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“There you two are!” Thompson said, walking into the shop. Across the room, Scarlet and Mary were carrying the rolled up carpet which contained their two captives. “Smith wants to get everyone loaded up so we can ship ‘em to the facility.” He eyes the carpet, noting the way it squirmed. “That one girl or two?”

“Two.” Scarlet replied. “There’s one more girl in that chest over there.” She said, nodding towards the wooden box.

Thompson walked over and opened it. He lifted the junk out to reveal a young woman, curled up in the bottom of the crate, bound, gagged and naked. Hannah sobbed quietly. The young woman was covered in a light sheen of sweat from her fruitless struggles. She squirmed as Thompson reached down and lifted the captive out of her wooden prison.

“Come on bitch! Quit Struggling!” Thompson said, tossing the frightened girl over his shoulder. “Time for you to join your friends…”

While he was taking care of Hannah, Scarlet and Mary had made their way to the back door of the shop. “What should we do with our two ‘guests’ once we get home?” Mary asked, excitedly.

“I don’t know. Maybe we could-hang on!” Scarlet suddenly came to a halt, beside the door. When Mary started to ask a question, Scarlet shushed her. “Listen!” From outside, they could just hear their partner, Smith, talking on his cellphone.

“…Is that so?” Smith said. “Alright then. I’ll take care of those two. They were always more trouble than they were worth, anyway. I’ll enjoy seeing them up on the auction block…”

“Scarlet! What’s going on!?!” Mary asked, nervously.

“I don’t know.” Scarlet replied. “But I think Smith is getting ready to double-cross us…”

“But my uncle…” Mary began.

“I don’t think your uncle is in any position to do much for us now.” Scarlet replied. “We need to do something quick, unless we want to end up joining these dumb bitches on the auction block…” she paused for a moment. “Ok…I think I have an idea…”


“You sure you passed them on their way out?” Smith asked, angrily. He swung his head around, checking the corners of the shop as he stepped through the door, pistol drawn.  

“Positive. They were carrying a rolled up carpet.” Thompson replied. The slaver had delivered Hannah to the waiting van, only to discover the two had never come out. Smith had explained the change of plans, regarding Scarlet and Mary’s continued employment with their organization.

“Damn…” Smith said, “They must have found out somehow. Shit! I hope we can find them. The boss wanted them for the auction, to make back some of the money Mary’s stupid uncle stole. And I won’t lie, I was looking forward to seeing those two naked, being led out and sold…” He stepped into the back store room. “Well, seems like they left something behind.” He said, looking down at the rolled up carpet on the floor. The bundle squirmed, gently. “At least they didn’t run off with these two. The boss would have really chewed us out if we lost them and a pair of valuable slaves.”

He nodded to Thompson while putting away his gun. “Come on. Help me with this. Odds are they’re long gone by now. Let’s just get these two to the van and get out of here. The boss can send another team to chase Scarlet and Mary down if he really feels like it.”

Nodding, Thompson walked over. Bending over, the two men lifted the carpet up. Inside, the carpet’s occupant murmured and squirmed inside. The two slavers turned and carried their load to the back door. The van was still parked behind the shop. Inside, the other four girls, those who were still conscious, sobbed, struggling helplessly in their bonds.

“Alright girls…” Smith said, as he and his partner set the carpet down. He and Thompson pushed the carpet, unrolling it. “Time for you to join your coworkers...what the…aaah!” The carpet rolled out to reveal Mary, lying on top. The young woman raised gun and fired. From the tip of the taser, the two metal prongs shot out and connected with the slaver. He grunted sharply as a massive jolt of electricity shot through him.

Thompson’s eyes widened in shock. He reached for his gun. Before he could, Scarlet stepped out of the door and shot him in the back with a second stun gun. The man grunted sharply before falling over, stunned.

“That worked better then I thought!” Scarlet said, checking over the two men for any signs of movement. Neither of them seemed like they would be getting up anytime soon. She tested this by giving Smith a sharp prodding in his side with the tip of her boot. He groaned, but otherwise did not respond. “Let’s get these two taken care of…” The young woman glanced over her shoulder at the van and its helpless occupants. “Don’t worry, ladies. We’ll see to you in a moment.”

Leaning over, Scarlet picked up Smith. Mary struggled to lift Thompson. Together, the two dragged the limp slavers back into the shop. Scarlet produced a pair of handcuffs and used it to shackle the men to one of the overburdened shelves.

“What do we do with them now?” Mary asked, looking down.

“Let’s just leave them.” Scarlet replied. She leaned over and quickly searched the two men, grabbing their guns as well as the keys to the van from Smith’s jacket pocket. “The boss may decide we’re not worth bothering over, but he’ll certainly send someone after us if we kill two of his men. They’ll either free themselves or whatever cleanup crew comes by to take care of the evidence here will find them. Our worry is getting far enough away from here by then we can disappear cleanly.”

Straightening up, Scarlet opened over to a large, dark wood wardrobe. She opened it up. From inside, Samantha and Ophelia whimpered into their gags, seeing her. The two stood upright, still lashed together, in the narrow space of the cabinet. Reaching in, Scarlet dragged the couple out. “Let’s get these two to the van and get out of here.”

Together with Mary, they carried their captives through the shop to the back door. Outside, they tossed the young women in the back of the van with the other shop girls. “What do we do with them now?” Mary asked. “We can’t take these two back to our house and we won’t be delivering them to the facility.”

“I know someone…” Scarlet replied, reaching towards a box in the van behind the passenger’s seat. “A coworker from the last organization I worked at.” Opening it up, she pulled out a bottle of chloroform and a dozen cloth pads. “He’ll give us a fair price for these ladies, more then enough to retire someplace isolated and tropical.”

On the floor of the van, the captive women moaned, as the brief hope that their fates might be different was quickly dashed. Scarlet poured some of the chloroform onto the pads. Leaning over, she pressed the pads to her prisoner’s faces, one by one, knocking them out. The last two she drugged were Samantha and Ophelia. “Well…maybe we won’t sell all of you…retirement would be so boring without a couple lovely playthings for us to torment!” The two lovers whimpered into their gags miserably, as they slowly went under.

The two kidnappers climbed into the van. Scarlet got into the driver’s seat, Mary sat down in the passenger’s seat beside her. “There is one more thing…” Scarlet told her lover. “I know where he lives, but he likes to keep that strictly need to know. He can be quite picky about it so…” She held up one more chloroform-soaked pad. “You’ll have to take a quick nap while I drive us there…”

Mary sighed. “Fine.” She said, letting Scarlet gently press the pad to her face. She forced herself to breathe in, the drugs making her feel light headed. The last thing she heard, as things went black, was Scarlet whispering to her. “Just dream about our new life together, and how much fun we’ll have together…”      
Staff Trading Ending B
After I showed :icon Wheelie915: the first ending, he sent a note back saying that he really liked Scarlet and Mary and wanted to know if I could write an alternative end where they managed to escape, taking the other captive women with them instead. So I did.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
“Come on bitch, quit struggling!” Thompson told the woman over his shoulder, giving her a smack on her naked bottom for good measure. “It won’t do you any good!” Hannah sobbed into her gag as the larger man carried her towards the back door of the shop. Scarlet and Mary were right behind her, carrying the carpet which had Samantha and Ophelia wrapped up inside. Their own frightened moans could be heard coming through, faintly.

Smith was waiting outside by the van. He’d been busy, cutting off all of Amanda’s clothes. She was now totally naked, save a few scraps of cloth caught in the tight ropes binding her. Hannah whimpered as she was set down beside the other captives. Amanda and Hannah exchanged frightened grunts.

“Ta da!” Scarlet said, unrolling the carpet to reveal the two bound lovers. They were quite hot and flustered from their brief mummification. Scarlet quickly explained to the two men how the captive couple had been found and captured.

“Nice. Put them in the van. The buyers will love a cute lesbian couple.” Smith said.

“No, I was thinking Mary and I would have some fun with them first. I’ll put them in the trunk of my car.” Scarlet answered.

“Put them in the van!” Smith told her sharply.

“Fine. If you’re going to be like that.” Scarlet replied. The two female slavers lifted the squirming couple up and carried them over to join the other four captives. “But when we get to the facility, we’re going to have a talk with the boss. We had an arrangement!”

“The arrangements changed.” Smith told her. He suddenly drew his pistol. “Hands on top of your head! Now!”

“What the fuck!” Scarlet exclaimed, her eyes going wide with shock. “The hell do you think your doing?”

“When my uncle Henry finds out about this, he’ll have you killed, bastard!” Mary said, angrily. The two women glared at Smith as they reluctantly raised their hands up.

“He’ll have a hard time doing that now.” Smith replied. He gestured to Thompson who stepped forward and relieved their former partners of their pistols. “I just got a call from the boss. Seems your uncle’s been skimming money off the top for quite a while. The boss was none to happy to find that out. He’s been taken care of, now it’s time to take care of the two of you. Luckily, you two are young and hot, so it’s the auction block for you and not a shallow grave.”

“Now, get in the van and take off all your clothes.” He ordered, gesturing with the pistol for good measure.

The two former slavers exchanged frightened glances at each other. Glumly, they realized they didn’t have a choice. “Bastard.” Scarlet muttered as she slowly climbed into the van. Mary followed, having gone pale. She was trembling with fright. Having tormented dozens of poor girls over the years, they knew all too well what awaited them after being sold.

The two men whistled, appreciatively, as their former partners slowly stripped naked. “We should have bagged the two of you a long time ago.” Smith said, eyeing the two blushing young women. “You’ll make far better slaves then you did partners!” Keeping the gun pointed at them, Smith pulled out his chloro-rag and told Thompson to do the same. Taking it, Smith tossed both of them into the van.

“Now, the two of you are going to play a little game for us.” The man told Scarlet and Mary. “You are both going to chloroform each other and while you’re doing that, you’re going to play with each other’s breasts and pussies, like I know you like to do. Be sure to put on a good show for us. The one who stays conscious the longest will get a reward…” he grinned, “in that she will be gagged with a ballgag. The loser will be gagged with both of your worn panties. Understand?” Glumly, the two nodded, knowing there was no way out of this for them now.

With grim resignation, the two crawled towards each other, picking up the drugged soaked cloths. They both knew they could look forward to waking up bound and gagged, being carried off to the auction block, like the countless girls and young women they’d done the same to over the years. Scarlet pressed her rag over Mary’s face. She quickly took a deep breath before Mary did the same to her. Her free hand went to Scarlet’s right breast while Scarlet’s hand went between Mary’s legs.

For a minute, the two held their breaths, not wanting to breathe in the drugged fumes. Soon enough, though, Scarlet’s fingers started to have an effect on Mary. The young woman gasped as a wave of pleasure surged through her. With it, she sucked in a whiff of the chloroform. Realizing her mistake, she exhaled and held her breath, but the damage was already done. She started to weaken, but still managed to hold out long enough Scarlet couldn’t hold her breath in any longer and was forced to breathe in as well.

“And we have a winner!” Smith said, having watched the battle with great enjoyment, judging from his erection. “Congratulations Scarlet!” He said, taking the rag from Mary’s limp hand and pressing it back over Scarlet’s mouth and nose. She whimpered a complaint, but she was too weak from the chloroform she’d already inhaled to put up more then a token struggle. “When you wake up, all you’ll be tasting is rubber.” He whispered to her as she slid into unconsciousness.

Satisfied that both women were completely out, Thompson and Smith went to work tying them up. First, as promised, Smith picked up both of the women’s crumpled panties from the floor of the van. Both had been dabbed with the two lovers’ juiced, from when they’d been fondling their own captives not too long ago. Balling them up, he stuffed both pairs into Mary’s mouth. A panel gag went on to keep her from spitting them out.

The former slavers, now just two more soon-to-be-sold salves, were tied up, like their captives, lying against each other, chest to chest, lashed with plenty of rope. The two men enjoyed fondling the girls’ naked bodies, remembering how long they’d fantasized about doing this to their former partner.

“Well, we’d better get moving.” Smith told Thompson, yanking the last knot binding Scarlet’s ankles tight. He knew another team would come along after they were gone, to take care of the women’s cars and things. Then they would start a fire in the back of the shop. The investigators would quickly determine the place had been deliberately burned down as part of an insurance scam. If anyone would be looking for the six women, it would be in the Cayman Islands, not a slave master’s dungeon.

“Time to get these ladies to market.” Nearby, Hannah and Amanda quietly sobbed, knowing their fate was sealed. Smith turned to them. “Sorry ladies, but the location of the auction is a secret, so you’ll have to be asleep for the entire drive.” The two captives whimpered in fright as he reached for the cloth again, but with the two tightly bound and gagged there was no question that they would end up drugged to sleep once more.

After knocking out the two of them, Smith grabbed the bottle of chloroform and several cloth face masks from a box in the back of the van. He poured a few drops of chloroform on each cloth, not a full dose, but enough to keep the captives sleepy for the entire drive back to the slave market. Closing the bottle of again, he and Thompson slipped a mask over each of the captive’s faces.

Finally, a blanket was thrown over the slumbering captives to cover them up and the two slavers got into their seats. Thompson started the van and they slowly pulled out of the alleyway and onto the street…  


“Going once!...Going Twice!...Sold! To the gentleman on the right for £15K!”

In the dungeon behind stage, the frightened slaves could hear the cry of the auctioneer, the cheering of the large crowd and, faintly, the sob of the newly sold girl, the rattle of her chains as she was led off stage to meet her new owner. Huddling in their cages, the other captives moaned in fright, knowing with each slave sold, sooner or late it would be their turn to be dragged out and sold.

The six shop girls, along with their two former captors, knelt in a large cage. Upon arriving at the slaver’s facility, the women had been pulled out of the van, still groggy from the chloroform and untied. Immediately, their hands were cuffed behind their backs with steel handcuffs. Ankle fetters, with two feet of chain were locked onto their ankles, limiting the women to a slow hobble. Their gags were removed and replaced with large, brightly colored ball gags. Lastly, steel collars were locked around each woman’s throat. Smith and Thompson must have told the other slavers about Samantha and Ophelia; their collars were joined by a foot of chain, linking them together. Mary and Scarlet had been similarly linked. The slavers intended to sell them as lesbian couples.  

Thus secured, the eight captives were dragged to the cage and locked in. They could only watch, in growing horror, as the other cages around them were filled up with more captive women, like them naked and in chains. Then, about an hour ago, the slavers started taking girls out of the cages and leading them to the stage as the auction began.

Kneeling in the cage in front of them was a girl, probably in her late teens. Like the shop girls, her hands and feet were cuffed and a ballgag silenced her sobs, but unlike them, she was wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform. An hour earlier, the cage had been filled with a dozen girls, dressed like her; the senior class from the private girl’s academy, abducted during a school trip. One by one, the slavers had dragged the frightened students out of the cage to be brought out on stage and sold. Now, she was the last one.

As the shop girls watched, a couple slavers walked towards them. The cage across from them was unlocked and the frightened girl inside dragged out. A short chain leash was clipped to her collar. Pulling sharply on it, they led the weeping student off to be sold. Watching her go, the shop girls whimpered in fear, knowing they would be next. They listened, tensely, as the bidding for the girl rose, until the auctioneer cried “Sold!” A moment later, two more slavers came to their cage.

“Who wants to be first?” One of the men teased the women inside the cage as he unlocked it. Hannah was closest to the cage door. She shook her head, whimpering unintelligible pleas into her gag, but the leash was clipped to the front of her collar and the young woman was roughly hauled to her feet. Hannah stumbled out of the cage, dragged along by the relentless pressure at her neck. She passed by several more cages, some empty, more filled with frightened women and girls, waiting to be sold. Finally, she passed through a set of doors and onto the auction stage.

Bright spotlights shown down, lighting up Hannah as she stepped out onto the stage. For a brief moment, she was blinded by the bright light. All around her, the young woman could hear a large crowd cheering appreciatively as she stumbled forward, dragged by the chain at her neck. As her vision cleared, Hannah saw a long, narrow stage in front of her, like the runway of a fashion show, extending out into the center of the room.

All around it was a large crowd of men and even quite a few women. They were all well dressed, in evening wear and dresses. They jeered, eyeing the naked slave as she was forced to walk down to the end of the stage. Hannah looked out at time in horror. The young woman could hardly believe there were this many people ruthless enough to pay to own innocent people as sex slaves.

The auctioneer was standing at the end of the stage. Beside him was a metal post, seven or eight feet tall, with a bent crosspiece to one side. A short chain, ending in a metal hook descended from the end of the crosspiece. The bottom was secured to a round platform, half an inch above the stage.

The slaver holding Hannah’s leash led the frightened woman over to it and forced her to step onto the platform. The chain of her ankle fetters were looped around a metal hook at the base of the pole. The auctioneer, meanwhile, pulled out a smartphone and tapped it. The chain slowly descended. Grabbing it, the slaver slipped the hook underneath the chain of Hannah’s handcuffs. Another tap and the chain retracted, dragging Hannah’s hands up with it. The young woman was force to bend forward, as her arms were pulled up into a strict strappedo. Meanwhile, she was to spread her legs, as much as the fetters allowed, to keep her balance.

Just when it seemed Hannah’s body couldn’t take much more, the auctioneer taped the phone again and the chain stopped. The young woman stood, squirming uncomfortably, bent over by the chain. Hannah felt her face flush red as she realized this position forced her to thrust her naked chest out at the audience. Bent over, with her legs spread, her sex was on clear display for the eager audience. They liked what they saw, judging from the jeers and catcalls they shouted up at the stage. The captive woman didn’t think her position could get any more embarrassing, until the auctioneer pushed another button. An electric motored whirred, underneath Hannah’s feet, and the whole platform began to slowly rotate, so the crowd could see her shamefully exposed body from every angle as the auctioneer began the bidding.

“Our next item, Masters and Mistresses…” The auctioneer said, his voice amplified by a small microphone headset. He looked down at his smartphone. “…is a young lady named Hannah Braunstein, aged 22. She is untrained, having been collected only this morning from a small shop in Southampton. Bidding begins at £5,000. Do I hear 5K?”    

As Hannah spun, she watched the crowd. Here and there, men, and several women, raised up paddles. The auctioneer recorded their bids. Slowly, Hannah’s price rose from £5,000 to over £10,000. It finally stalled at £12,500. As the auctioneer called out, “Going once! Going Twice! Sold!” Hannah hung her head and sobbed. She was uncuffed from the frame and led backstage. In another room, a man was writing a check for one of the slavers. He was a middle-aged man, of Arabic features. A leering grin crossed his face as he saw his new slave being led towards him.

“How lovely.” He said, reaching forward with a hand to caress one of Hannah’s naked breasts. The young woman shrank back, as far as the leash in the man’s hand allowed her. She turned her face, cheeks bright red with shame. “How modest!” Her owner said, with a laugh. “Come slave, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. From now on, your only thought in life should be how to please me. Now come, they’re bringing out the next slave now…” Hannah whimpered into her gag as he turned, tugging sharply on the leash. She had no choice but to shuffle after him…

Back in the dungeon behind the stage, the slavers came and collected Samantha and Ophelia. The two lovers exchanged looks of horror with one another as they were led out on stage together. “For our next item, we have something special.” The auctioneer told the crowd as the two captives were secured to the frame, back to back. “These two slaves are lesbian lovers, as the recruiters who found them together can testify. Masters, if you ever wanted a pair of slaves you can watch make out whenever you order them to, or Mistresses, if you want a couple fuck-toys that will know how to pleasure you, consider bidding. Let’s start at £10,000…”

The bidding for the two went quickly, with eager buyers raising as fast as the auctioneer could announce the latest bids. Soon, though, the bidding slowed. The couple’s prices petered out, just shy of £50,000 and the auctioneer pronounced them sold. When Samantha and Ophelia were brought to the pick-up room, a tall, striking woman in her mid-thirties was waiting to collect them. Her dark hair was done up in an elegant hairstyle and she had on a long, black gown with matching gloves.

“I’m sure I won’t have any cause to regret purchasing you two, am I?” Their mistress said, taking Samantha’s leash from the slaver. “No, you two are going to be perfectly obedient slaves for your mistress, aren’t you? You don’t want to find out what happens to slaves who don’t serve me well, do you?” She smiled as the two frightened girls shook their heads. “I thought so…” She turned and made her way back to the auction hall, her two new slaves shuffling after her.

They made it just as the slavers were bringing the next slave out. Over the next half hour, the rest of the girls from the shop were quickly sold off. Carrie was bought by a Japanese businessman with a thing for blondes. He had already purchased two other fair haired girls at the auction already. Amanda was next. Bidding for the redhead dragged on for several minutes, with a trio of bidders raising each other again and again, until she was sold for £45,000 to a retired CEO who kept a stable of trained pony girls.

Emma was led out, having watched all of her employees be led off and sold. She was purchased by a man who ran a secret ‘resort’ for the extremely wealthy on a private island in the Pacific and was here for a little “staff trading.” He smiled, taking her leash. “I hope you’re better at ‘customer relations’ then you were at running your business, slave.” He teased, leading her off to join her new coworkers, caged in the back her new owner’s truck.    

After Emma shuffled offstage, the auctioneer waited for the next slave to be brought out. A minute passed, then another. From behind stage, there was a crash and the next moment, Mary and Scarlet was dragged out. Scarlet was fighting against the leash in her former coworker’s hand, screaming angrily through her gag. Chained behind her, Mary shuffled along, face pale, hardly able to believe the two of them were being led out on stage, like countless girls they had done the same to before.

“Before we move on to the next lot, we have a special item, ladies and gentlemen.” The auctioneer said, with a grin. “We collected these two lovely things at the same time as the other girls. As you can see…” He said, giving Scarlet a slap on her bottom, eliciting a sharp yell. “They’re a wild pair, so they need an experienced master who can take a firm hand with them.” The two former slavers moaned in despair as they were secured, side by side, to the frame and bidding began.

Bidding for them went on a long time, before they were claimed by the same woman who had bought Samantha and Carrie. She stepped forward, to examine her new purchases. Mary gave a quiet moan as her new Mistress fondled her breasts. Scarlet glared defiance at the older woman, fighting against the leash, grunting angrily into her gag. “I’ve just the thing for you, my unruly slave.” The woman said, opening her purse. She pulled out a small perfume bottle and squirted a dose of it right in Scarlet’s face, only when the former slaver breathed in, her nostrils filled with the muted scent of chloroform.

After a moment, Scarlet began to feel light headed. She no longer had the strength to resist as her new owner reached forward to caress her naked body. The older woman grinned, taking the former slavers’ leash in her hands along with the one tethering Samantha and Ophelia. “That’s much better. Now I have two lovely couples. I’ll have to see which pair is my favorite.” She told the slaves with a laugh.

“And now, Master and Mistresses…” The auctioneer called out, we have a selection of exotic beauties, brought in by our operatives in China…” The men and women who had purchased the eight women from the shop turned their attention to the sobbing girl who was being led out now. Their new slaves huddled in their chains, fearfully wondering what the future held in store for them. They knew their old lives were over now, and a new life, as slaves, awaited them…
Staff Trading Ending A
This is the ending I originally wrote for :iconwheelie915: He asked for a different ending, but said I could post it as an alternate ending. I'll post ending B fairly soon.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
“I’m sorry, but what did Miss Kyle want to see me about?” Carrie asked the blonde man as she headed towards Emma’s office.

“Something about the payroll. You might be owed a bit of overtime.” The man replied, in his gruff voice.

“oh…well that will be nice, I guess. Help tide me over while I look for a new jo-Mmmppphhh!!!” The blonde woman was grabbed by Smith as she stepped through the office door. Her scream was muffled as he clamped one hand tight over her mouth. In his other hand, he a small, snub-nosed revolver where she could see it.

“Listen girl.” Carrie’s attacker whispered in her ear as he dragged the feebly struggling woman towards the desk. “If you don’t stop struggling, I’m going to hurt you, understand?”

Hurriedly, Carrie nodded. Her eyes went wide as she spotted her boss, struggling on the floor behind her desk, naked and tied up. Her face went pale as she noted the pile of rope, cloth and gags on the desk, realizing she was going to be tied up as well.

“Good. Now, I’m going to let go with my hand. If you scream, I’ll choke you into unconsciousness and do whatever I want with you while you’re out. Got it?” Smith threatened. Carrie nodded again, sobbing quietly. The older man let go of her. He stepped back, keeping the pistol pointed at her, in case she tried something. “Alright, bitch. Let’s get those clothes off. Everything!” He ordered in a voice that let Carrie know she had no choice.

Trembling, she reached up to pull down the straps of her dress. “Why are you doing this?” She asked, miserably, as she let it fall to the ground around her ankles. Underneath, she had on a matching pair of light blue panties and bra.

“Your boss owes us a lot of money.” He replied. “And the five of you are going to help her raise that money.” He leered at Carrie as she stood in front of him in her underwear, shaking with fear. “We’ll get a good price for you. Lot of buyers for a pretty blonde with a nice body.”

“oh god…” Carrie whimpered, going pale. Briefly, she considered screaming, to warn the other girls of the danger, but fear of the gun in her captor’s hand and what he might do to her with it if she did robbed the young woman of her voice.

“Keep going, right down to your skin!” Sobbing, she removed her panties and bra. The slaver ordered her to turn around and kneel, with her arms behind her back. Carrie’s head hung low in misery, as the two men grabbed rope from the table and advanced on her. In no time at all, the young woman was stringently bound and gagged. Her arms were lashed behind her back in a tight box-tie. The men had folded her legs in half and bound them separately, calf to thigh, forcing her into a frogtie. Ignoring Carrie’s pleas, the slavers stuffed a large ballgag in her mouth and buckled it on tight.

Carrie was left to squirm alongside her boss. The two women shared looks of terror as they contemplated the terrible fate that lay in store for them now. Meanwhile, their captors were talking.

“Let’s get these two ladies out to the van…so no one will find them.” Smith said. “You go grab something we can use to box them up in. I’ll put them under.” He turned, pulling out the chloroform soaked rag. Emma whimpered in terror, remembering the smell of the chloroform and a terror as she slipped into unconsciousness. Carrie didn’t know what it was, but she could tell from her fellow captive’s frantic grunting it was nothing good.

The two helpless women sobbed, trembling in their bonds as Smith walked over to them. Emma struggled feebly as he lifted her head up, not wanting to be knocked out again. She shook her head, but couldn’t keep him from pressing the cloth over her face. She held her breath for a minute, but eventually had no choice but to breathe in the drugged fumes. Within moments, she sank down, unconscious once more.

Carrie moaned in fright, realizing it was her turn next. She’d seen with Emma that resistance was futile, but even still she squirmed and fought to delay her drugged sleep as long as possible. But she had no more luck then her boss had had. Soon enough, the two women were out cold.

Right about that time, Smith’s partner returned, dragging a large, old-fashioned steamer trunk. The two men emptied it out and lifted their captives into it. Closing it up, they picked up the trunk and carried it out of the room…


“What do we have here?” Samantha thought to herself, pulling out another old cardboard box from the shelf she was clearing. “More comic books.” She saw, opening it up. “Wonder if any of these might be worth something…” Someone had written on the side of the box in marker: ‘3 for 1£’. The young brunette slowly flipped through the paper booklets, scanning the covers. She was so engrossed in her work, she didn’t notice someone creeping up on her until a hand was placed on her shoulder.

“Surprise!” Ophelia said, leaning over and planting a kiss on Sam’s cheek. Ophelia was a tall, thin woman, with long, straight hair dyed black. Her black dress and dark eye shadow helped set off her pale skin.

“Ophelia, please!” Sam said, turning and standing up hurriedly. “What if someone sees us?”

“What does it matter if they find out?” Ophelia replied with a playful smirk. “We’re not going to be working here much longer anyway. Besides, everyone else seems to be out at the moment.”

Sam looked around. Sure enough, the two of them were the only two people in the front of the shop. She hadn’t noticed anyone leaving, too busy with what she was doing. The young woman grinned. Leaning forward, she planted a kiss on her girlfriend’s lips. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Ophelia smiled back at her. “How we’ve always fantasized about making out at work? Well, this will be our last chance, right?” Let’s do it!”

“We should go to the lavatory.” Sam said, taking Ophelia’s hand. “It’s got a lock on the door…just in case someone comes back…”

Giddy with anticipation, the two hurried to the shop’s washroom. Given the store’s lack of customers, the last few months, it was very clean. Going in, Sam closed the door and turned the lock, then pulled her shirt up over her head. Ophelia was already out of her dress. Underneath, she had on a pair of frilly, black lace panties and a matching bra. It was soon on the floor, joined a moment later by Sam’s underwear.

Holding each other closely, the two lovers sank to the ground, kissing one another. Caught up in their passions, neither noticed the handle on the door jiggling as someone worked the lock…  


“Mmmppphhh!!! MMmpphh…” Scarlet grinned as Ophelia’s struggle slowly weakened. Her frightened victim whimpered as she breathed in through the drugged cloth clamped tight over her lower face by Scarlet’s hand. The slaver’s other hand was currently pawing at the limp woman’s naked breasts. The goth gave one last moan and slumped over in her attacker’s arms.

“Sleeping like a baby…” Scarlet said, with a grin. She looked up at Mary. “How’s yours?”

Mary was holding Sam. She’d already dropped her chloro-rag and was busy playing with the sleeping girl’s naked body. “I think our two lovebirds are both out.” Mary replied.

“Who would have thought…” Scarlet said. The two had just been coming from securing Hannah when they saw these two going into the bathroom. From the looks on their faces, and the moans that had come from inside the door soon after, it was quite obvious what the two young ladies were up to in in the lavatory.

“Well, I think we have two lovely winners.” Mary said with a grin. “And their prize: an all expense paid vacation to our dungeon, where they will experience a wide arrangement of bondage and torture while serving our every whim!”

“This will be fun! I don’t think we’ve every had a pair of lovers before. Breaking them will be so enjoyable!” Scarlet thought out loud. She found herself growing wet just thinking about it…or maybe it was the feeling of Ophelia’s naked body up close to hers while Scarlet watched her girlfriend toying with the unconscious Samantha.

“We better get these two tied up.” Mary said. “Smith and Thompson were luring that cute blonde to the manager’s office, so she’s probably naked and tied up by now. I guess there’s just one more girl to grab before we can get these ladies to the auction house…”


“This is just getting weird now…” Amanda thought to herself. The short, athletic redhead had just come back from Emma’s office, which was empty, to find Samantha and Ophelia now missing. As far as she could tell, Amanda was the only one left in the building.

“It’s too early for them to be getting lunch…” She thought, wandering through the shop. Amanda passed through the door into the back of the store, peering around the shelves, to see if anyone was working back there. A quit sobbing came from one of the boxes she passed, but the young woman didn’t hear it.

Coming around the corner of a pile of junk, the young woman saw the back door of the shop was open. Looking around, curiously, she walked over to it. “Did someone go outside?” She wondered. The door opened into the alleyway formed by the two rows of shops on either side of the block. Amanda stepped outside, closing the door behind her. Turning to the left, the young woman spotted a van, pulled into the alleyway. The backdoors were open. The two men sent to oversee the work were standing by the van, doing something with a large wooden trunk.

“What are they doing there?” Amanda thought. “Are they stealing something from the shop?” The young woman couldn’t think of anything in the shop that would be worth going to the trouble of robbing, not when it was going out of business.

As she watched, they opened the steamer trunk. Amanda had to fight back the urge to scream, as the men lifted Carrie out of the trunk. The limp woman naked, bound and gagged. Terrified, Amanda turned back to the door. She didn’t know why these men had kidnapped her coworker, but she was well aware that she would likely be next if she didn’t get out of here fast.

“Come on…come on…” Amanda’s hand went to the door knob. A bolt of fear lashed through her as the knob refused to turn. The door must have locked itself behind her when she closed it! Trembling with fear, Amanda looked around. The only way out was at the far end of the alleyway.

Trying to move as quietly as she could, Amanda crept that down the alleyway to the right. She glanced over her shoulder. The two kidnappers had set Carrie down on the floor of the van and were now lifting Emma out of the trunk. Amanda realized the two of them must have been drugged or knocked out somehow.

“I’ve got to get out of here…I need to call the police!” Amanda thought to herself. She didn’t want to think of what might happen to her coworkers if they weren’t rescued.

Just as Amanda reached the halfway point, she heard a shout from behind her in the alleyway. One of the men had turned around and spotted her! Heavy footsteps echoed off the walls as they ran towards her. With a frightened yelp, the young woman ran forward, stumbling in her heels as the kidnappers closed in behind her…


“Well isn’t this lovely!” Scarlet said. She and Mary grinned, looking down at their handiwork. Their two captive’s lay at their feet. Sam lay with her back on the floor, her lover was on top of her. The couple had been tightly lashed together, with their arms wrapped around each other’s backs and bound with rope. Their legs were bound together at the ankles and knees. Tight crotch ropes were tied between their legs. A large, double ended plug gag was inserted into the two girl’s mouths, the leather straps circling their heads, holding them together, as if they were kissing. Finally, a pair of blindfolds completed their bondage.

“Let’s get these two to our car.” Scarlet said. “Go find something we can wrap them up in.” Mary nodded and left the room. By the time she returned with a moth-eaten carpet over her shoulder, Samantha and Ophelia had come to. The helpless young women whimpered in fright, finding themselves bound and helpless. As they started to squirm, startled squeals escaped their gags as they discovered their crotch ropes. The two slavers had tied them in such a way so that, as each girl struggled, she would tug on the rope pulled snug against her lover’s sex. They’d tied knots along the lengths of the crotch ropes, carefully placed so they lay against the two girls’ naked slits to rub against them, stimulating the captives.

“Hope they struggle hard.” Mary said with a grin, unrolling the carpet. “That way, they’ll be good and hot when we get them to our dungeon.”

“Hear that girls?” Scarlet teased, kneeling down over the helpless couple. “You’ve got plenty more of this to look forward to, once we get you to our dungeon. And when we get bored with you, we’ll send you two to the slave market!” The helpless girls sobbed brokenly as they were rolled up in the carpet. The slavers lifted the squirming bundle up onto their shoulders and carried it out of the room…


“Heellmmppphhh!!!” Amanda whimpered into her gag as Smith yanked the last knot tight, lashing her arms behind her back. The young woman’s hands were bound at both the wrists and, uncomfortable, at her elbows. Rope circled her arms and chest, above and below her large breasts, pining her arms against her back. The young woman’s legs had been tied at the ankles and knees before being bent back into a punishing hogtie.

Smith knew, privately, he was tying her up far more stringently then the other women, because of how close she’d come to getting away and ruining everything. When he’d spotted her creeping away, there had been a few tense moments when the young woman had made a break for it, screaming her head off calling for help. Fortunately, for the slavers, not for Amanda and her coworkers who were now doomed to a life of cruel, degrading servitude, the young woman had tripped over her high heels and stumbled. Though she didn’t fall over completely, those few moments when she had lost her balance sealed her fate, as Smith caught up to her and got a hand over her mouth.

Amanda knew she was finished then, but even still, the young woman had fought and struggled the whole way as she was dragged back to the van. Once, she even managed to shake Smith’s hand off, just long enough for another quick cry for help before he clamped her mouth shut again. She’s waited, hope giving way to despair as she realized there was either no one within earshot to hear her screams or no one cared enough to investigate them.

Back at the van, the two men wrestled their last captive into the van and forced her to lie down beside her coworkers. A thick, leather ring gag fitted with a large rubber phallus that filled her mouth completely, silenced Amanda’s cries and they quickly got her tied up.

“I think that’s it.” Smith said, with relief. “Go find Scarlet and Mary and help them round up the other captives. We need to get this lot to the facility by three, so they can get them prepped for tonight’s auction.” In the van, Amanda moaned with terror, realizing just how much trouble she was really in now.

As Thompson headed for the front door of the store, Smith’s phone began to ring. “Hello?” He said, raising it to his ear.

“Word just came in from the boss…” A voice on the other end replied. “There’s been a slight change of plans…"
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“Well girls…” Emma said, resignedly, “I guess this is it. It has been a pleasure working with all of you, and I wish you all the best of luck in the weeks and months ahead.” The young blonde woman was standing by the counter of the shop, addressing the five women standing in front of her.

“I still can’t believe you have to close the shop.” One of them, a tall, slender brunette named Sally said. About a month ago, their employer had lost everything on some bad investments. As part of the bankruptcy process, she was forced to close up the antiques shop she’d inherited from her parents and liquidate its assets.

“Yes…” Emma replied, with a shrug. “But it can’t be helped.” The young woman had inherited the antiques shop from her parents. Long after the customers had stopped coming in and it was evident the shop was no longer profitable, she’d kept it open, unable to bear the thought of closing it. Trying to put off the inevitable had driven her to some reckless deals and now she couldn’t keep it up any longer.

She gestured to one side, where a second group of people in business suits were standing against the wall, two men and two women. “These people are here representing the organization that I borrowed money from. They will be overseeing the process of closing up shop, to make sure everything is carried out properly. Please comply with any instructions they give you and remember, everything has to be inventories and boxed up for the bankruptcy auction. The sooner we finish, the sooner we’re done for the day.”

She turned to the overseers. “Now, you wanted to look over the books?” One of them, a tall dark haired man named Smith, nodded. Emma started towards the manager’s office, followed by him and the second man, a short, burly blonde named Thompson. The two women, who appeared to be in their mid-twenties, a striking redhead and a busy blonde beauty, stayed behind to watch as the shop girls went to work, boxing things up.

Meanwhile, Emma unlocked the office and stepped inside. In the far corner was a small iron safe. She unlocked it as well and pulled out several binders recording the shop’s financial history. The numbers told of the slow decline in profits. Long after it became evident the antiques shop was no longer profitable, she’d held on to it, hoping for some way to make it work again. At the end was the sudden nosedive, when the young woman had gambled the last of her savings on one final attempt to bring in the money to keep the shop open and lost it all.

The young woman nervously handed the books over to the Smith, who had sat down at the manager’s desk. “I…I’m sorry things haven’t worked out.” She told him, as he looked over the books. “I really thought I could turn things around. I know I can’t pay back what I owe your boss…but the sale from this place…and the bankruptcy auction, they’ll bring in some money. Not enough to cover everything I borrowed, but a good amount of it and…and somehow I’ll find a way I can pay back the rest. I just don’t know how yet…”

“Oh, I know of a way we can get the money you owe.” Smith told her, setting the binders aside. “This shop and the worthless junk in it won’t be enough to cover what you owe, but you have one other asset here, which I think will more then cover your debt…”

Emma looked down at him, in curiosity and nervousness. “What do you mean? What other assets. You’re already taking everything. What’s left?”

“You and your employees, of course.” The man replied. As he said this, his companion suddenly appeared behind Emma and grabbed her. One arm went around her chest, pining the startled woman’s arms to her sides. His other hand clamped a cloth pad tight over her mouth and nose. “We’ll get far more for you at our own little ‘bankruptcy’ auction then the rest of this stuff would bring in.” He grinned. “As well as the other lovely ladies working for you…”

Emma shook her head, grunting frantically as she squirmed in her captor’s grasp. Tears welled up in her eyes, as she realized not only would she be punished for her mistakes, but her employees would suffer the same cruel fate and there was nothing she could do about it now. Already, the young woman could smell the knockout drugs that had been soaked into the cloth pad. She whimpered in terror, starting to feel woozy.

“Look on the bright side…” Smith teased, watching her feeble struggles with enjoyment. “…at least this way, they won’t have to look for new jobs. Ha! We’ve got a great career lined up for all of you. Foreign travel, working in exotic locales…room and board included, plenty of ‘job security’…just don’t ask about the retirement benefits. Ha!” Emma sobbed before she slumped over in her attacker’s arms, unconscious. He kept the cloth pressed over her mouth and nose for a few seconds more as he slowly lowered the limp woman to the ground.    

Grinning, Thompson put the cloth away and started undressing his victim. He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, then yanked down her skirt. While he finished stripping her naked, Smith left the room and came back with a small briefcase. He set it on the table and opened it. Inside were plenty o neat coils of soft, white cord and half a dozen gags of various types. He picked up one coil and tossed it to Thompson before grabbing one for himself. Working quickly, they bound Emma’s hands and feet and then lashed them together tightly, hogtying her.    

Smith selected a large, black leather panel gag from the briefcase. Emma was just starting to come to when he slid the thick rubber plug between her teeth. Her eyes widened in shock as she found herself a helpless, bound and gagged captive. The tight leather muzzle muffled her cry to no more than a frightened whimper. Fresh tears welled up in the young woman’s eyes as she realized she couldn’t do anything to stop these two thugs from doing whatever they wanted with her…and with her unsuspecting employees.

“You just lie there, and think about your future as a salve!” Thompson taunted Emma, playfully swatting her naked backside. Emma whimpered into her gag, squirming around on the floor. Leaving her to struggle behind the desk, out of sight, the two men made for the door. “We need to go see to the rest of your employees. By now, our associates should have taken care of one or two of them already…”


“Excuse me?”

Hannah looked up from the crate of old vinyl records she was sorting through. One of the overseers, the redheaded woman, was walking over to her.

“Yes, can I help you Miss…”

“Scarlet. You can call me Scarlet.” The woman said. “And you are?”

“Hannah Braunstein.” She said, straightening up. Her dark curly hair, and just a touch of an accent, marked Hannah as coming from Israel. She had on a light brown sweater and a long, dark green skirt. “What did you need?”

“My  partner, Mary, and I found something in the back we think might be valuable. We were wondering if you could identify it for us to be sure.”

“I’ll try. There’s a lot of old junk in the back we were never able to sell…” Hannah replied, following Scarlet out of the main shop where the others were working into the storage space behind the counter. The room was piled high with all sorts of things, stacked on rickety shelves. The area had a strong smell of dust and old paper. “So what did you two fi-Mmmppphhh!!!” Hannah cried out as she was grabbed from behind by someone. It was muffled by the rag which was pressed over her mouth.

As Hannah feebly struggled, she realized her attacker was the blonde woman, Mary. Scarlet turned, a grin on her face as Hannah whimpered in fright, smelling the chloroform. “What’s going on…” Hannah thought, the last thing to go through her mind before she slipped into unconsciousness.

When they were sure she was out cold, Mary and Scarlet laid their victim onto the ground. Eagerly, the two crouched down and began stripping her clothes off. “Wow. Isn’t she nice?” Mary asked, running her eyes over the slumbering young woman’s naked form. She loved jobs like this, both of them did, where the two had a chance to bind and gag pretty young women and then have some fun with their helpless captives.

“Think we should hang onto her?” Scarlet asked. “She looks like she might be fun and she has the cutest accent. She’d sound so cute, begging for mercy in our dungeon.” Mary’s uncle was one of the boss’ top lieutenants, and one of the perks his niece and her girlfriend got as a result, they were allowed to pick one or two of the girls abducted from jobs like this and keep them for themselves. They’d play with the unfortunate girls a bit, and then send them on to be sold once they’d gotten bored with their latest playthings and decided to get someone new.  

“I don’t know. Maybe. Still a few more girls to grab. Better wait till we’ve got all of them and decide then. Now, let’s get Hannah here tied up before she comes to.” Mary grabbed their bag of bondage supplies from the shelf where she’d stashed it and the two slavers went to work. Hannah’s hands were tied behind her back and her legs were bound at the ankles and at the knees. A rope ran from her wrists to her ankles, while another ran from her knees and looped around the back of her neck, folding the unconscious girl into a tight ball.

Scarlet pulled out two handkerchiefs from her pocket. While she folded these into bands, Mary scooped up their victim’s crumpled panties from where they’d been dropped on the ground. She rolled them up and stuffed them into Hannah’s mouth. One of the cloth bands was tied between her teeth as a gag and the other was used as a blindfold.

Scarlet found a large wooden crate, full of junk. Emptied out, there was just enough space to fit the captive girl. The two lowered Hannah in and covered her up with a couple musty rugs, leaving an opening for her to breath. Just as they finished, they heard a frightened sob coming from the crate as Hannah awoke to find herself in a terrifying predicament.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think any of your coworkers can hear you.” Mary teased the sobbing girl. “But don’t worry. They’ll be joining you soon enough…"
Staff Trading part 1
This was a story requested by :iconwheelie915: a while ago that, for one reason or another I didn't get around to doing until he reminded me.


United States
I just wanted to let you guys know that :iconcaljedi1: just finished posting a series of pictures he and I collaborated on. He did the renders and I wrote the story to go along with them. They're in his gallery, so go and check them out!

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