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Driving down the highway, the moving truck bounced as it hit a bump in the road. In the back of the trailer, Madeleine moaned into her gag as she was thrown up, briefly, before landing on the rough particle wood floor of the trailer. The teen was once more hogtied in the back of the truck, the cuffs on her wrists and ankles padlocked to the leather belt secured around her waist. Apart from that belt, the girl was completely naked. As she squirmed and struggled against her bondage, the rough wood floor underneath her scratched at her belly and naked breasts and thighs.

On either side of Madeleine, she could feel them pressing up close to her, if she couldn’t see them in the pitch black inside of their prison, two of the other captive girls who had been kidnapped alongside Madeleine, lay hogtied. Beyond them, the rest of the captive women could be heard, moaning and sobbing into the darkness. They were chained together in a line by the collars around their necks. The coffle chain had been secured to rings bolted to the floor of the slavers’ truck, keeping the poor women from even lifting their heads up as they were driven off into slavery.

Earlier that morning, Madeleine and the other captives had been let out of the cages in which they had spent another awful night of captivity in, by Tom and Jim, two of the slavers who had kidnapped them. The other group of slavers and their lot of captive coeds, had moved on early that morning. Maddy and the other girls were given water, and some unappetizing grey mush cooked on the waystation’s old stove, for breakfast. It was so hot it burned the teen’s mouth as she licked it from her bowl like a dog, the slavers hadn’t bothered unchaining their captives’ hands, merely unbuckling their gags, but it had been the first food Maddy had had since her abduction two days ago.

“Just a short trip today, ladies!” Tom had teased as he and Jim herded the captives into the back of the truck. “Then you’ll be at your destination.” This announcement set off a chorus of muffled moans as the women were overcome with terror. The night before, they had had a preview of what awaited them.

“Please…” Madeleine silently prayed in the back of the truck. “Somebody please find us…” She had already given up any hope that she would have an opportunity to escape. The slavers had kept her and the other women in absolute bondage at all times, and the teen had no reason to believe that they would be any more merciful when they reached their destination. Once they were delivered to whatever hellhole awaited then, Maddy knew there was little chance they would ever be seen again. With that chilling thought on her mind, the captive teen could only lie in her tight bondage and sob brokenly.

As the slavers had promised, the trip wasn’t as long as the one before. After a couple hours traveling at highway speeds, the truck slowed down. It stopped frequently and made multiple turns, each throwing the hogtied women in the trailer up against each other. Madeleine could hear the sounds of a big city; horns honking, engines reving, people walking on the sidewalks nearby, unaware the plain, unassuming truck beside them held almost a dozen kidnapped, naked young girls being delivered in chains to a new life of slavery. Along with the other captives, Maddy screamed herself hoarse, trying to get someone, anyone’s attention, but their gags, combined with the noise of the street defeated their final desperate plea for rescue.

Not long after words, the truck pulled off the road with a rough bump. The floor of the trailer tilted downwards, as the truck drove down a long, winding ramp underground. After a few minutes, it stopped. The engine was cut off. Beside her, Maddy felt the other girls trembling in fright as the slavers got out of the truck and walked around to the back of the trailer. The teen was shaking herself, overcome with the fear of what would happen now.

The back of the trailer opened up, flooding the inside with light. Madeleine listened as the ramp at the back of the trailer was put into place. “Well ladies, welcome to Las Vegas; America’s playground!” Tom said cheerfully, walking up into the back of the truck. “Unfortunately, you won’t have a chance to see any of the sights. You’ll be kept far too busy here for that. And don’t plan on leaving anytime soon either. When slaves come to Vegas, they stay in Vegas. Ha!” He laughed at his joke before going to work unhooking the captive girls from the floor of the truck. Madeleine was stood to her feet.

As she and the other girls were marched out of the truck she saw they were in a large concrete garage, presumably underground if they had come down a long ramp. Nearby were parked other cars, as well as several vans and tour buses. The later vehicles were marked with fake, innocuous logos and company names like: “Harold’s Water Heater Repair” and “Scene Southwestern Tours” that belied their sinister purpose of transporting helpless kidnapped women and girls for the slave trade. Tucked in the back corner was a truck with a horse trailer attached. Seeing it, Maddy’s eyes narrowed. Though it had a different paint scheme, the teen knew it had the same secret slave-hold like the one that had lured her into captivity.

Waiting near the van were three men, standing together. Two of them had the look of thugs to them; burly, cruel looking men dressed in dark t-shirts and pants. They openly leered at the frightened young women as they were brought out and lined up. The third man, standing half a pace in front of his goons, was shorter and thinner. He was dressed in a brightly colored suit and had a large grin on his face that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the set of a tacky gameshow. Behind that, though, the man’s eyes were examining the new slaves just as hungrily as his men.

Tom and Jim kept the slaves in line as the three newcomers approached. The helpless girls cringed and whimpered into their gags, but there was no escaping their new owner. He moved down the line quickly, pausing only to briefly inspect a frightened girl’s face or roughly grope a naked breast or run a finger across the lips of her sex, as casually as if inspecting an item at the store. Maddy whimpered as she felt his hands on her trembling body, and in a moment he was satisfied and moving on to the next frightened girl.

“Just what we’re looking for.” The man finally said, a wide grin on his face. “Same rate as usual, yes? 10K a head, payment in the usual fashion. When can we expect your next delivery?”

“We’ll be shifting operations to a new area. The old hunting grounds getting a little played out. We’ve identified a few prime targets already, our teams will be picking them up in the next couple of days…I think we can have another load down here by next week.” Tom replied. “Anything you need especially?”

“Blondes have proved popular this season, we need to replace a few girls. Also we’re planning a new attraction. We need pairs; mothers and daughters, sisters, especially twins if you can find them. We’ll pay double the normal rate for any combos you bring me.” The man replied. Listening to them discuss business matters, Madeleine found it hard to believe these men were discussing the abduction and enslavement of innocent women as casually as if they were restocking canned goods or any sort of merchandise, rather than human beings.

“Here…” The manager said, reaching into his jacket. “Before you go…” He pulled out a sheet of paper. “Since you boys have done such good work for us, you might enjoy yourselves. These’ll be good for 100 free chips. Just show ‘em to the slave at the counter. She’ll get you your chips.”

“Hey, thanks!” Tom and Jim said, taking the vouchers. As they walked back to the garage exit, the manager turned to his henchmen.

“Mark, take our newest employees upstairs, I want them cleaned up and working on the casino floor within an hour.” The manager told them. The two goons nodded. Mark grabbed the leash of the first girl in line and gave a sharp tug. She had no choice but to follow or be pulled off her feet. Along with the rest of the girls in the coffle behind her, Maddy shuffled along after, head lowered glumly.

At the far side of the garage was a staircase, spiraling upwards. The slaves stumbled up the bare concrete steps, up a floor. At the landing was a doorway, leaving into a long hallway stretching far forward. The building had a rough, industrial feel to it, the floor, walls and ceiling were unpainted concrete lined with cables and pipes, lit by naked bulbs in wire cages. Spaced every couple dozen yards or so were heavy metal doors, cell doors similar to the dungeon the slaves had spent their first night in captivity in. As Madeleine was led part one of the open doors, she looked into of a large room, filled with rows of small cages, stacked two high. She caught a brief glimpse of dozens of naked young women curled up in the cages, sleeping before she was dragged past. The teen whimpered, catching a glimpse of her new home.

Eventually, the girls were brought to a large shower complex. On the left, a wall was divided into a dozen small stalls fitted with shower heads and drains. Opposite them was a long table with benches. Above he table was a long line of mirrors and on the surface an assortment of makeup and cosmetic items.

“Management wants you bitches looking good for the customers!” Mark told the girls. “So we need to get you cleaned and prettied up.” As he said this, a door at the far end of the showers opened and four young women walked into the room. As they crossed the space to the new arrivals, Maddy couldn’t help but stare.

It was obvious that these four were slaves, like Madeleine and the others. The women had cuffs on their hands and feet, unsecured at the moment, and a belt around their waists, like the newcomers. Each slave had a tall, white collar around her throat. Other then that, they were totally naked. They regarded the line of secured, trembling girls with expressions of pity, knowing what they felt, having once been freshly kidnapped and brought here.

The coffle was split up among the four older slaves. Madeleine’s leash was taken by a tall, gorgeous black woman, maybe in her early twenties. She tugged on it gently, signaling Maddy to follow her. The teen shuffled forward, the girl chained behind her following along as they were led towards the showers. The woman leading them stopped and hooked the end of Maddy’s leash to one of a series of rings set in the wall for such a purpose. Beside it were the knobs for the water. She twisted the knobs. Madeleine gave a muffled yelp as she was suddenly sprayed by a jet of ice cold water. Their handler stepped into the spray herself, a bottle of scented body wash in one hand. Pouring a generous amount into her hand, the woman began to rub it onto Madeleine, slowly cleaning off all the dirt and grime the teen gad picked up during the long journey into slavery. Maddy whimpered, face red as the older woman’s hands brushed gently across her breasts and again when one hand went between her legs.

“Easy hon.” The slave said, gently. “I need to get you two clean everywhere. And believe me, the boys upstairs won’t be this nice when they touch you down there. Nothin’ you or I can do about that though. You’re gonna need to learn to accept that kind of thing if you’re going to last long in this place.” Grabbing a hand sprayer, she rinsed off Maddy’s naked body, then began shampooing her hair. “Believe me, I’ve been here four, maybe five years now. I was coming home from beauty school when the slavers grabbed me and a coupla’ classmates, which is how I got this ‘job’.”

When Maddy was completely rinsed off and clean, the other woman turned and did the same thing to the second captive girl. She finished and shut off the water. Leaving the two shivering girls to drip for a moment, the older woman walked to a cabinet filled with rough white towels, which she used to dry both them and herself off.

Next, the woman unhooked Madeleine’s leash from the wall and led the teens over to the benches. She motioned for them to sit down. She grabbed several things from the collection of beauty products and turned back to then. With experienced hands, she quickly applied makeup to both girls. She finished with both of them at roughly the same time as the three other slave women. Together, they led their charges back to the entrance where the guards were waiting.

While the slaves had been washing up, one of the men had slipped away and gone to fetch a metal box. Inside were a number of metal collars, like the ones around the necks of the four older slaves. Mark pulled a collar out and held it up for the new arrivals.

“Look closely, bitches.” The man said. “You’ll be wearing one of these at all times. The collars have a shocker built into them…” he turned, showing the inside of the flexible metal collar and the copper prongs sticking out of the inside where they would press into the sides of the wearer’s neck. “The staff here all have remotes. If you fail to obey instructions, they can shock you with just the press of a button. Let me demonstrate…”

Mark nodded to his partner who stepped forward and grabbed the nearest girl. The frightened captive squirmed in his grasp as he unlocked the collar around her neck. As it was removed, Mark moved around behind her and slipped the new collar onto her. He adjusted it so it fit snug against her throat before closing the free ends together, with an audible click as it locked shut. He stepped back, pulling a small plastic box from his pocket.

The poor girl’s eyes widened in terror. She shook her head, mumbling broken pleas through her gag, but the man ignored her. Pointing the remote at her, he pushed a button. In that instant, the captive gave a sharp cry of pain as she was shocked. She stumbled to her knees, sobbing. Nearby, the other girls whimpered in fright at this demonstration of the absolute power their captors held over the helpless slaves.          

As the unlucky girl who had been used as the demonstration struggled to her feet, the other girls were brought forward, one by one and had their collars switched out for the new shock collars. Maddy whimpered as the collar closed around her. It was tall, stiffer than the old one, much less comfortable and she could feel the electric prongs digging uncomfortably into the sides of her neck, a constant reminder that these men could, at any time, inflict severe pain onto her if she did not immediately obey their every command, no matter what it was.

As the last girl was collared, Mark brusquely ordered them to follow before turning and walking back up the hallway. Even without a physical leash binding them, the slaves had no choice but to shuffle after him, for fear of the punishment they knew they would receive if they did not. They were led back to the stairs and up another level.

This floor had the bland, unadorned look of any business, back where the customers wouldn’t see things. Not far away was a kitchen. Maddy could smell food cooking, which made her mouth water behind her gag as she remembered her own, unappetizing breakfast, now several hours past. The slaves were led down the hallway past storerooms with poker tables, roulette wheels and slot machines like you might find in the back of any normal casino. But other storerooms held cages and bondage frames and racks hung with whips and chains and other sex toys which Maddy, in her sheltered upbringing, couldn’t identify, but chilled the teen at the thought that such things might, no would, soon be used on her. Here and there, they passed other slaves, hurrying about their tasks under the watchful glares of more guards.

Eventually, Madeleine and the others were brought to an office where a man in the same flashy suit as the other manager, was sitting at a computer desk. He looked up as the guards, followed by the line of captives slowly filed in. “Well well…” The man said, flashing a leering grin at the young women. “What’s this?”

“Some new catch’s a pair of independent recruiters brought in earlier today. Charles wants them put to work right away.” Mark answered.

“Alright. I’ll see which sections need more bodies.” The floor manager said, turning to his screen. “Hmmm, let’s see…Eddie says he needs a couple more servers at the lounge. Take her…and her…and her…” He pointed at three of the girls. “Get them fitted with trays and put them to work there. We need a couple more girls at the slots, say those two…” He pointed “…and her.” He say back and thought for a moment. “These two,” he nodded to the two remaining, including Madeleine. “Stick them up on the prize wall. One of the High Rollers won a couple girls yesterday, so we’ve got openings.”

The slaves whimpered in fright as their jobs were assigned, looking at each other nervously. Maddy wondered what he meant by the “Prize Wall” and what had happened to the two slaves she and the other teenage girls were replacing.

One of the thugs led away the girls assigned to the Lounge. Another came by the room to lead away the second group of girls to the slots. Mark grabbed Maddy and the remaining teen. He led them out of the room and through the winding hallways. After a moment, they came to a large double door. A sign above it said “Casino Floor.” The two slaves shuffled through the door as Mark held it open. Madeleine’s eyes widened in stunned horror as she was briefly overcome by the barrage of sights and sounds.

The casino floor was laid out like any other Vegas casino; to one direction a collection of card tables and roulette wheels, to the other row after row of bright, flashing slot machines. The place was crowded with gamblers; mainly men dressed in everything from flashy suits to tourist clothes, but here and there women were gambling as well, their clothes and the look of hedonistic joy on their faces setting them apart from Madeleine and the other slaves.

There were slaves everywhere. Many of them were fitted with serving trays, loaded with complimentary drinks for the patrons, balanced against their waists. Leather straps ran from the front of the tray to the slaves’ naked breasts. Maddy flinched, noticing the straps were secured to large rings piercing the girls’ nipples. At the tables, the dealers were also slaves, trained by the slavers for this, or perhaps kidnapped from other casinos and brought here. The teen watched one woman, chained to the table she was at, dealing out blackjack cards to three men. As she passed, Madeleine saw the woman was perched on top of a metal pole, which ended in two large rubber prongs, buried deep into both her holes. Her ankles were chained to rings at the base of the pole. With a cry of triumph, one of the men flipped over his hole card, reveal a blackjack. He pressed a button and the vibrators inside the rubber prongs buzzed into life, wrenching a squeal of surprise from the slave.

Across from the tables were the slow machines. Dozens of gamblers sat in front of them, funneling chips into the slots, watching the spinning wheels turn. Periodically, one would be rewarded with a note of success from the machine and a flurry of tokens. One of the men got three sevens. As his machine flashed and played a chorus of triumphant notes, a panel on the lower body of the machine opened up. Maddy was shocked as a girl stuck her head out of the opening. She was fitted with a large ring gag, forcing her mouth wide open. The gambler continued dropping chips into the slot machine and pulling the arm as the slave glumly sucked him off.

Past the slots was an open lounge area, with tables and booths where gamblers sat, drinking and watching the far wall, which was lined with huge screens, the kind seen in sports stadiums. Each was showing a different feed, whether from somewhere else in the casino or from facilities halfway around the world Maddy couldn’t tell. In one, a pair of naked female gladiators wrestled with one another in a concrete arena, each attempting to overpower and hogtie the other. Beside them, the next screen showed teams of women wearing leather bondage harnesses meant to resemble a horses tack and bridle, hitched to lightweight racing carriages. The jockeys lashed the sweating ponygirls as they dragged them around a race course.

Near the lounge were bookies cages, where one could place a bet on the events happening on the screen. Other slaves circulated around the lounge, serving drinks for the gamblers watching and cheering. Maddy gave a muffled cry of surprise as she recognized one of the servers as one of the teens she had been brought here with, now fitted with a tray attached to her same as the other slaves.

To the right of the bookies was another series of cages with people lined up front of them. Large signs overhead read: “Chips Here!” and “Cash Your Winnings!” On the other side of the chip cashiers was a long wall. Chained to the wall, raised up on bondage frames to be visible above the crowd, were two dozen captive women. Another large sign proclaimed them as “Gran Prizes.” Maddy and the other girl were led to the wall. As they got closer, the teen saw another sign, hung between two of the slaves. At the top it said: “Prices: Blowjob-10 Chips. Pussy-15 Chips. Ass-20 Chips.” The prices continued on down the list with entries that made Maddy gag at the thought she might be forced to perform them. At the bottom of the list: “1 Hour Anything Goes-1000 Chips. Yours For The Day-5000 Chips. Take Her Home-10000 Chips.”

“Two more for the wall…” Mark said, bringing the two new slaves to another manager. “Just be careful, they’re new catches.”

“I’ll make sure to let the winners know.” The other man replied. “Some might see that as a bonus. They like girls that are fresh, that have some fight left in them.” He grabbed Maddy and dragged her over to an empty frame at the bottom of the wall. It was set on a pair of motorized tracks, allowing it to be easily raised and lowered. The teen girl’s hands and feet were uncuffed, then locked to rings on the four corners of the frame, spreading her out. Her belt was collar were also attached keeping her pinned in place as the manager pressed a button on the wall and the frame slowly pulled up the track, lifting Maddy higher and higher off the ground until she hung, helplessly, in the air, looking down at the gamblers walking past, to claim their winnings.

Madeleine’s cheeks were red with shame at this unwilling display of her naked body to such a large crowd. Down below, leering faces looked up hungrily at Madeleine and the other “prizes” sizing them up, getting ready to make their choices.

To Madeleine’s right, one of the frames started to move. The girl chained to it gave a muffled whimper of fright as she began to descened, knowing what was coming. Maddy watched as the girl was handed over to an all too eager gambler. A leash was attached to her collar and the free end handed to the man. He led her towards a set of doors nearby, which according to the manager at the prize table, led to several small private rooms stocked with everything he would need to “enjoy his prize” for the time he’d paid for.

The minutes slowly ticked by, long uncomfortable minutes. At times, Maddy almost wished someone would pick her, just to be let down from the wall, other times she hoped she would never be picked, fearing what would be done with her then. Nearby, other girls were picked and lowered. The first girl, trembling and sobbing, was brought back by the gambler and was put back up on the wall. Then, without warning, the teen’s own frame shook. With a clank, it began to move.

“No! Please no!” Maddy wailed, words muffled by her gag as she lowered. She could guess, all to well what would happen to her now. Despite the hopelessness of it, she struggled and fought as she was uncuffed from the frame. Despite her efforts, though, her hands were quickly twisted behind her back and secured to the belt with a padlock.

“Sorry about this sir.” The manager told the gamble who had picked Maddy. “This girl’s new…just brought in earlier today and she’s not yet broken.” He clipped a short chain leash to her collar.

“I know that. I’m the one that recruited her a couple days ago.” Maddy turned. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the man that had “won” her was Tom, the slaver who had kidnapped her! “I was hoping I’d get a chance to have a go with her. Luckily, I had a good run at cards, enough for an hour or so…”

“Well, just keep her restrained while you do…” The manager said, handing her leash to the slaver. He also pulled out one of the remotes. “oh, and if she gives you any trouble, or if you just want to hurt her a bit, this button will trigger the shock collar.”

“Oh, I definitely will.” Tom said, taking the box. Maddy whimpered in fear as he tugged sharply on her leash. “Come on bitch. I want to make the most of the time I’ve got with you. I’ve to have a chance at that hot body of yours since I saw you at that farm, but we needed you untouched for delivery. Now there’s nothing to stop me from doing whatever I want with you…”

As he said this, there was an explosion nearby that rocked the room. People screamed in shock as a door blew open and a group of men in black fatigues with assault rifles rushed into the room. But Maddy and every other slave in the casino gave a muffled cry of relief as one of the men shouted “FBI! Everybody on the Ground!”

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Madeleine lay in pitch black darkness. The teenage girl couldn’t even make out the four other girls she knew shared the room with her, though from time to time she heard the soft rattle of chains as one of the girls shifted her body or occasionally broke into another fit of muffled sobbing. Maddy had done plenty of crying herself within the last twenty-four hours.

The only thing that was visible in the room was a narrow, rectangular slit of light to her left that was a viewing slit, cut into the cell door, to enable their captors to keep an eye on the kidnapped girls. From time to time, it would go dark, as one of the men stopped to check on the prisoners.

With a sorrowful moan, muffled silent by the wadded up panties crammed in her mouth and the thick leather gag keeping them in there, Madeleine rolled over. As she did, the chain leash at her throat rattled. The other end of the two-foot chain was secured to a metal ring in the wall, keeping the captive teen confined to the small, thin cloth pallet she lay on. The bedding was made of a coarse cloth, which scratched at Madeleine’s soft naked skin every time she shifted her weight. With her hands locked behind her back, she had no choice but to lie on her belly, leaving her naked breasts and her sensitive nipples at the mercy of the chafing cloth.

The pallet was also none-too-clean. Maddy wondered how many other poor girls before her had lain on it, the night after their kidnapping, in route to their final, awful destination. From the smell, at least one of them, unable to control her fright after being kidnapped and chained down in the dark, had peed herself in fear.

Not long after Madeleine and the other girls had been chained up, about three or four days by how it felt, the kidnappers brought in another group of captives. Listening, Madeleine heard Tom and Jim going up the stairs. Not long after, they came back down, each carrying a struggling girl, from the sounds of muffled sobbing coming from the next room. With them was another man, the third slaver they had mentioned, the one who had, earlier, brought in the two girls now sharing the cell with madeleine and the others. He was also carrying a squirming, screaming captive.

“How’d you bag this nice piece of ass?” Jim asked.

“Bit of good luck, that.” The other man replied. “I’d just snatched these two here, got them tied up in the back. I’m on my way back, when I see this lovely thing, standing by her car with the hood up, like it’s broken down, trying to get a signal on her phone, so I pulled over and offered her a ride…” He laughed. “She wasn’t too keen when she saw who’d she be riding with!” The other two laughed as the captive woman moaned in fright.

Though Madeleine couldn’t see what was going on in the other room, she could easily imagine what was happening on the other side of the door, having experienced it firsthand only a short while ago. The newest captives were untied. One of them tried to break away and run. Madeleine heard a scuffle, the poor girl screamed in fright as she was grabbed and dragged back by the slavers, then screamed again and again in pain as she was cruelly punished by the men for her resistance.

Thus cowed, the captives quietly submitted to being stripped naked and put up only feeble protests as they were gagged with their worn panties and chained up. After they were photographed, the cell door opened, and the sobbing women were led in to join Madeleine and the other kidnapped girls. When the final young woman was tethered in place at the neck, the slavers left, closing and barring the room behind them once more.

After the excitement and terror of the day, combined with the discomfort of her restraints and bedding and the cold air, blowing across her otherwise naked body, Maddy had trouble getting to sleep. From time to time, exhaustion allowed her to slip into a fitful, uneasy sleep, but she wouldn’t be under long before she awoke again, with a start each time as she found herself not safe in her bed as she desperately hoped, but still chained up in this awful place. The other captives had just as much trouble sleeping as her. From time to time, one of them would cry out into her gag as she awoke from one nightmare, only to find herself still trapped in this one. Most of the time, the women lay in the darkness, weeping miserably.

After what she was certain was the longest, worst night of her life, morning slowly came, though the captives, trapped in the dark cell underground, had no way of knowing that until the door to their prison was unlatched and opened. “Wake up, ladies!” Tom called cheerfully, walking into the dungeon. He prodded several of the girls, who were slow to wake up, none too gently, with the toe of his boot.

With a miserable groan, Madeleine struggled to sit up, a far from simple task with chains on her wrists, ankles and neck. She waited as the slaver went down the line, unchaining the girls from the rings in the wall, before standing them to their feet. The glum captives were led out of the cell. The night of bondage had left them, if not completely broken, then cowed enough that any idea of resistance was out of the question.

Back in the main room, the captives were mercifully ungagged and given a few sips of water from a bottle, then promptly regagged. Maddy groaned as the sodden, balled up panties were shoved back into her mouth. The panel gag was put back on and the leather straps were tightened once more, forcing the thick rubber plug deeper into her mouth. The girls were also allowed, one at a time and under the humiliating gaze of one of the slavers, to use the dungeon’s single, dirty toilet. Then the slaves were once more chained into a line, now eight girls long, and led up the stairs.

Outside, the horse trailer had been driven away. In its place was a small moving truck. The truck had been backed up as close as possible to the door, the rear door opened and a ramp extended into the building. There was little chance to the captive girls being seen as they were hustled, one after another, up the ramp and into the back of the truck. The slaves were forced to kneel, and then lie down on their bellies on the floor of the vehicle. The collar chains joining the girls were clipped to rings bolted to the floor of the truck, preventing them from rising.

Tom bent over Madeleine and grabbed the short chain joining the cuffs on her ankles together. He pulled on it, forcing her to bend her legs back further and further until he secured the chain to the same ring on the leather belt around the teen’s waist her wrists were locked to, with another padlock. The young girl whimpered into her gag at the strain of the hogtie. As the other girls were swiftly secured the same way, she felt her legs and back stiffening, after only a few minutes stretched like this, but she was awfully aware that she might be kept secured like this for hours, even all day, as they were brought further and further along their journey into slavery.

With the last girl hogtied, the slavers left the truck. The door was lowered, plunging them into darkness. A moment later, the girls heard the truck engine rumble to life. Their prison shook as it lurched forward, pulling out into the street and driving away…

The ride in the truck was a repeat of the day before, only worse. Then, Madeleine had been in shock from her sudden kidnapping, and paralyzed with fear of the unknown fate awaiting her. Now, the teen was numb with the awful truth of what was going to happen to her and the knowledge that there was nothing she could do that would change anything. Tightly hogtied, closely tethered to the floor of the van, the young woman could only whimper miserable and squirm helplessly in her bonds. On either side of her, the other girls were doing the same, their naked bodies pressed together, rubbing against one another. As the day wore on, it grew hot in the back of the truck and it wasn’t long before all of them were covered all over in sweat. Behind the horrid gag, the panties stuffed in Madeleine’s mouth quickly sucked up every drop of saliva, leaving her throat parched with thirst. She gagged on the sour taste of the underwear.

The captive teen prayed the truck would be pulled over for speeding, a busted taillight, anything, and the women would be found, but no such luck. At what she presumed was mid-day, the captives felt the truck stop. For a moment, the teen thought they had arrived at their destination, but the doors remained shut. The slavers had stopped to fill up the gas tank and grab some lunch. After half an hour, they were back on the road, traveling.

She guessed it was about evening when the truck stopped next and this time, the two slavers walked around the back of the truck, unlocked the trailer door and opened it. Along with the other girls, Madeleine groaned in relief at the prospect of being let out of the truck, even if it was only to be led to another cage. Chained down, the teen hadn’t been able to sand, or even raise her head from the ground in what had to have been ten or twelve hours. The tight hogtie she was secured in had left her back and legs extremely sore. She wriggled her hands and feet, grunting into her gag as the slavers went to work unchaining the captive girls from the floor of the trailer.

Maddy felt hands go to her waist. The padlock linking her ankle cuffs to the belt around her waist was unlocked. She groaned through her gag as she was able to stretch her body out for the first time since being locked in the truck that morning. The man next went to unlocked her collar from the ring bolted to the floor. Grabbing Madeleine, he lifted the teenage girl onto shaky feet.

She stood still as the chain at her collar was reattached to the collar of the girl in front of her. As the captive behind her was released and stood up, her collar was likewise joined to the back of Madeleine’s collar. When the last girl was on her feet, one of the slavers grabbed the leash of the captive at the front of the coffle and got her moving forward with a sharp tug. Behind her, the rest of the slave coffle shuffled forward, heads bowed.

As she stepped out into the ramp, Madeleine got a glimpse of her surroundings. A wide open plain stretched out in front of her while on the horizon, mountains and plateaus dominated the black skyline, reddened by the setting sun. The ground was brownish dust, covered by scrub and low, thorny trees, darkened by the deepening shadows of night.

“We must have come south and west…” Madeleine thought to herself. “New Mexico…or maybe Nevada.” She shivered with fright, thinking how far from home she’d been taken. Was there any chance she’d ever see it again?

The truck had pulled off the side of a worn, two-lane road, stretching off in either direction past where the teen could see in the fading light. A couple yards away was a rundown old shack, a dark shadow among the prairie. That was where the coffle of girls was being led. There were no other buildings in sight. “Is this our final destination?” Madeleine thought with rising fear as the slaver at the front of the coffle knocked on the battered wooden door. It opened into a dark black portal that the man seemed to disappear into. The girl at the head of the line shuffled, dejectedly forward and was instantly swallowed up by the blackness, save for her chain, which tugged the next captive along after her.

Madeleine whimpered into her gag, in fright, but the unyielding pressure from the chain at her throat dragged her forward against her will. She could either shuffle forward or be dragged along. As she neared the door, she saw that thick black draped had been hung just inside the door. She stepped through them into a brightly lit room.

The shack was a single, large space, with rough wooden walls and a dirty wooden floor. Thick wooden beams held up the roof. The windows, boarded up on the outside, had also had black draped hung, to keep any light inside from leaking out and betraying this place to passers-by. On the far wall, opposite the door, was a long row of metal cages, each big enough to, just barely, accommodate a single helpless occupant. About half the cages were already occupied, a miserable, naked young woman tied up and gagged, peering through the bars of each one, watching with eyes widened by fear as the newcomers were led into the room.

“Another way station.” Madeleine thought, recognizing the same, general, layout as the rundown old building in whose basement the teen had spent her first awful night in slavery. Anxiously, she wondered how many buildings, just like this one, there were around the country, where these cruel men could keep their innocent victims caged up until it was time to move them on to the next stage of their awful journey into slavery. That such a thing could be going on, unknown to her and the hundreds, if not thousands of other poor girls until they found themselves abducted into this secret nightmare world of slavery, left her mind boggling.

In the center of the room was a wooden table, with half a dozen wooden chairs around it. Seated at the table were three burly men. They had out a worn deck of playing cards and were playing what looked like poker. One of them, a heavy-set bald man, glanced to the door as Madeleine and the other girls were led into the room.

“Well well…” He said with a grin, he and his buddies leering at the trembling, naked captives. “Where are these lovely bitches from?” He asked.

“Here and there…” Tom replied, walking to a rack on which was hung a ring of keys. “A ways north and east. Taking them down to the casino. They need some fresh bodies there and they pay good.” He unlocked the first empty cage. The girl at the front of the coffle was unchained from the rest and forced in. As he moved down to the next cage, he glanced at the other captives huddling inside. “Nice load of slaves you got here. Where’d they come from?”

“Big raid on a college sorority. Grabbed them the other night.” The other slaver replied.

“I heard they were planning something like that.” Tom said. He grabbed Maddy and pushed the teen to her knees. Glumly, she crawled forward into the cramped space of the cage. As she squirmed, turning around, the man slammed the cage door shut, locking her in. “How’d it go?”

“Easy as pie. Slipped in a couple hours before dawn, while everyone was sleeping. Snatched them all out of their beds. Had them hogtied in the back of the truck before they knew what happened.” He said with a laugh.

The last sobbing girl was caged up. Tom and Jim went to the table and sat down. A slaver with arms covered in lewd tattoos dealt them into the next hand. For the better part of an hour, the slavers played for five-dollar ante, now grumbling, now cheering as their luck went back and forth with each hand. Madeleine curled up in the corner of her cage, trying without much luck to find a comfortable spot to lie down. The tiny cell didn’t even give her enough space to stretch out completely or even sit up.

“God I’m bored…” One of the men said, tossing his cards in, rather than match the previous bet. The man to his left grunted a reply, tossing a couple bucks into the modest pot.

“Got a better idea for something to do, Slim?” One of his partners replied.

The first slaver, Slim, waved his hands towards the cages of naked women. “We’ve got all this fine pussy lying around. We ought to be able to have some fun with them.”

“Come on, Slim.” Tom told him. “You know the higher ups don’t like us delivering used goods.”

“Yeah, they’ll bitch and moan alright…but how ‘bout this: You guys pick two of our girls, we’ll pick two of you guys were hauling. We’ll deal one more hand. The loser’s girls get fuck and the winners don’t get chewed out by the boys upstairs.”

The other slavers nodded, thinking this over. “Alright, that’s a fair wager.” Tom replied. “You’re on.” He stood up from the table and went to the cages. Moans of terror went up from the captive women as he peered through the bars at them. None of them wanted to be chosen, but they were helpless to influence the selection in anyway. The women could only sob and pray someone else was picked.

“Let’s see…you and…um…how ‘bout you.” The two women in question, one a short, timid blonde girl, the other a tall, curvy coed with long auburn hair, wailed and sobbed as the cage doors were opened and they were dragged out. Tom stood the two trembling captives by the table.

Meanwhile, Slim went to make his pick. In her cage, Madeleine cringed, whimpering into her gag as the leering face peered into her tiny prison, eyeing her naked body lustily. He made it to the end of the row and went back down.      

“Her…” He said and a girl, moaning with fright, was dragged out of the cage to be stood beside the other girls selected for tonight’s “entertainment”. “…and her.” The slaver was standing in front of Madeleine’s cage, pointing a finger at her. The teen whimpered into her gag, shaking her head in disbelief as she realized she’d been chosen. She shrank back, huddling up against the back wall of the cage as the door was unlocked and opened. She squirmed but couldn’t stop the slavers from reaching in and pulling her out.

“Yes…you’ll do nicely…” The slaver said, reaching with one hand to quickly grope Madeleine’s naked breasts. The helpless captive hung her head, sobbing as she was led over to the other girls. The slavers sat down and one of them began dealing out hands.  

For a few minutes, all was quiet. The four captives watched, intently, as the poker players discarded and drew cards. The women knew the awful stakes they had riding on the outcome and the terrible fate that losing meant. After an agonizingly long time, the slavers showed their hands.

“Pair of jacks…got nothing…two pair…couple’a fours…” The men rattled off their hands, one at a time. “Straight.” Tom said, laying down his cards on the table. The other group of slavers groaned in disappointment, while the two girls from their captives wailed in terror. They knew that they would now be forced to service the lustful needs to all of these cruel men, and whatever other indignities the slavers decided to inflict on them tonight.

Madeleine and the other lucky girl were led back to their cages. “Don’t get too comfortable, ladies.” Tom taunted the girls as he unlocked the doors to their cages. “You’ll get plenty of this soon enough after we deliver you to your new owners tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, the unfortunate coeds had been bent over the poker table on either side, facing each other. There legs were roughly lashed to the table legs with rope. This position left them with their rears thrust up into the air, legs spread wide, leaving their naked sexes completely exposed and accessible to the slavers.

Madeleine turned her head, shutting her eyes and Tom and Jim, the winners, lined up behind the trembling captives, ready to be the first ones to rape the girls. Maddy couldn’t shut out the sound of the girls’ indignant squeals as they were first penetrated. The two men grunted in pleasure, pounding away, their victims’ squeals and screams eventually giving way to broken moans.

Sobbing quietly in her cage, Madeleine curled up in the back corner and did her best to shut out the awful sounds of the slavers and their fun that went on for some time…

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Madeleine lay at the bottom of the smuggler’s compartment in the back of her kidnapper’s horse trailer, hands and feet bound with rope. On either side of her, she could hear her fellow captives sobbing quietly in the darkness. Their frightened whimpers were muffled by the cloth gags clenched between their teeth.

Madeleine was close to tears herself. The 18-year old girl couldn’t understand why she had been so suddenly kidnapped and tossed down here for a journey to god-knew-where. She couldn’t, didn’t, want to imagine what would happen to her and the other girls when they arrived at their final destination.

“Has anyone back at the farm noticed I’m gone?” Madeleine thought. “Have they called the police yet?” Her only hope was that the police would stop the truck and find them. That possibility seemed to grow more and more remote as time stretched on, until Madeleine had no idea how far they had traveled. It seemed as if they had been driving for hours. They had almost certainly left the state, maybe even the country!

Inside the hidden compartment, the air was hot and stuffy. It stank of animals and gasoline fumes. Between the heat and her own, fruitless struggles, Madeleine was quickly coated in sweat. She became very thirsty, not helped by the oppressive gag between her teeth and the wadding filling her mouth, which seemed to suck up all the moisture, leaving her throat parched. The un-muffled sound of the truck’s engine, the rattle and sway of the horse trailer above and the hum of the road below, filled the cramped space with overwhelming noise, making it impossible for Madeleine to hear her own whimpers of misery. From time to time, as she squirmed, the teen would brush up against one of the other captive girls, sharing their prison, but any sort of communication with them was impossible.

Finally, the truck pulled off the highway. It moved slower, made more stops and turns as it navigated streets. Finally, the truck stopped one last time. A moment later, the engine shut off. After the noise of the highway, the silence was deafening. Maddy gave a fearful moan, which sounded tiny and soft to her battered ears. Nearby, her fellow captives whimpered as well, as it dawned on them that they had arrived…wherever their kidnapper had been taking them.

Straining their ears, the three girls could hear the door of the truck open, then slam shut. Boots crunched on gravel as Tom walked around to the back of the trailer. The hinges screeched as he opened the back doors and walked inside. Listening to the footsteps above her head, Madeleine realized there was more than one person overhead. She wondered if this person was another victim, another innocent girl Tom had lured to the back of the trailer, to be overpowered, tied up and added to his cargo of captives. She dared hope they might be a police officer, searching the trailer for the kidnap victims.

Grunting as loudly as she could, Madeleine kicked at the hatch with her feet. The other two girls, realizing what she was doing, did the same, knocking on the floor of their prison with their feet and adding their gag-muffled cries to help the din.

Madeleine heard fingers scrabbling for the latches of the lid of the compartment. There was a ‘click’ as, one by one, they were unlocked. Fresh air and light flooded into the cage as the lid was lifted up. Above them, two men chuckled, looking down at the captive girls.

“I guess they’re eager to get out of their box.” Tom said to his companion.

“I don’t know why. All they’ve got to look forward to, is the dungeon we’ve got downstairs.” The other man replied, eliciting moans of despair from Madeleine and the other girls. This kidnapper was about the same age as Tom, a bit thinner, with a bushy brown beard streaked throughout with grey. “Well if they’re so eager, might as well get them out so they can see their accommodations for the night.”

With a laugh, the two reached down into the opening. Madeleine kicked and squirmed, but she couldn’t stop them from lifting her up. Helpless, she was carried out of the back of the trailer. It had grown dark while she’d been down in the hidden compartment. For a brief moment, the teen caught a glimpse of the built up area, houses and other buildings, lit up, but before she could see much more, she was quickly carried through an open door into a dimly lit hallway. She saw torn, peeling wallpaper and broken furniture, before she was taken through another door, leading to a flight of stairs heading downward. It opened into a dark room, with concrete floors and walls. Madeleine was set down, none-too-gently, on the floor, a few feet away from the stairs. She could make out little else in the room, most of it was shrouded in shadows.    

Leaving her to struggle, hopelessly, for the moment, the two kidnappers climbed the stairs. A minute later they returned, carrying one of the other girls, Maddy couldn’t see who in the darkness. They set her down beside Maddy before returning to grab their last captive.

“I might have got burned on my last snatch, Jim.” Tom was saying as he and his partner came down the stairs, carrying the sobbing farm girl between them. “Guy back there might remember talking to me right before this pretty thing went missing.” He nodded to Madeleine. Jim shot the other man a pained look. “Yeah, I know that’s against the rules but I see this hot bitch poking around the trailer like she wants to get grabbed…I couldn’t help myself. Long as we get the truck off the road for a while…new plates, new paint would be good, possibly for the trailer as well…we should be fine.”

The other kidnapper nodded. “No problem. I’ll take care of that tomorrow. You can ride with Kevin tomorrow. He’d taking a load down south…they’ve been calling for some new girls at the casino, we can fit these three in with them. They pay pretty well, from what I’ve heard.”

“How many is he taking?” Tom asked.

“Kevin dropped off two earlier today, then went back out.” Jim told him. “He’ll probably bring in a couple more tonight. Hopefully his vehicle will still be clean tomorrow so you two will have an easy run, no trouble from the police.”

“Sounds good. Guess we need to get these three bitch’s pictures taken, so we can send it to the boys over there, then get them locked up for the night.” Tom said. He turned to look down at the three sobbing captives. “We’re going to untie you for a moment, then give you some water. Don’t struggle or try to escape and keep quiet or you will be punished.” Reaching to his belt, the kidnapper produced a large, hunting knife. He showed the intimidating blade to the frightened captives before bending over.

Grabbing the first girl, he rolled her over and cut the rope binding her hands and feet. Madeleine whimpered as she was roughly dragged over and flipped onto her belly. She felt his free hand grab her tightly bound wrists. The sharp blade quickly sliced through the rope. She gave a moan of relief, wincing at the prickling sensation of circulation returning. Turning to her feet, he slashed the rope on her feet, freeing them.

While he freed the final captive, the other two girls awkwardly got to their feet, their arms and legs still sore and weak from being kept tied for so long. “Maybe we can rush him…” Madeleine thought as the last captive struggled to stand. “Overpower the two of them and escape. There’s three of us and we’re a lot younger then these bastards.” But fear of the knife in her captor’s hand, and the weakness she felt after all she’d already been through, made her hesitate. Maddy didn’t know if the thought had occurred to the other captive girls and she didn’t know how to communicate it to them. If they had thought of it, none of the girls were willing to take the chance of being the first to resist…and suffering the consequences if the others didn’t join her.

While Tom had been cutting their bonds, Jim went and fetched a large bottle of water. He also brought back a cardboard box filled with leather and steel restraints. The girls’ gags were removed. Madeleine spat out the sodden rag with some relief. She gulped gratefully from the water bottle when it was raised to her lips and might have drank all of it if the older man hadn’t snatched it away from her to pass it to the next girl after she’d taken a few long gulps. Still, it did relieve the aching dryness in her throat, at least somewhat.

“Now, before we can get you girls bedded down for the night.” Tom said with a chuckle, “We need to take some pictures of you three to send to the buyers who might be interested in purchasing you.” This reference to ‘buyers’ brought a wave of frightened moans from the three girls. They moaned even louder when he added, “However, they’ll obviously want to see what all they’re paying for, so your clothes will have to come off… all of them.” As he said this, the two older men leered evilly at the young women. Brandishing his knife threateningly, he ordered, “Start stripping!”

The last thing Madeleine wanted to do was strip naked in front of these two men, but she knew she had no choice in the matter. With obvious reluctance, she slowly began unbuttoning her shirt. The other girls also began to undress, as slowly as possible, as if to delay the moment when their naked bodies would be exposed to these vile men, for as long as they possibly could.

Tom frowned, seeing how slowly they were moving. “I guess you girls need some motivation. All right, how ‘bout this: the first one to get completely naked won’t be gagged with her panties.”

The three were silent a moment, horror struck looks on their faces as they thought about his threat. With a pained groan, Madeleine finished unbuttoning her shirt and pulled it off as quickly as she could. She grabbed the hum of her tank top and pulled it up over her head, letting her large breasts, now barred, bounce free. Beside her, the two other girls had also started undressing faster, though no more willingly then before.

Maddy kicked off her boots while unzipping her skirt. She let it fall around her ankles. Hurriedly, she removed her boots and her socks, then reached for the band of her panties. The teen hesitated a brief moment before tugging the skimpy blue cotton underwear down. But as she stepped out of them and dropped them in the pile of clothes at her feet, she saw to her dismay one of the other captives, the blonde teen, was standing naked, face red with shame as she tried, unsuccessfully, to cover her body with her hands. The older brunette was still pulling down her jeans.

Madeleine straightened up, well aware of what that meant. She turned her gaze to the two men. They leered back at the teenager, their eyes running hungrily up and down her naked figure. Maddy’s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. Without thinking, one of her arms went across her chest, the other slid over the lips of her sex, trying futilely to preserve whatever scrap of dignity she had left.    

“Looks nice.” Jim said, “But I don’t think these girls know how to pose. We should help them with that.” The other man nodded. Reaching into the crate, Tom pulled out what looked like a short, thick belt. Spaced around it were half a dozen small, silver D-Rings. Turning to the nearest girl, the young blonde, Tom looped the belt around her waist and buckled it on tight. Next, two thick leather cuffs were placed around her wrists and locked on with padlocks. Ignoring her feeble protests, the kidnapper twisted her arms behind her back and attached them to a D-ring on the back of the belt with another padlock.

Two more leather cuffs were locked onto her ankles. A two-foot spreader bar was secured between both feet, forcing the captive girl to spread her legs open, exposing the naked lips of her sex to her captor’s view.

Finally, Tom took from the crate a rounded, rectangular panel of stiff leather with straps on either end. Madeleine saw, on the inside was a bulbous rubber plug. This was inserted into the helpless girl’s mouth and the straps secured with one final padlock. When she gave a miserable sob, the gag muffled her moans to little more than a soft whimper.

As the blonde girl squirmed in her new restraints, Tom turned his attention to Maddy. The teen struggled feebly, unable to prevent him from securing her hands and feet in the tight cuffs. Her hands were clipped to a belt like the first girl with a padlock and her legs were forced apart with a spreader bar. The kidnapper selected another panel gag, but before he put it on her, Tom bent over and grabbed the young woman’s panties from the floor. Madeleine shook her head, pleading desperately as he balled the underwear up in his hand. “No! Please don-Mmmppphhh!!!” Her frightened cry was cut off as Tom roughly shoved the wad of cloth between her lips. A second later, he slid the plug of the gag into Madeleine’s mouth and pulled the straps tight. Madeleine groaned softly through the gag as she fought the urge to wretch at the foul taste now filling her mouth. She whimpered, tears welling up in her eyes.

The final captive put up a brief struggle as she was cuffed and gagged, but within minutes, Tom had her chained up like the other two. The girls exchanged frightened glances as the Jim returned the box of bondage gear to its place. When he came back, the older man had a digital camera in his hands. “Ready to have your pictures taken?” He taunted the girls with a leering grin. Moaning into their gags, the captives shook their heads frantically, pleading with tear-filled eyes, which only made the kidnapper’s laugh.

“Too bad.” He raised the camera and began snapping photo after photo of the naked girls, individually and as a group. After a bit, Tom ordered them to turn around. “And look back over your shoulders…yes like that!” He jeered as his partner took more photos of their naked backsides.

After a couple dozen pictures, the kidnappers stopped. Jim looked at the camera’s screen, reviewing the photos taken. “Well girls, want to see what you look like?” He asked. He stepped over and held the camera up so they could see. Trembling with fear, Madeleine turned to look, dreading what she knew she would see.

She flinched back, whimpering in dismay. Though she had some idea of what to expect, seeing herself on the tiny screen was a horrible shock. Her pale, naked figure, lit up by the camera flash seemed to stand out against the dark room as she stood, hunched over, hands locked behind her back, legs spread open. Her large round breasts, tipped with prominent pink nipples were completely exposed and, shamefully visible between her spread legs was the small, neatly trimmed brown hair that did little to cover the lips of her sex.    

“Yes. They are going to love you three.” The kidnapper said. “Let’s get you three bedded down. You’ve got a long day ahead of you tomorrow.” He taunted.

The spreader bars were removed and replace with short chains, just long enough to let the captives take short, halting steps. Stiff leather collars went around their necks, locked on with heavy padlocks. Chain leashes, about two feet long, were clipped to the front of each collar. Tom grabbed Maddy’s leash, Jim the other two girls. The kidnappers turned, tugging sharply on the chains in their hands. The helpless captives had no choice but to follow, shuffling along, heads bowed glumly.

At the far side of the room was a door, made of thick, sturdy wood reinforced with metal bands, obviously a cell door. A slit had been cut into the center, allowing one to look into the room beyond and keep an eye on its trapped occupants. At one side was a thick metal bar slid between slots on the door and wall, barring it shut. Tom slid it open and pulled the dungeon door back. Madeleine sobbed quietly, following him into the dark room beyond, while the other two captives shuffled along behind her.

In the dim light, Madeleine could make out a number of cloth pallets, lined along one wall. Lying on two of the pallets were two more girls, with long dark hair. Like Madeleine and the others, the girls had been stripped completely naked. Leather shackles trapped their hands and feet, thick leather muzzles limited their frightened sobs to a quiet murmur. They looked up, eyes filled with fear and tears as the three newcomers were made to lie down on pallets beside them. Metal rings were driven into the concrete wall a foot or two off the floor. The girls’ leashes were locked onto the rings with padlocks, to keep them from getting up.

“Pleasant dreams!” Tom taunted the captives, as the two men left the room. The door slammed shut with a loud bang. As they heard the scrap of the bar sliding into place, trapping them in, Madeleine and the other girls whimpered in fright…

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Madeleine groaned, lifting a large bag of fertilizer up off the stack. She turned towards the small, metal wagon behind her and set it down, none too gently onto the two bags already on there. “Two more to go…” the teenage girl thought with a quiet groan. After loading them onto the wagon, she straightened up with a sigh of relief. Maddy raised a hand to her brow, to wipe away the sweat that had beaded there. She grimaced slightly, noting how dirty her hand was after handling the bags of fertilizer. Madeleine was a city girl, she only came out to her uncle’s farm to help out during summer break, and she never got used to how dirty one got working on a farm.

Sighing, the teen wiped her hands on her denim skirt. She bent over and grabbed the handle of the wagon. Weighed down, the wagon didn’t want to start moving. After much grunting and pulling, she finally got it rolling out of the storage shed, towards the field that needed the fertilizer.

Along the way, Maddy paused a moment, by the wooden stable and the corral where the farm’s two horses were kept. Though she wasn’t too fond of all the work that living on a farm entailed, she loved getting to spend time around the horses, taking care of them, petting them, riding them. I almost made it all worth it…almost.

Madeleine watched the two horses for a few minutes, as long as she thought she could before her uncle Harry, who owned the farm might come over and shout at her to quite dawdling and do her work. But her uncle was nowhere to be seen. Once more, she struggled to get the wagon rolling, dragging it with much effort to the field. She repeated the process of loading it, in reverse, piling the five bags, one on top of the other. As she wheeled the cart back towards the barn to put it away, she spotted her uncle, out in front of the farmhouse, talking with another man Madeleine hadn’t seen before. The teen strolled over, a little curious; the farm didn’t get many visitors, and she figured it would get her out of her chores, at least for a little while.

As she walked over, the man talking with her uncle turned to watch her walk over. A grin crossed his face. He liked what he saw. Not surprising; at 18 years old, Madeleine was already a strikingly pretty young woman. At the moment, her plaid shirt was half unbuttoned. Underneath, she had on a low cut, black top, showing a good deal of cleavage. The denim skirt she had on was one of her shorter ones, practically a miniskirt, leaving her long, slender legs exposed. Her long brown hair was tied back in a ponytail, though a number of strands had come loose while working. Finally, she wore a pair of tall, rubber boots in preparation for clearing out the barn and stables; not her favorite chores, even if it meant she got to spend time around the horses.

When Madeleine got close, she noticed the man staring at her. She was used to the boys at school staring at her, but this man was middle aged, slightly pudgy and going bald, wearing old, worn out work clothes, so she frowned at him. Her uncle also noticed his visitor staring. “Tom, this is my niece, Madeleine. She comes out to work on the farm sometimes in the summer. Madeleine, this is Tom Farrier. He comes by here every couple’a months, with his horse trailer, seeing if anyone needs some horses transported.” Uncle Henry said in introduction.

“Horses?” Madeleine asked, glancing past the man. Sure enough, down by the road, a couple dozen yards off was a pickup truck, with a horse trailer attached to the back of it.

Tom nodded, but before he could say anything, Henry spoke up. “Have you finished your chores yet?” He asked his niece.

“I got the fertilizer out of the storage shed like you asked.” The teen replied.

“Good. Now you can go and feed the chickens and gather up the eggs.” Harry replied. Without waiting to see if she was going, he turned back to his visitor and resumed their conversation.

Grumbling quietly to herself, Madeleine went and grabbed a bucket and filled it with feed for the farm’s poultry. She made her way to the chicken coop and started spreading the grain. That made the birds happy enough not to mind while she quickly collected the eggs from their nests.

Madeleine had just dropped off the empty feed bucket and the full one of eggs, when she looked around. Uncle Henry was nowhere to be seen. Neither was his visitor, Tom, but his horse trailer was still parked out in front of the farm house.

“Maybe Uncle Henry invited him in for a drink.” Madeleine thought, hurrying over. If she was lucky, she might be able to sneak a peek at the horses in the trailer before they came back and her uncle found more work for the teenage girl.

The trailer certainly had a strong horse odder, but to Madeleine’s disappointment, when she poked her head in thought the back door of the trailer, it was empty.

“Darn. Guess he hadn’t found any horses to transport.” Madeleine said aloud. “I wonder what sorts of animals he usually has in here?”

She was just enough to turn and go, when she heard an odd sound from inside the trailer. “huh?” She murmured in surprise, turning back to the trailer door. A moment later, she heard the sound again, a sort of rhythmic knocking coming from underneath the floor of the trailer.

Madeleine was so absorbed in her curiosity, she didn’t notice anyone creeping up behind her until it was too late…

“Hey-MMMPPPHHH!!!” The teen’s cry was cut off as a hand clamped over her mouthy. She was pulled back into the tight grip of her attacker. As she squirmed in his tight grasp, she realized it was Tom.

“I knew a pretty girl like you just couldn’t resist taking a peak in my trailer…” Tom whispered to her.

“Let me go, you creep!” Madeleine thought angrily, struggling to get free. “I swear I’m gonna geld you if you don’t let me go right now!” She grunted angrily into the hand over her mouth. The hand released its grasp for a moment, but before Maddy could scream for help, it quickly returned, stuffing a wadded up rag past her teeth. The teenage girl gagged, the cloth was none too clean.

While she tried to spit out her foul tasting muzzle, Tom used his free hand to unlatch the back door of the trailer. “Get in there.” He growled, forcing his captive inside. Madeleine whimpered as he pushed her first to her knees, and then onto her belly. She kicked, grunting angrily, as he crouched down on top of her, pinning her to the floor with his weight.

Reaching into his pocket, Tom pulled out a length of cord and doubled it over. He fed the two free ends through the loop, creating a simple noose. Grabbing Madeleine’s hands, he forced them together, wrists crossed and slipped the rope around them, pulling it tight. The teen winces, grunting into her gag as the rope dug into her skin. Ignoring her discomfort, Tom began wrapping the rest of the rope, pulling each loop as tight as the first before knotting it securely.    

Turning it around, the man took out another coil of rope and did the same with Madeleine’s ankles. She had almost succeeded in pushing the rag out of her mouth. Maddy groaned as he simply forced it back in, pushing the mass of cloth to the back of her throat. From another pocket, he took out a second rag and rolled it into a band, knotting it in the middle. Tom forced the knot between Madeleine’s teeth, then pulled the ends back behind her head and knotted them off. The captive girl gagged as the sodden cloth filling her mouth was pressed against the back of her throat.

She whimpered at the strain of the gag against her upper and lower jaws. Nervously, she twisted her tightly bound hands and feet, each slight movement sending pin-pricks of pain through her hands and feet as the tight bonds dug against her skin. Already, her hands and feet were starting to go numb.

Her captor, meanwhile, straightened up. For a moment, he stood, looking down at the bound and gagged teen. Madeleine shivered in fright. Now that some of the shock of her attack had worn off, she’d begun to take stock of her situation. Nervously, she wondered just what Tom was going to do with…do to her.

For a moment longer, Tom just watched her struggle feebly against her bonds. Then he bent down. He grabbed Madeleine and rolled her over to one side of the trailer. She heard a rustling sound as he cleared away the straw covering the bottom on the horse trailer, revealing several locked metal latches. Taking a key from his pocket, he unlocked the latches and opened up a large panel in the floor.

“Mmmppphhh!!!” From below came a chorus of muffled cries. Rolling over, Madeleine stared in frightened disbelief. Underneath the panel was a secret compartment, taking up about half the floor of the trailer and two or three feet deep. Lying on their backs in the space were two other young women. Like Madeleine, they were tightly bound, hand and foot, and gagged with bands of cloth. They started up at her and their captor with expressions of terror.

They were both young. The girl on the left, a slender blonde haired girl, looked to be about the same age as Madeleine. The other, a busty, dark haired woman, looked to be a couple years older than the two teens. Both were dressed as farm girls with plaid shirts. The blonde wore a skirt like Madeleine while the older girl had on jeans.

“Scoot over girls…” Tom said with a laugh, reaching towards Madeleine. “I’ve got another friend to join you…” The frightened teen squirmed but she couldn’t stop him from picking her up. “Enjoy the trip ladies!” He said, cheerfully, closing the lid of the secret compartment. Along with the other two, Madeleine wailed into her gag as they were plunged into darkness. They could hear a metallic clicking as Tom locked the latches, trapping them in.

In the pitch darkness, Madeleine listened to her two fellow captives sobbing quietly in the darkness. The teen’s head was spinning. She couldn’t understand what had just happened. Why she had been so suddenly, tied up and locked in here, All she was sure of was, she wouldn’t like whatever the reason why turned out to be.

A few scant inches above her face, Madeleine heard footsteps on the floor of the trailer as Tom walked out. She heard the door slam shut with a rattle. Groaning in frustration, she kicked the hatch with her feet, the same knocking sound she’d heard earlier from the other two captives. A minute later, her captor must have climbed into the truck and started the engine. The trailer lurched forward, bouncing down the gravel road. Madeleine whimpered into her gag as she was carried away from the farm and her family. She struggled against her bonds, but there was nothing she could do. Soon enough, they had pulled out into the highway and were soon moving down the highway, getting further and further away with each passing minute…  
Grand Prize part 1
First part in a long story I've been working on for a while. Based on a story idea from :icondoublec18: Next part will be up in a day or two.


United States
I just wanted to let you guys know that :iconcaljedi1: just finished posting a series of pictures he and I collaborated on. He did the renders and I wrote the story to go along with them. They're in his gallery, so go and check them out!

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