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I just wanted to let you guys know that :iconcaljedi1: just finished posting a series of pictures he and I collaborated on. He did the renders and I wrote the story to go along with them. They're in his gallery, so go and check them out!
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Helen was sitting in the living room of her apartment, watching tv when she heard the key turning in the lock on the front door. She turned her head just as the door opened and her roommate, Carolina came into the room. Carolina was still wearing her police uniform from work.

“Good day at work?” Helen asked, noticing the broad smile on Carolina’s face.

The police woman nodded. After months of work, they were getting close to amassing enough evidence and witnesses against Mr. Big, the notorious gangster who ran the city’s organized crime syndicate, so that even his ace lawyers wouldn’t keep the mobster out of jail this time!

“What do you say we go out somewhere and get a few drinks? Have a good time tonight?” Carolina suggested.

“Sure, why not?” Helen agreed. “Just let me change into something more appropriate for a night out.” She said, getting up. The young woman had on a pair of worn jeans and a thin tank top.

Before she’d taken two steps towards her bedroom, the apartment door was kicked in with a crash and a shower of splinters. Helen screamed as three men in dark leather jackets, armed with automatic rifles rushed in. Carolina’s hand started to go for her pistol, but she forced herself to stop. If she drew it, the young woman knew she’d be riddled with bullets before she could get a short off.

“Both of you bitches freeze!” One of the intruders shouted. “Hands on your heads, now!” From the looks of the men, Carolina guessed they were some of Mr. Big’s goons. From their timing, they must have been in one of the other apartments, waiting for her to come home and walk into their trap. Trying to maintain a look of defiance, she raised her hands and placed them behind her head. Nearby, Helen, trembling with fright, did likewise.

“Jacob, get these two bitches ready to go.” The leader of the thugs said. The other two men kept their guns on their captives, while the third, Jacob, slung his over one shoulder and pulled out a roll of duct tape. Approaching Carolina, he disarmed her before twisting her hands behind her back.

“It’s me your boss wants!” Carolina said as he wrapped tape around her wrists. “You don’t need to take her to-mmmppphhh!!!” She was cut off as a strip of tape was slapped over her lips, silencing the policewoman.

“Pigs should be silent.” Jacob said, adding more strips to the policewoman’s gag. “Especially pretty sows like you. Anyway, the boss told us to grab everyone at this apartment, that includes her. Besides, the boss always has uses for pretty girls like her.” Helen whimpered as the gangster eyed her. Carolina could only watch, grunting helplessly, as her friend was taped up and gagged. She looked at Helen, a mournful expression on her face. It was her fault Helen was going to be kidnapped like this.

“Alright bitches! Get moving!” the gangsters ordered, gesturing with their rifles. Glumly, Carolina and Helen shuffled out of the room. Outside, the hallway was deserted, every door closed tight, except the apartment opposite theirs. She guessed the kidnappers had come from it. Everyone in the apartment complex had either been bribed or frightened by Mr. Big’s mob. There wouldn’t be any witnesses to the two women’s kidnapping.

As the captives were marched at gunpoint to the stairwell, Carolina wondered what was going to happen to them. Would they be shot, their bodies dumped in the desert? Would they be tossed in the bay with cement shoes and drowned? Would the mobsters torture the two of them first, for information or just for fun? She shuddered.

There were also rumored that, among other things, Mr. Big had a hand in the international white slave trade. Maybe they would simply disappear, like so many other unfortunate women and girls, into that nightmare world, never to be heard from again.

With that chilling thought, the captives descended the stairs, and stepped through a side exit into the alley behind the apartment building. A car was waiting in front of the door, the engine running and the trunk open for the two young women. Before putting them in, their kidnappers taped the captive’s legs together, at the ankles. More tape was pressed over their eyes to blindfold them. The squirming girls were lifted up and lowered into the trunk.

“Enjoy your trip, bitches!” One of the men said, with a cruel laugh. The women whimpered as the trunk was slammed shut over them. A second later, the car sped away, taking them with it. In the dark trunk, the frightened girls squirmed around, their bodies pressed close together by the tight confines of their mobile cage. It soon became very got, from their struggles as they rubbed together, but neither of them made much progress toward getting free.

The captives were tossed about as the car turned this way and then that. Carolina struggled to follow the path their kidnappers were taking them against the distractions of being kept bound and gagged in a hot trunk with her friend and roommate. Gradually, the policewoman realized they were heading towards the docks, not out of the city. “So we don’t have to worry about a shallow grave then.” She thought, bitterly. “Instead, will it be cement shoes and the bay or a slave ship waiting to take us away.” The young woman wasn’t sure which fate was more terrifying.

Sure enough, when the car stopped, and the trunk was popped open, Carolina could smell the overpowering smell of salt brine, mixed in with the smells of machinery and ships. Rough hands seized her and Helen. The frightened girls kicked and struggled as they were lifted out of the car and set down, none to gently, on cold concrete, a short distance away.

Without warning, the tape blindfolding Caroline was ripped away. She grunted in pain, blinking in the sudden light. Beside her, Helen had her blindfold yanked off as well. The frightened women looked around. They were in a large warehouse, half full of wooden crates. A number of burly dockhands were busy wheeling the crates out a large door to the right, ignoring the two captives.

As the two friends knelt, trembling with fright, a small party of men approached them. Carolina recognized the man in the lead right away: Mr. Big, fat, cruel, wearing an expensive white suit and holding a cane. Following after him were the men who had kidnapped the two girls.

“Ah, here’s our nosy little policegirl!” Mr. Big said, giving Carolina a cruel grin. “Maybe your fellow officers will think twice before interfering in my business, or else they might end up like you. Ha!” He turned to look at Helen. “Who is this? I told you idiots to bring me the policewoman. Why’d you grab her to?”

“You told us to grab everybody at the apartment, boss.” The thug replied.

“Fine. Though they’ll have to share a crate. All the others are already occupied at the moment.” Mr. Big said, nodding to an open wooden crate, lying on the floor a few yards away. Carolina and Helen moaned into their gags, eyes wide with fright, as they realized what was planned for them.

The mobster grinned. “That’s right. I don’t like getting rid of anyone if they can still bring me money, and looking at the two of you, I expect once you arrive at your destination; one of my many underworld brothels, you’ll make quite a bit of money for me, every month for…well for however long you manage to stay alive. In fact…” he nodded to his men. “Let’s get a better look at the ‘assets’ you’ll be bringing to your new careers as sex slaves.”

One of the thugs walked over and produced a knife. Using it, he quickly cut the tape binding the captive’s hands and feet. The trembling women were pulled to their feet. They shook their heads, whimpering into their gags as the men ordered them to strip, but the guns pointed at them left the girls no choice. Glumly, the two slowly removed their clothes. In a few minutes, they stood, shivering, trying to cover their naked bodies with their hands, none too successfully. The girls turned red with shame as the men ran their eyes over the young women.

“oh yes, you two will do just fine.” Mr. Big said, walking towards them. He reached out with a hand to casually grope the women, first Carolina, then Helen, feeling their naked breasts and the lips of their pussies. They sobbed, moaning into their gags as he casually felt them up. The man shook his head. “Too bad we don’t have time to properly introduce you to your new lives as sex slaves, but the ship has a schedule to keep. We’ve got to get you packed up and stowed away.” He nodded to his men. “First, though, I think you two are making entirely too much noise.”

One of the thugs nodded. Bending over, he picked up Helen’s discarded panties. He quickly bundled them into a ball. Turning to Carolina, he peeled the tape covering her mouth away. Before she could say anything, the man stuffed the wadded up underwear into her mouth. The policewoman gagged, her stomach heaving as the taste of the worn panties filled her mouth. The thug grinned at her distress, slapping the tape back over her lips, to keep her from spitting the gag out.

Helen whimpered as the thug picked up Carolina’s panties and turned to her, knowing what was coming. As her gag as pulled off, the young woman clamped her lips shut tight and shook her head, not wanting to be gagged with her friend’s underwear. The thug reached forward and pinched one of Helen’s nipples. As the young woman opened her mouth to scream, the man quickly stuffed the wad of cloth between her teeth, cutting off her pained cry. The tape was pressed back over her mouth.

Playfully, the thug groped the two naked girls’ breasts. They squirmed, sobbing into their gags. Mr. Big grinned. “Yes, much quieter. Now, let’s wrap them up!” The two captives were forced to stand close together, their bodies pressed tight to one another, chest to chest. They were ordered to wrap their arms around each others backs, wrists together, palm to palm. Tape was used to bind their hands, then their legs at the ankles and knees.

To the captive’s dismay, the thugs produced a large rubber, double-ended dildo. Mr. Big grinned, enjoying their muffled whimpers as one of the men approached, letting them have a good look at the sex toy that would soon be inside them. “Something to keep you occupied during the long voyage.” The mob boss said with a laugh. The young women squealed as the large penetrator was forced between their legs, each end sliding into their sexes. A strip of tape ensured no matter how much the captive’s struggled, it wouldn’t come out.

After the captive’s were blindfolded with a strip of tape each, the thugs wrapped the rest of the roll of tape around the two women, binding their naked bodies tight together. The captive’s squirmed, bodies rubbing against each other, as they were picked up. With every bit of movement, the dildo slid back and forth against each others sexes. Their frightened sobs quickly became mixed with soft moans, muffled by the panty gags as they were lowered into the open, padded crate. The lid was placed on the crate. The girls moaned, hearing the pounding of a hammer as they were sealed in. They wriggled around in the tight confines, their struggled only serving to heighten the sensation of the large rubber plug filling each of them.

A moment later, the crate shifted as the dockhands picked it up. They felt their wooden prisoner being carried up the gangplank to the waiting ship. Their one way voyage into slavery had begun…
Request for Bloomy118
This was a short story request for :iconbloomy118: who wanted a story featuring herself as a policewoman kidnapped along with a friend by a mob boss and turned into slaves. Hope you like it! 
Reading the Will by Achast
Reading the Will
When Abigail and Katherine heard that their rich uncle Mortimer had suddenly died, they rushed home from the expensive boarding school their uncle had been putting the two of them through. When they arrives, the first thing the sisters asked the family attorney was whether or not they were included in their uncle's will.

The answer was yes.


United States
I just wanted to let you guys know that :iconcaljedi1: just finished posting a series of pictures he and I collaborated on. He did the renders and I wrote the story to go along with them. They're in his gallery, so go and check them out!

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