going down the line ungagging each girl in turn.

“Alright, slaves. I think it’s time we got to know you a little better.” Robert said. “How does the phrase go? Name, rank and serial number. Which one of you is in charge? Or rather I should say, was in charge, from now on you’ll be taking orders, not giving them.”

“I am.” Louise said, giving her name and rank, with as much defiance as she could muster. It wasn’t much. The other women also gave their names and ranks. That information was all in the documents the slavers had taken along with the four of them. There was no sense trying to hide it.

“Thank you very much.” The man said, writing it all down on a small notepad. “Now, before we continue, it’s time we move this into the next room…” Stepping forward, he grabbed Louise by her right arm. She was roughly jerked forward, towards the second door. Behind her, Naomi, Lucy and Connie protested feebly as they were also grabbed and dragged forward.

In the other room were the four bondage tables. Louise was secured to the one closest to the door. She had to watch as the women formerly under her command, her close friends, were chained to the devices in front of her.

Robert stood beside Louise, holding his notepad. “Now, Lieutenant. I think you should tell us about your mission. We know you were here to spy on our operations, but I want to know what you and your team uncovered and what you’ve told your superiors.”

Louise stayed silent. Should she lie? Tell the slavers her superiors knew everything? Or tell the truth? Would they believe her either way?

“I’d advise you to speak up, and tells us the truth.” Robert said a moment later. “Otherwise…” He nodded to a three of his men. Grinning, the slavers walked over to the other three captives. They split off, each taking up position directly behind one of the women. The three helpless officers squirmed in their bonds, feebly protesting, as they realized the significance of their position…

“No! Please!” Louise pleaded, eyes wide with terror. She had expected physical torture, accepted that, but the thought of being forced to watch as her close friends were raped in front of her was far beyond what she had feared.

“Will you tell us?” Robert asked. He nodded to his men who reached down and unbuckled their pants. All of them were sporting huge erections. They each put on a condom. No sense ruining good merchandise. They lined up behind their sobbing victims, ready to plunge in.

“Yes! Please! I’ll tell you.” Louise said, tears welling up. Reluctantly, she told Robert everything they had done during their doomed mission.

The slaver nodded, writing it all down. “Good to know the Royal Navy won’t be storming our beach any time soon…” he taunted her. “That’s just what I needed to know. Still, I think my men need a little reward for the good work they did tonight.” He nodded to the three other slavers.

“No!” Louise sobbed as the men grabbed her friends and found their exposed pussies. Naomi, Lucy and Konnie squealed as the men slid into them. Ruthlessly, they began to pound away at the squirming women.

“Consider this training for your new lives.” Robert said, stepping up behind Louise. “You’re going to have to get used to this when we sell you as sex slaves.” Louise was trembling as she heard him drop his pants and apply a condom as well. A moment later, she felt the tip of his dick slid between the lips of her sex. She groaned as the large member was pressed inside her, filling her up. For a moment, the pressure relented as he slid out, then he pressed in again, and then again, forcing himself deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Louise hung her head, sobbing, as she was raped. Across from her, the other women were crying as well. After a few moments, Robert grunted sharply, climaxing. She slumped down over the bench, tears running from her eyes as the man pulled out of her. Her respite was short lived. No sooner had Robert stepped back, then another one of his slavers took his place and resumed pounding away at Louise’ pussy. Across from her, the other rapists finished as well and were replaced with new men.

The nightmare dragged on, for what seemed like days to the four helpless captives. When the slavers tired of the women’s sobs, they stuffed their underwear into the girls’ mouths and taped them shut. Louise lost track of the number of men who took turns raping her. By the end of it, the four women slumped limply over the rape benches, barely even aware of the men pounding against their sore, abused bodies.

“That’s enough for one night, eh boys? Take them to their cages.” Robert said. The girls groaned quietly in relief, as they realized their torment was over. For now at least. They were too exhausted from their ordeal to even try and resist as their hands and feet were uncuffed from the tables and immediately re-tied with rope. “Consider this an introduction to your new lives, slaves.” He taunted as they were picked up and carried off. “Your real training begins tomorrow…”  


Robert was in the training room when Charles came looking for him. “How are things coming along?” He asked, stepping up beside Robert.

“Take a look.” Robert replied, waving a hand. Today, all four of the captured naval officers were being trained together. First was Louise and Naomi, who were lying on the floor in the center of the room. The two were wearing their uniforms, The white skirts had been hiked up, around each woman’s waist, revealing that neither of them had underwear on either. Their arms were tightly strapped behind their backs with leather belts at the wrist and elbow. Their legs were folded in half and strapped together, calf pressed against thigh. A one-foot spreader bar was locked to their knees with leather cuffs, forcing them to spread their legs wide.

When that was done, the two captives were then pressed close against the other and strapped together tightly with more leather belts. The slavers had flipped the girls around, so each had her face pressed between the spread legs of her fellow captive. Under the whip of the trainers, the former officers were forced to try and pleasure each other with their tongues.

“Keep at it, slaves!” The trainer shouted down at the two women. They moaned as they ran their tongues over the other’s sex. “The first one that can bring the other to orgasm three times will be allowed a short rest while the other is punished.” Louise moaned, squirming against Naomi as she suddenly, loudly climaxed. “Alright, that’s two for Louise. One more and you get to feel my whip for the next half hour.” Face burning red with shame at what she was doing, Louise doubled her efforts, burying her face in Naomi’s snatch. A moment later, she was rewarded as Naomi cried out as she was pushed over the edge and orgasmed.

“The girls balked the first couple times we ordered them to do this.” Robert told Charles. “By now they’ve realized they can’t refuse orders without punishment.” Before long, they would no longer be able to even consider disobeying an order. At that point, their wills would be broken completely and they would be ready to begin their new lives serving whoever the slavers sold them to.

“The uniforms?” Charles asked. It was usually standard policy to keep the slaves naked at all times. Depriving the girls of clothes was humiliating, and helped reinforce her status as lower then her the slavers around her, little better than an animal.

‘We thought that keeping them in their uniforms was better. By forcing them to perform humiliating, degrading things while wearing them would break the girls’ pride and spirit.” Robert explained. “And, well, truth be told, a lot of the trainers like seeing the slave humiliated while wearing their uniforms.”  

A few feet away, Lucy and Konnie were kneeling in front of the far wall. Like Louise and Naomi, they were in their uniforms, save for their underwear. The skirts were hiked up, to show they were sporting plugs in both holes. The two girls’ arms were lashed behind their backs in a stringent box tie. The complex rope harness kept their arms trapped against their backs, while at the same time wrapping and squeezing the young women’s breasts uncomfortably. Their legs were also bound securely at the knees and ankles.

Attached to the wall, at waist height, were half a dozen large rubber dildos shaped like erect penises. Two of the phalluses were lodged in the mouths of the two captives, who were doing their best to work the rubber plugs with their mouths and tongues, while two more trainers stood over them riding crops in hand, to critique the girls’ performances.

“Deeper, slave! Get the whole shaft in your mouth next time! I don’t want to see a centimeter of rubber!” One trainer said, flicking the tip of the leather crop against Konnie’s backside. The Indian beauty grunted in pain, but she obeyed, fighting the urge to gag as she slid the rubber shaft deep into her mouth until it pressed against the back of her throat.

“We’re waiting until we’re certain the girls are broken before we stick a real cock in their mouths.” Robert told Charles. “But until then, we might as well teach them proper technique and get them accustomed to having cocks in their mouths. One or two had some experience, but the others had obviously never sucked dick before in their lives.”

“Not bad.” Charles said, smiling. “Not bad at all. Especially for-what has it been? Two weeks? Their buyer should be most pleased.”

“Buyer? You’ve already sold them? They’re not trained yet!” Robert said, confused. It was standard policy, not to sell a girl until she’d been broken and fully trained. The last thing the company wanted was an inexperienced buyer letting a half-trained slave escape and talk to the police...or the media. Though the four officers hadn’t given them much trouble yet, he knew that could all change if they were given the slightest chance at escape.

“The buyer is well aware of their current condition and he’s made arrangements to finish their training with an independant slave trainer.” Charles told him. “He is offering us a substantial amount for the four, probably better then we could get for them on the international market.”

“Alright. When are we shipping them to him?” Robert asked, nodding to the four captive women.

“He’ll be arriving here in two days, aboard his private yacht, to pick them up...”


“Keep moving, slave! Not much further now.” Louise whimpered as the slaver leading her jerked sharply on the leash in his hand. The young woman struggled to keep from being yanked off her feet by the sudden pressure against her collar. Behind her, Naomi squealed into her gag as the rope tying her to Louise suddenly went taut, dragging her forward to. Further down the line, Lucy and Konnie whimpered as they shuffled down the hallway as fast as their bonds allowed.

Half an hour ago, the prisoners had been roughly awakened and dragged from the cages they had called home for the past two weeks. They looked at each other, fearfully, as they were lined up and had their hands cuffed behind their backs. Since their capture, the slavers hadn’t deviated from the usual regime of torturous ‘training sessions’, broken up by welcome respites, sleeping in their cages. Given her experiences in the navy, Louise knew any deviation from the usual routine was something to be worried about.

After shackling their hands and feet and attaching leashes, the slavers dragged the four to one of the nearby rooms. “Get dressed.” Robert ordered, as they were uncuffed. On a small table were the girls’ uniforms. Throughout their ordeal, the girls had had their uniforms taken from them and given back several times. The most recent was two days ago. However, as Louise grabbed hers, she noticed the uniform blouse and skirt were crisp and white. Someone had washed their clothes. The sweat and grime they’d picked up in the dungeon had been cleaned away. They had also provided underwear for the four, though not the ones they had been wearing when they were captured.

“I wonder who had originally worn these?” Louise thought glumly as she slid the white cotton panties up her legs. Doubtless, one of the slavers other victims. Was she still here, trapped in misery, or had she been sold into slavery in some remote corner of the globe, like countless others? Was she still alive?

“Make sure everything is neat and in order, slaves.” Robert ordered. He handed each girl a smart naval dress cap to go with their uniforms, though Louise noted these were costume props, not the real thing. “Your new owner has a taste for lovely young ladies in uniforms and he’s a stickler for detail.”

Louise glanced over at Naomi, her eyes wide with curiosity and fear. New owner. “We’ve been sold!” Louise thought to herself. She discovered she was trembling with fear as the slavers quickly bound her and the other girls. More rope was looped around their arms and chest in neat, narrow bands running above and below the captive’s breasts. The ropes kept their arms pinned tightly against their backs, helpless, but it also forced the women’s breasts out, so they strained against the fabric of their shirts.  

The girls were gagged, a wadded up pad of cloth was stuffed in each girl’s mouth and a white silk scarf was tied between her teeth to keep it in. With some rope, the slavers quickly formed the four into a short coffle. Robert stepped to the front of the coffle, seizing Louise’ leash. With a sharp command and a quick tug on the rope, he led them out of the room.

Until then, the four captives’ only experience of the base had been the elevator that had taken them underground, following their capture and the short hallway between the cellblock where they were kept caged with a dozen other captives and the training room where they spent most of their time. Now, however, Robert led the former officers a different path, deeper into the base. They stared in amazement as they passed other cellblocks, filled with cages, each containing at least one naked, captive girl, numerous training rooms, as well as storerooms, work rooms and barracks for the slavers. Once again, Louise was impressed by the sheer scope of the organization which she found herself a helpless captive to.

Finally, the hallway terminated in a pair of double doors. A slaver stood guard beside the door. He nodded as Robert approached and pressed a button. There was an audible ‘click’ as the doors unlocked and swung open. Louise blinked, in the sudden light as she stepped through the doors and found herself out in the open air. This was a second entrance to the base. They had passed underneath the small mountain that dominated the center of the landmass and had come out on the other side!

The entrance was built into another quonset hut which was half buried in the hillside, like the one the women had been taken through when they were brought here. It was ringed by a tall wood fence, grown over with creeper and ivy. Scattered around were pallets of crates and metal drums, hidden under awning sof camouflage netting. The leader of the slavers, a man named Charles, Louise had learned, was waiting at the entrance.  

Robert led the four captives to the center of the compound and ordered them to kneel, side by side, still tethered together at the neck. “Keep your heads down, eyes low. Your new master will be here in a few minutes.” he told them. “Try and make a good impression. How unpleasant your future lives are will depend on it.” Leaving them under guard from two of his men, he walked over and chatted idly with Charles.

The four women waiting, trembling in fear and sweating in the hot tropical sun for about ten minutes, when they heard the motor of a car approaching. A moment later, a jeep pulled through an open gate in the fence. One of the slavers was at the wheel. Sitting in the passengers seat beside him was another man. Louise risked a glance up. He was a tall man, probably in his late forties or early fifties, with a light grey stubble on his face. The man was wearing a uniform of some kind, though she didn’t recognize it from any armed forces she knew. It was gaudy, decorated with plenty of medals and yards of gold braid.

As the jeep stopped, he got out and strode over to Robert and Charles. They talked, their voices too low for Louise to make out, but all the same she knew the fate of her friends and herself was being decided. The men shook hands. Louise shivered in fear. They had just been bought!

Their new owner walked over to inspect his new slaves. He nodded to the man holding Louise’ leash. “On your feet, slaves!” The man commanded. With a soft groan, Louise struggled to rise to her feet, hindered by her bonds. The other three were having similar trouble. When all of them were upright, their owner went down the line, inspecting them. He started at the far end, with Lucy.

“Yes, aren’t you a lovely morsel…” The man said. He reached forward with one hand and grabbed one of her breasts. The young asian woman squealed into her gag as he fondled her body, but her bonds and the tether meant she wasn’t going anywhere, even when one of his hands slid underneath her skirt…

“Perfect…” the man proclaimed and moved to the next girl down the line: Konnie. The dark-skinned beauty squirmed under his attentions, but he was still satisfied. Naomi was next. Having seen what happened with her two friends, Naomi knew what to expect from their purchaser. Never the less, she still gave an indignant squeal when he reached between her legs.

Louise kept her head down, determined not to react at all when her turn came. She closed her eyes, inhaling sharply as his hands were pressed over her breasts, feeling them up through the thin cotton of her uniform blouse. She did her best to ignore it as he rubbed her nipples, pinching them. One of his hands continued caressing her left breast. The other reached underneath her skirt and began to rub her sex through the thin panties. Louise gave an involuntary whimper. It turned into a squeal as he brushed the band of cloth aside and slid a pair of fingers between the lips of her sex.

After a moment, his attentions began to have an effect on her. The captive’s cheeks flushed red with shame as she felt herself growing wet between her legs as he continued rubbing her womanhood. “Oh yes…” The man whispered to Louise. “I’m sure I will enjoy you…” he chuckled, evilly.

As he continued groping her, the man pressed close up against Louise’s body. She could feel his erection rubbing against her thighs through his uniform pants. Suddenly, his desire overcame him. Without warning, Louise’s owner suddenly grabbed the young woman and spun her around. He forced her to bend over. Louise whimpered into her gag as she felt him hiking up her skirt. Eagerly, the man pulled down her panties and spread her legs apart to reveal her wet sex. He unzipped his pants and quickly slid into Louise. She sobbed, quietly, as he pumped away at her, grunting loudly. It didn’t take long before he suddenly came, shooting his load inside of her.  

The man panted, face red from the exertion as he slid out of her. Quickly, he pulled her panties back up and tugged her skirt back into place. Slowly, Louise turned back around and straightened up again, head bowed low with shame. The slavers had been watching her latest rape, without a change in expression. Evidently, this was not an uncommon occurance when they delivered their victims to their new owners.  

“Excellent!” Their owner exclaimed.  He leered at the other three women. “Don’t worry, ladies. I’ll see you to the rest of you once we’re aboard my ship. I’m not as young as I used to be, but I can still get the job done!” He laughed as he turned to Charles. “I believe all the arrangements are in order.” The head slaver nodded. Their new master smiled. “Good. Let us be off then. My yacht is waiting…”

At this, the slavers picked up the four women and carried them over to the jeep. They were set down in the back and their feet were quickly bound. Blindfolds were added to their gags. They listened as they new owner got in the passengers seat. The jeep started up. As it began to roll down the hill, towards the waiting boat the four former naval officers now sex slaves whimpered into their gags. Their new lives had begun...
Request for gagthegirl46
This was a story I wrote for :icongagthegirl46: back this summer. I recently got in touch with him again and he said he didn't mind me posting this to DA.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
“Wake up, Josh.” An insistent, electronic voice said.

Josh groaned, pulling the covers over his head. Josh was exhausted. He hadn’t slept at all last night, tossing and turning on the bed in a state between waking and dreaming. He felt odd, like something just wasn’t right…

“Wake up, Josh.” The voice repeated, a little louder now.

Josh groaned again and rolled over. He grunted in surprise. There was some sort of odd pressure against his chest. In his befuddled state, he couldn’t quite realize what it was.

“I need to ask you how you are feeling.” The voice said and Josh’s tired brain finally recognized who was speaking: Liam, the robot caretaker of the house. But why was the bot trying to wake him up? Josh wondered. The young man decided he wasn’t going to get any more sleep that morning.

With an exasperated sigh, he rolled back over and sat up. Josh blinked in the brightly lit room; Liam had drawn open the blinds. The first thing Josh saw was the robot, a tall, thin humanoid, dressed like a proper butler in an old fashioned suit, but the metal skin of his face betrayed his robotic nature. Liam was standing over the bed, looking down at Josh.

The next thing to catch Josh’s attention, as the covers fell away from his torso were the two large, round things sticking out from his chest. Josh blinked, almost believing he was still dreaming. But no, it was no dream; Josh was currently sporting a pair of female breasts. Josh normally slept in just a pair of boxer shorts, so his chest was bare. The cool, morning air felt very odd, blowing across his new chest.

“You will notice some changes…” Liam told Josh in a monotone voice. “This is perfectly normal, do not be alarmed.”

Ignoring the bot for the moment, Josh reached up to his chest and cupped one of his new mummeries. He was amazed to feel the pressure of his fingertips from the breast. He tweaked the tiny, pink nipple at the end of the perky breast…

“Ow!” Josh said, his voice was odd…too high… As Josh slowly became fully aware he started noticing all the other changes as well. Her waist was different, it stretched out against the band of the boxer shorts uncomfortably. The shorts were much too loose in another area, though. Josh reached down, but soon found that his “little buddy” was gone, but it had been replaced with something else.

“I’m a girl!” Josh exclaimed in the same, oddly pitched voice.

“That is correct sir… or rather ma’am.” Liam replied in an oddly cheerful voice. “And a rather pretty one, if I might add.”

Josh jumped out of bed, throwing the covers aside. He, no she, dashed across the messy room to the equally messy bathroom to look in the mirror. A stranger looked back at him. The young woman resembled Josh, yes the structure of the face was very similar, and her short brown hair was the same, though she had no trace of stubble on her smooth, round chin. But the rest of her body was totally alien, tall, and slender with curvy hips, a narrow waist and large perky bust. If she wasn’t still too shocked by all this, Josh might have found her new body rather sexy.

Josh sighed. “Goddammit, Dante!” Dante was Josh’s roommate and close friend since High School. He was also a super genius. He’d built this house and all the systems, Liam included, that ran it, to live in and to house his laboratory underneath. Though still young, Dante had a reputation around the world. Governments and corporations were constantly hiring him for various projects.

Living in a technologically advanced house, rent free, with systems that took care of all the cooking and cleaning was great. Too bad it didn’t come free. The price Josh paid for his room and board was to be used by Dante to test out his new inventions and projects. Like this one, for instance…

“…I am sure the technical details would only bore you, but either way the results of the formula are obvious.” Liam said.

“How exactly did I end up taking this formula?” Josh asked. She’d left the bathroom and was busy trying to find some clothes that fit her new body. Her largest t-shirt, which had hung loosely on Josh the day before, was now stretched tight against her new breasts.

Now she was looking for a pair of pants. All her jeans were too tight for her, now wider, hips. She dug threw her dresser, throwing the rejected clothes over her shoulder onto the floor, to join the dirty clothes already carpeting the room. Finally, she found a pair of sweat pants that fit.

“I slipped it into the third energy drink I brought you last night.” Liam replied. The robot inclined his head towards Josh’s desk and the pile of dirty plates and empty canes beside his computer. “…the formula is supposed to have a pretty foul taste, so you wouldn’t have noticed a difference.”

Josh sighed. He’d been caught up in one of his marathon gaming sessions. The bot could have given him anything and he’d have drank it without question. “Alright, so how long is this going to last?” She asked.

“This formula shouldn’t wear off, but Dante will reverse the changes when he returns.”

“Back?” Josh asked. “Where did he go?”

“He is currently involved in a sensitive project for an unnamed government. The project should take between 2-3 weeks.” Liam replied with a beep.

Josh vaguely remembered his roommate mentioning something about this the day before, l but he hadn’t paid much attention to it. Dante was always coming and going from the house on business. She sighed. “So what am I supposed to do? I can’t go out like this!”

Liam beeped affirmatively. “Obviously. You need to stay here where you can be monitored. The data gathered will be important to refine the formula.”

“For two weeks!?!” Josh exclaimed. “What about work! I’ve got to go or I’ll be fired.”

“Already taken care of, ma’am.” Liam replied. “Master Dante has sent word to your employer. He has been told that you have come down with a rare sickness and given doctor’s materials that will confirm this. There should be no problem with you returning to work after this experiment has concluded.”

“Screw that!” Josh said, walking part Liam. “I’m not gonna spend two weeks stuck like this!” She hurried towards the stairwell that led down into Dante’s lab.”

“Ma’am! I’m sure this is not a good idea!” Liam protested, following after Josh with a stiff gait. “You know Master Dante doesn’t like you in his lab when he isn’t present.”

“Well, he shouldn’t have shot me full of some formula and turned me into a girl before leaving for two weeks with me stuck like this!” Josh replied, angrily. She looked around. The stairs opened into the main area of the lab. In the center was Dante’s main work table, piled high with equipment and pages of notes. Around the room were other tables with incomplete devices, banks of computers and other things Josh couldn’t identify. Between them were doors, leading to other areas of the lab.

Josh walked over to the main table and started looking through the scattered pages. Liam followed after her and hovered over the young woman, hesitantly. “Ma’am. I really must insist you stop this and go back up to the house. This is a very bad idea!” He chimed in.

Josh ignored the bot. After a moment, she found a page that looked promising. Most of it was gibberish, complex formulas, diagrams and charts filled with technical jargon that meant nothing to her, but the graphic at the top, showing a stylized man drinking a potion and changing into a stylized woman, gave him some idea of the paper’s content. Printed at the top of the page was the project number: Project #63.

“Ok…” Josh said, looking around. “Now I know where to start looking. So where would Dante keep the antidote?” Her eyes settled on a large refrigerator with a glass front. Inside, it was filled with racks of test tubes. Josh walked over and opened the door. Leaning over, she studied the glass tubes, filled with liquids of every color. They each had labels pasted on them. Scanning the labels, Josh found one labelled “Formula #63b.”

Josh picked the tube up. Ignoring Liam’s chattering, she unscrewed the top of the tube. Raising it to her lips, she hesitated a moment. “oh well…what’s the worst that can happen?” she thought to herself. Before she could change her mind, Josh tipped the vial back and downed the liquid.

“Ugh!” Josh groaned. As Liam had said, it did have a rather foul taste. She waited a minute, then a minute longer as her stomach heaved. Just as she was convinced the formula wasn’t going to have any noticeable effect on her, Josh suddenly felt a change come over her body. A tingling sensation slowly spread all over her, like dozens of invisible fingers tickling every square inch of her skin. It was strongest in the young woman’s large breasts and between her legs. After a minute, it faded, remaining faintly noticeable in those two areas.

Josh blinked, moving gingerly. To her disappointment, she remained a girl. She reached up and touched one breast. The young woman gasped as a jolt of pleasure suddenly surged through her body from where she had touched the round globe. She jerked the hand away.

“What the hell!?!” Josh cried. She felt hot and moist between her legs. Almost involuntarily, her hand started to drift down between her legs. Realizing what she was doing, Josh pulled her hand away. She turned to Liam. “What’s happened to me?”

The bot turned and quickly scanned the documents Josh has skimmed over. “Well, ma’am, according to this, the formula you just took was a second phase of the project. If this is right, it has increased the sensitivity of the nerve cells in your breasts and genitals by approximately 150%.”

As he said this, Josh’s hands has already started drifting back towards her breasts and crotch. She caught herself just in time. By an effort of will, she forced them back to her sides. Walking back to the table, the young woman picked up the now empty vial and looked at it.

“If I might conjecture, it is possible, Master Dante deliberately placed this here, guessing you would come down here attempting to find a formula to reverse the changes early, to dissuade you from any further attempts of interfering with the experiment. I could not say where the actual formula to reverse it is being kept.”

At this point, Josh’s frustration, enhanced by the burning arousal fighting for her attention, overcame the young woman. “God Dammit!” she screamed, throwing the vial away. It crashed into another rack of test tubes on the table, shattering them. The liquid inside splashed across the surface, covering everything on the table. A few of the computers shorted out with bursts of sparks.

“Ma’am, please…” Liam protested.

“If that bastard thinks I’m gonna give up so easily…” Josh began, but she was interrupted by an alarm sounding. She looked towards Liam.

The bot shrugged. “That’s not one of the house alarms.” He said. “It must be one of the lab’s independent security systems. It must have identified you as a hostile threat.” As he said this, one of the doors leading deeper into the labs opened and a bulky security bot clomped in. Unlike Liam, there was no attempt to hide this bot’s purpose. It was of a boxy, angular shape, with thick plates of armor. It had two, bulky arms, ending in weapon hard points. On the bot’s small, boxy head, a single, red electronic eye scanned the room.

“Hostile intruder detected.” It chimed in a deep, electronic voice.

“I would suggest you run…” Liam began. Run, Josh did, but she wasn’t past enough. Before she had taken two steps towards the stairs, the S-Bot raised one arm.

“Capturing intruder.” It buzzed and a stream of sticky webbing shot from one of its weapons. Josh was hit across her backside. She yelped as the webbing went taut. Helpless, she was dragged back towards S-Bot.

“Securing Prisoner.” It said. From its torso piece, half a dozen metal tentacles, ending in claws, deployed. Four of them held the struggling woman’s arms and legs in place, while the other two quickly applied high-tech metal cuffs to her wrists and ankles. When they were activated, the wrist and ankles cuffs became attracted to their opposite, forcing her hands together, behind her back, and her feet together as well.

“Let me go!” Josh protested. “Security Override…1…3…oh damn…” She struggled to remember the code Dante had told him, years ago. He’d never needed it. Before he could remember it, one of the tentacles forced a ball made of some strange polymer between her teeth. Inside, the ball expanded, filling her mouth completely. A band of another polymer was stretched around the lower half of Josh’s face. It clung to her skin, shrinking and tightening to each contour of her jaws, to ensure she wouldn’t be able to remove her gag.

The last part of Josh’s bondage was a metal collar, which clamped shut around her throat and adjusted, squeezing to fit snug, without choking. But if Josh thought the bot was done with her, she was disappointed. “Searching prisoner for weapons or contraband.” It said. The tentacles went to work. Deploying tiny blades, they quickly made strategic cuts all along Josh’s clothes. Grabbing the cloth, they pulled them away. Within seconds, Josh had been rendered completely naked. The young woman felt her cheeks flush red as she squirmed in the bot’s grasp.

Setting Josh down on the ground again, S-Bot reached up with one of the tentacles and pushed a button on Josh’s collar. A small, metal ring popped out of a slot beside it. The bot grabbed the ring and pulled. It followed, drawing out a thin steel cable. When it had stretched about four feet, the cable stopped. Josh was suddenly jerked forward as the leash went suddenly taut. She had to hop forward to keep from being pulled off her feet. S-Bot turned and slowly rolled away. Josh struggled against the insistent pull of the leash, but she had no choice but to follow, through the door the bot had come from.

Josh looked back over her shoulder towards Liam. “Don’t worry, ma’am!” The bot called, hurrying forward. “I’ll be right with you!” Just then, the door slammed shut and locked. Josh could hear Liam, struggling in vain to get it open. “Correction, I shall be with you momentarily…oh dear…” Josh whimpered into her gag as she was dragged off…

The Security Bot kept moving at a steady pace, forcing Josh to hop quickly to keep up. The young woman had no idea where she was being taken. She’d never been to this part of her roommate’s labs. Impressive looking scientific instruments and devices filled the rooms she was dragged through, but Josh was finding it hard to notice any of that…

Truth be told, Josh found herself extremely aroused right now. Her legs rubbed together with each step, she was getting wet between them. With each hop, her naked breasts bounced up and down. The cold air of the lab was having an off effect on then. Her nipples stood out, hard. Then, there was her bondage. Josh couldn’t remember how many hours he had spent at his computer, looking at pictures and videos of young women in a position very much like the one she currently found herself in. Getting to experience this first hand was almost more than she could bear.

After what felt like hours, the bot and its helpless captive reached their destination. A large room, the walls were taken up with small alcoves full of machinery. Three of them, located in the center of each wall, seemed to be charging stations for the security bots. One of them was empty. The others each held a single bot on standby.

The other, small alcoves on either side of the bots were empty. Josh guessed they were for securing prisoners. Her guess proved correct, as she was dragged to one of the alcoves and pushed in. The bot attached the end of her leash to a socket on the wall and pushed a button. The leash retracted, leaving only a few inches of slack, enough to let Josh turn, helpless in her cramped cell, but nothing more.

S-Bot beeped in satisfaction and turned to its own alcove. Plugging itself in, it shut down, waiting for the next alarm, the next intruder to capture. Josh stood on trembling legs, torn between fear at the situation she found herself in and arousal at the situation she found herself in. Had she not been shackled, the young woman would almost certainly have tried to work herself towards orgasm. The fact that she was restrained from doing so only made the burning desire worse. She squirmed, rubbing her legs together, but couldn’t make any progress.

Josh wasn’t sure how long she waited in the cell. After a while, she heard footsteps clanking down the corridor towards the room. A second later, Liam entered. “There you are, Ma’am!” He said, cheerfully. Josh moaned in relief, seeing him walk over. “I’ve been searching all over the labs, trying to find where that security bot took you.”

“eee-mmm!” Josh grunted through her gag. “eett eeeh ooottt ahh eerr!!”

“Of course ma’am.” The bot replied, walking over to her. He pressed the button on the wall to detach Josh’s leash from the alcove. The grateful girl hopped out. The turned, extending her bound wrists to be released. “Sorry, best not, ma’am.” Liam apologized. As Josh moaned in confused disappointment, he continued. “You’ve been marked by the security system as a captured intruder. So long as the restraints are on, though, you’ll be seen as a prisoner. But if I remove them, they’ll assume you are trying to escape and take steps to prevent that. I’ll free you once we’re out of the labs.” He grabbed her leash.

Josh groaned but started hopping after Liam. “I do hope Master Dante is getting some good data for his experiments. The camera footage should prove valuable.” The bot said, absent-mindedly.

“ammerrraah!” Josh cried out into her gag in surprise.

“oh? Yes, cameras. The whole lab is constantly monitored by security cameras, both for security purposes and to record experiments.” Liam replied cheerfully.

Josh felt her face flush red with shame, realizing her whole ordeal with the security bot and her bondage had been captured by the cameras. Had she not been bound, she would have tried to cover herself. Unfortunately, the manacles prevented her from covering her nakedness from the cameras recording her humiliation for posterity. “I am gonna kill Dante when he gets back…” Josh thought to herself. “…after he turns me back, of course.”

Briefly, she considered trying to track down and destroy the security footage, but decided she didn’t want to find out what kind of security guarded it after her first encounter with the labs security bots. Besides, she couldn’t do squat, except hop forward and grunt right now, and Liam was unlikely to release her just so she could go break something else in the labs.

“fffnnn…ussstt eett eehh uumm oooths.” She grunted.

“Right away, ma’am!” Liam said. He turned and walked to another door. “I believe Master Dante has something that would fir over here…if he hasn’t reorganized the labs without updating the computer systems…no, I found it!”

Josh assumed the bot was going to get one of Dante’s old lab coats. What she wasn’t expecting was for him to return with a large test tube, filled with a black goo. Her eyes widened as she recognized one of her roommate’s most annoying creations. She grunted frantically, shaking her head, but before she could stop him, Liam tipped the tube over, spilling the black stuff onto Josh’s feet.

Immediately, the material bonded to her skin. Josh groaned as the living latex began to move, crawling up her body, spreading out. The living latex was one of Dante’s most successful inventions. It had countless industrial, military, and private uses, from protective suits to body armor to high fashion. His favorite use for it, though, was creating costumes which bonded to the wearer like a second skin, in essence transforming them into whatever shape the costume was programmed to take. More often than not, Josh had found himself pressganged into trying out one of his friend’s newest designs.

The mobile goo reached Josh’s knees and soon flowed over her waist. She gasped through her gag as the living latex pressed against her pussy, cupping it intimately. Moving further up, it flowed over her breasts. The material wrapped around her boobs, supporting them, while squeezing them in a cold, arousing embrace.

In moments, Josh was completely covered from her neck down to her toes. It seeped under her cuffs and collar to create an unbroken layer over her skin. Then, the second phase of the material’s programming kicked in. The material shifted, bunching around her waist and at the shoulders. The latex pushed out from her hips, forming a short skirt. While most of it remained black, some of the suit shifted color, turning white. The white latex moved to form a white apron over the skirt. Other bits flowed elsewhere, forming light, transparent lacy fringes. In no time, Josh had been transformed into a latex bondage French Maid!

John groaned, seeing her reflection in the polished casing of a nearby machine. At least it was better than being paraded passed all the security cameras naked, she thought glumly. The young woman turned to Liam, grunting that she was ready to get moving again, but the bot was standing still, studying her with his blank expression.

“my…that is an interesting idea…Yes, I do believe that is the best course of actions…” he said to himself in a soft voice. Noticing Josh’s confused expression, the bot nodded. “I am sorry, ma’am, but I was just considering our dilemma and your outfit has inspired me. I have come to the conclusion that, given your recent behavior today, if I free you from your current restraints, you would only continue in your attempts to interfere with Master Dante’s experiment, causing more disruption to the laboratory environment.”

Ignoring Josh’s insistent grunts, the bot continued. “I therefore resolved to keep you restrained, temporarily, until a better, long term solution presented itself, to keep you out of trouble until Master Dante returns and evaluates the data you have provided. And the costume you are wearing has given me the inspiration.”

The bot paced around the squirming captive, still talking. “I must admit, your presence in this house has caused me trouble in the past. Are you aware that, since you started living here, the time I have spent cleaning up after you has increased my daily workload by 128.3%? I expect that to double with all the extra work cleaning and disinfecting the lab you damaged. So, I figured, if I must restrain you to ensure the smooth operations of this house, I might as well turn you from a hindrance into an asset.”

The bot stepped forward and grabbed Josh’s leash again. She shook her head, whimpering into her gag, but had no choice but to start hopping forward again as she was led out of the labs. “Come on, my dear. Don’t dawdle. Once we’re out of the labs, I’ll get you your cleaning supplies and you can get started on that disaster area that you call your room. Unfortunately, I am sure Master Dante will force me to release you once he returns and change you back, but maybe, once he sees how much more useful you will be around the house like this, he may just decide to keep you like this permanently…”
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This was a request from :iconjoshua37: about a young man who fall afoul of his science genius roommate's latest experiment...
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mistress Dewitt opened her mouth in a large yawn. She shook her head, blinking in the late morning light that filled the breakfast room. Needless to say, the young woman hadn’t gotten to bed until very late last night, and after everything she’d understandably gotten very little sleep once in bed.

“Slave! Coffee!” Dewitt shouted, in a voice that promised agonizing punishment if she wasn’t propitiated with caffeine within the next couple of minutes. She slumped back in the wooden chair with a groan. After they had returned to the party, Dewitt and the real Mistress Oberon had been bent over the refreshments tables, their legs spread, on display for the entire party, while they’re treacherous slaves encouraged the guests take advantage of their helplessness.

She groaned, still somewhat sore from the large rubber phallus which spent the rest of the evening lodged inside her backside. With that hole blocked, more than a few of the Masters had made use of their other holes…which wasn’t all bad, come to think of it. Dewitt managed a smile. “It seems the stories the rumors the slaves tell about Lord Filvea were true. Too bad he only beds slaves. And I have to admit, Lord Moresby never fucked me like that back when he was courting me before I became Mistress Dewitt…”

Unfortunately, after that, Mistress Toulouse had stepped in, having fetched her piercing kit. With a soft groan of pain, Dewitt raised a hand. Gingerly, she cupped one breast. Luckily, with winter coming, she could hide behind thick sweaters for the next couple months, but when summer rolled around, she’d have some awkward moments the next time she attended someone’s pool party… “And I got off relatively easy…” Dewitt thought. “Poor Oberon. I wonder how she’s doing…” Silently, Dewitt vowed to find some way to get back at Toulouse for that…

A rattle of chains announced the arrival of the coffee. Dewitt turned as the door opened and Sally shuffled into view.

“Mmmppphhh…” Sally groaned. Her eyes were bloodshot, her face pale, save for the shadows over her eyes. Needless to say, after she’d finally gotten around to unchaining her Mistress, she’d gotten even less sleep then Dewitt had. Nor would she any time soon, as far as the Mistress was concerned.

Slowly, the slave girl shuffled over to the table, carrying a tray with Dewitt’s coffee and the morning paper on it. Not in her hands, though. A small tray was balanced against her belly, the back side contoured so it fit snug against the slave’s body. Two leather straps circled around and was buckled behind her back. On the front of the tray, a pair of chains, keeping the tray level. The other ends were attached to a pair of nipple clamps, pinching the naked slave’s pert breasts.

“Have to get those pierced and ringed soon…” Dewitt thought, watching Sally shuffled forward, as quickly as the straps binding both her feet and her ankles allowed, struggling to keep the tray level. It wasn’t helped by the two, very large plugs, currently lodged between her legs. “…discretely, before someone wonders why she isn’t sporting jewelry there.” She grinned, savoring the prospect of paying her slave back for some of last night’s indignity.

Sally reached the table. Her hands were locked behind her back with tight metal handcuffs. The chain connecting them was just long enough to permit her use of one hand at a time. She awkwardly picked up the contents of the tray and set them before her mistress.

“aaahhh-eee, ssss-ttrrssss…” Sally grunted. A thick leather panel gag covered the lower half of the girl’s face. The thick leather straps ran around her jaws, and across her forehead. Behind the panel, the girl’s cheeks bulged. Dewitt had dug deep through the laundry hamper searching for the three pairs of panties stuffed in her mouth.

“You brought this on yourself, you know.” Dewitt chastised her slave. “I hope you enjoyed yourself last night, because you’re going to be paying for it for a long time yet.” She sighed. “Unfortunately, I can’t send you to the Society’s dungeons, or use any of the really hard punishments. I’d have to tell them why I wanted you punished and if word got out about last night, my reputation would be ruined! I might even be forced out of the Society!” Or possibly even enslaved. Dewitt mentally added, afraid to even mention the possibility out loud.

“So you just think about how lucky you are.” Dewitt said, giving Sally a hard slap across her naked, ass, still a faint red from the night before, as the slave turned to return to the kitchen. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson, slave, not to try anything like that again…” she grinned, watching Sally shuffled away. “At least not until next year…” Dewitt thought to herself. “I haven’t had that much fun in a long time…”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
“Why hello!” Sally said, opening the front door of the mansion. Standing on the porch was a tall, thin man, dressed in a bright red suit. His mask was also red, with horns and a long, thin mustache and goatee. “Do come in, Ma…Sir.” At the last minute, the slave girl remembered that, among each other, the members of the Society never referred to each other as “Master” or “Mistress”; that was how their slaves addressed them. They called each other “Sir” and “Madam”, equals amongst each other, set above those who served them. “Welcome. I hope you will enjoy my little party tonight.”

The man stepped into the room. He handed Sally an embossed card, his invitation, which identified him as a Master Saxon. “Why my dear Dewitt, I would not miss this for the world. You’re annual party is the highlight of the season.”

Beside Sally, the real Mistress Dewitt groaned loudly through her hood, trying to get her fellow Master’s attention. The man glanced over at the naked woman, hooded, gagged, hands and feet cuffed. Behind his mask, he sneered. “I think your slave needs to learn how to keep quiet. A good thrashing ought to teach her a lesson.”

“Perhaps later this evening.” Sally replied, enjoying the muffled whimper of fright coming from Dewitt. Saxon merely shrugged and made his way towards the table of food and drinks.

Following after him was a short, dark haired girl. She wore a small, black domino mask, a pair of black high heels and nothing else. She kept her hands crossed behind her back, though they were unbound, and her head lowered as she stepped across the threshold. “Mistress.” She said quietly, giving a low bow to Sally before turning and hurrying after her Master who was examining the spread of food and drinks laid out.

Master Saxon wasn’t the only guest to bring along his personal slave. Just about every guest arrived with at least one or two slaves in tow, showing off their privileged status in the quality of the young men and women the Society had given them.

A short while after Saxon had arrived, the doorbell rang again. Standing at the door was a tall woman in a cream pantsuit with a white mask that covered her entire face; the Mistress Oberon. After handing over her invitation, she strode into the mansion, tugging sharply on the leash in her hand. The woman at the other end groaned as she stumbled after her Mistress. She wore a white leather hood that covered everything except her eyes. It matched the cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

Fat Master Kent arrived ten minutes later, dressed as a Renaissance Prince. He was accompanied by a short, teenage slave girl dressed as his jester. The bells on her motely hat jingled merrily as she skipped after him.

While Kent was greeting Sally and handing over his invitation, a car was dropping off the next two guests: the two Mistress’ Barrington, twin sisters, dressed in costumes of black and white that mirrored each other. True to their theme, their slaves were a pair of twins, young brunettes, chained together at the neck.

Master Westmont was next, dressed like a Chinese prince complete with a trio of eastern beauties dressed in colorful silk dresses. Mistress Dominique was not far behind him, dressed the part of a southern belle, dragging along two dark skinned, male slaves on leashes. As they shuffled after her, Sally noted with sympathy the chains ran to two curious cage-like contraptions locked to the slaves’ manhood’s. Dominique literally led her two playthings into the party along by their balls.

The clock chimed six o’clock. Time for the party to begin. Fifteen minutes later, a swarm of guests began to arrive, fashionably late. They soon began to blur as Sally greeted each one of them in turn, taking their invitations, accepting the bows from their slaves. Finally, she decided the last few guests could show themselves in, so she turned back to the party to mingle. She tugged on her chain. “Come slave, let’s get a drink.”

Dewitt groaned into her hood, but shuffled after Sally, with more speed, not that she’d had practice walking in ankle fetters. The Mistress had given up on trying to get any of the other Masters to recognize her. Indeed, more than a few of the Masters, as well as a couple Mistress’ had groped her breasts and fingers her crotch as they passed, without realizing they were fingering up the Mistress Dewitt, not her slave Sally.

Drink in hand, Sally slowly worked her way around the ballroom, listening to the other Master’s and Mistresses talking, nodding along or offering vague words of agreement here and there. Dewitt trailed after her, glumly, able to watch the party she had been looking forward to for months, but unable to take part in it…except to get groped by the guests, while she was unable to protect herself, chained up.

Near the refreshment’s table, Saxon was talking with one of the Barrington sisters. “I took the old pony-cart down to the docks.” He told her. “Saw the latest shipment of slaves being brought in from the mainland. Looks to be some prime pieces of flesh among them. Got a good look while they were being led off the ship and into the pens. Can’t wait for the trainers to get to work on them…” He glanced over at one of the new girls, as she set a tray of hors-d’oeuvres on the table. He smiled, watching her turn and walk back towards the kitchen, hips swaying.

Across the ballroom, Sally got in a conversation with a woman Mistress Toulouse. “I noticed your slave isn’t pierced, Madam Dewitt.” Toulouse told her, running her hands over the real Dewitt’s body. “I can take care of that for you, if you’d like. It’s not hard. I’ll send my girl back to my house, pick up my kit.” She nodded her head towards the tall, dark girl standing beside her. The ebony beauty sported piercings all over her naked body. “By the end of the night, I’ll have her ears…her nips…her pussy…all pierced and ringed, just say the word.”

Sally grinned behind her mask, imagining her Mistress sporting a golden ring between her legs. Dewitt whimpered into her gag, at the thought of being pierced down there… Sally was just considering whether to take Toulouse up on that when another woman walked up. It was Mistress Oberon. She walked up to Sally, her own slave trailing after her.

Leaning close, the Mistress whispered to her, “I see you’ve gone up in the world since the last time I saw you, Sally. Meet me in the west parlor in five minutes. We need to talk…” She straightened up, giving a curt nod, before turning and walking away.

A jolt of fear ran through Sally as she realized that she had been recognized. All of a sudden, it seemed her little switch was going to be revealed in front of half the Society. The thought of what kind of punishment all the Masters and Mistress present might devise for her filled her with terror…

“Madam Dewitt, are you alright?” Toulouse asked.

Sally nodded, forcing herself to calm down. Mistress Oberon hadn’t revealed her yet. Sally didn’t know why, but for the moment there was still a chance. “Yes, I’m fine.” She told the other woman. “Just some personal business that I need to take care of. Come slave!” She snapped, tugging on the real Dewitt’s leash.

As she walked out of the ballroom, Toulouse shrugged. “None of my business, I guess.” She turned to join one of the other conversations nearby. Her slave hurried after her with appropriate haste given where her leash was attached…

As Sally stepped out into the hallway, the babble of voices diminished slightly. Nervously, she walked to the end of the hallway and opened the door to the West Parlor. Mistress Oberon was there, standing in the center of the room with her slave kneeling. She turned as Sally entered the room, dragging Dewitt with her.

“How good of you to join me.” Oberon said. “I must admit I was surprised at this turn of events. I was expecting to see you occupying the position your companion is in.” she nodded to the woman at the end of Sally’s leash. “I take it she’s the real Mistress Dewitt?”

Sally nodded, realizing there was no sense in lying. “I figured a change in position, if only for one night, might do us both a bit of good.” Dewitt’s angry groan said she disagreed, but she was ignored.

“What an extraordinary coincidence…” Mistress Oberon said. “A similar arrangement brought me here tonight…” she reached up and removed her mask.

“Agatha!” Sally exclaimed, struggling to keep her voice down as she recognized the woman behind the mask.

Agatha grinned. “Surprise!” She said cheerfully.

“Oh my god! I haven’t seen you in…” Sally began.

“Two years.” Agatha finished for her. “That party at Master Nago’s mansion, when Mistress Dewitt wagered me when she only had a pair of sevens.” Agatha had been one of Dewitt’s house slaves, along with Sally, but Mistress Oberon won her in a card game.

“So I take it she’s…” Sally asked, nodding to the hooded slave kneeling at Agatha’s feet.

“The real Mistress Oberon, yes.” Agatha replied. “Amazing how a hood, some shackles and very little else completely changes a person’s appearance, from a proud Mistress to a humble slave.” The captive at her feet groaned miserably. “I could get used to this. Too bad we can’t keep this charade up after tonight.”

“Yeah…” Sally replied glumly, imagining the punishment she’d get tomorrow for this. She shrugged, her smile returning. “Still, the night is young. We might as well enjoy ourselves.”

“That’s the spirit!” Agatha replied, putting her mask back on. She tugged sharply on the leash in her hand. Mistress Oberon groaned into her gag, struggling to get to her feet while cuffed. The two Slaves and their captive Mistresses slowly made their way back to the ballroom.

“Let’s see if we can get a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Slave’ started. We’ve already got two volunteers right here…”

“Alright. And maybe after that, we’ll take Mistress Toulouse up on her offer…” Sally replied. The two girls giggled, planning the rest of their night gleefully. Trailing behind them, their two captives glanced at each other with mute expressions of horror. Their night was far from over…


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