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“You asked to see me ma’am?” Madeleine said, opening the office door and stepping through. In front of her was a large, open office with expensive objects d’art lining either side of the room, leading up to a wide desk, of some rare and exotic hardwood, done up in a fashionably modern style. Behind the desk, a long set of panoramic windows showing off the glorious view of the bustling, mid-day city afforded by the office’s top-floor position.

Everything about the way the office was set up, from the layout of the décor, to the importing, almost throne like executive chair behind the desk and the noticeably smaller chain in front of it, was designed to emphasis the power and importance of the one sitting in the first chair…and the comparative lack of both qualities in the person in the second. The effect was readily apparent in the timid, hesitant way Madeleine crossed the room and took her lowly seat in front of the imposing woman who sat imperiously across the desk from her.

Leona Blake was a tall, strikingly beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. Her pale blonde hair was tied back in a tight bun, without a hair out of place. Her face was sharp, with a narrow, aquiline nose and thin lips. A pair of sharp grey eyes regarded Madeleine with a reserved look. Below her beck, she had a gorgeous body, perfectly accentuated by the hand-tailored business jacket and skirt she wore.

The woman’s looks had certainly played a part in her rise to the position of CEO in the company, but only part. More credit had to be given to her sharp intelligence, as well as her drive and ambition. She pushed herself and her subordinates as hard as possible. One did not envy those employees she called in to chew out for failing to meet her exacting standards. Everyone in the company knew and dreaded her fiery temper.

After a moment, silently studying the fidgeting Madeleine, Leona gave a slight smile. “You’ve been doing some good work lately, Madeleine. I’ve heard good things about you from some of the other people in the company.”

Madeleine returned the smile, slowly releasing the nervous breath she had been holding. “Thank you, Miss Blade.”

“Would you mind standing up for a moment?” Leone asked. ‘Turn in place…slowly.” As Madeleine did, her boss studied the younger woman. She was of about average height, with long legs. She had a thin frame, apart from her large breasts, which swelled out the front of her business jacket. Today, she had on a scarlet business jacket, over a white, low cut shirt, a matching skirt and red heels. Her dark black hair was tied back in a long, high ponytail, save for a set of bangs, which fell on either side of her face, framing her friendly, round face and large blue eyes.

“You look very lovely today.” Leona said, with enjoyment.

“Um…thank you ma’am.” Madeleine replied, her face flushing red a bit as she completed her turn.

“You should make quite an impression on Miss Long.”

“Miss Long? Of the I.W.S. Company?” Madeleine asked, confusion entering her voice. It had been office rumor for some time that the company was planning on entering close negotiations with that company for some time. There’d been much discussion over who would be picked to represent them in the negotiations.

“Yes. I have decided you, Madeleine, would be perfect to represent our company in the negotiations. I was most impressed with your performance regarding the Beechman Case last fall.”

Madeleine felt her face flush red, recalling those events. “The Beechman case was hardly my best moment, Ma’am.”

“But you handled yourself well…kept your cool in a…trying situation. Those, I think, are good qualities to have in the coming negotiations. Besides, I have already contacted my opposite number, informing her of my choice and identifying you as my representative in this matter.”

Madeleine swallowed, nervously. “When do I begin?” She asked.

“The negotiations are to start tomorrow, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they start a little bit earlier. Miss Long is always eager to get things started, so I suggest if you have no pressing business that cannot wait until after negotiations have concluded, that you go home, get rested and prepare yourself. It may be somewhat trying.”

With a nod, Madeleine turned and left the office. She paused outside the door to give a long sigh before she made her way to the elevator. She got in and punched the number for the building’s underground parking garage. The elevator rumbled for a minute, before opening in the dim, concrete space of the garage.

The ‘click-clack’ of Madeleine’s heels echoed sharply off the bare walls and ceiling as she walked past the rows of parked cars. This early in the day, most of the spaces were filled. Her own car was parked at the end of the row. She never made it there. As the young woman walked past a dark van, parked to one side, the back doors suddenly burst open and several individuals jumped out. Madeleine had only just realized she was being attacked when they grabbed her.

“HEL-MMmppphhh!!” Madeleine’s frightened cry was abruptly cut off as one of her attackers clamped a gloved hand over her mouth. Another wrapped their arms around the young woman’s torso, pinning her arms to her sides. The third bent low, grabbing her legs close to the ankles. Madeleine was literally swept off her feet as they lifted her up.

“eet eeh ooh!” She grunted into the hand covering her mouth. From her position, leaning back, supported by the people holding her, Madeleine could get only brief glimpses of her attackers. They were dressed from head to toe in black, with black masks that completely covered their faces, without eye or mouth holes. From the way the tight clothes clung to the kidnappers’ curvy figures, Madeleine realized they were women, though she could tell little else about them. Despite their gender, the kidnappers were very strong. They lifted her up as if she weighed nothing. Her frightened struggles had no effect on their tight grip as they carried her to the van. The other thing she could tell; these people knew what they were doing. From the way they worked together, silently, said they had considerable experience at this sort of thing.

The kidnappers set Madeleine down in the back of the van. As they climbed in as well, careful to keep their captive pinned down helpless, another person in the driver’s seat started the motor. The moment the back doors closed, the driver was backing out of the parking space.

As the van drove out of the parking garage, the kidnappers began to tie Madeleine up. One of her captors grabbed the young woman’s arms and pulled them behind her back. She heard the rip of tape and felt the kidnapper start wrapping the sticky band around her wrists in neat, tight bands. Another kidnapper grabbed her legs and started wrapping them as well, starting at the ankles and working up her calves, then another band of tape above the knees.

When Madeleine raised her head up to protest this treatment, a strip of tape was slapped over her mouth. More tape was put over it, ensuring she remained silent for the trip. As a final measure, a dark hood, made of thick canvas, was pulled over the captive woman’s head, plunging her into darkness. As the laces on the back of the hood were pulled, drawing the fabric tighter over her face, Madeleine thought to herself:

“This is turning out just like the Beechman case…”    


“Helmmmppphhh!!!” Madeleine called out, her frightened cries muffled by the layers of tape covering her mouth, as well as the thick hood which encircled her head. The hood left her completely in the dark, as far her current location. The kidnappers’ van had driven for what felt like days to the captive woman. When it had finally stopped, Madeleine had been carried out of the van a considerable distance, before being set down in a sturdy wooden chair. The rolls of tape had come out again, wrapping her even more, until she and the chair were practically fused together.

After that, they had left her alone to squirm the tiny amount of movement her current predicament allowed. At least she thought she was alone, besides robbing her of her sight, the hood did a pretty fair job of muffling the noise around her so Madeleine couldn’t hear anything. From time to time, she’d hear the off distorted sound, coming from somewhere far off, but for the most part, all she could hear was the sound of her own ragged breathing. There could be a whole crowd of people watching her right now, and she’d never know it.

“Keep calm, Madeleine.” She thought. “This is just an interrogation tactic.” Let the captive sit and stew for a bit, getting more and more scared. “If you give in now, they’ll have won before they even begin.” She squirmed in the chair. A low whimper of fear escaped her gag at the thought of what was almost certainly coming. Helpless, she wondered if Miss Blake or anyone else knew she’d never made it home, that she’d been kidnapped. IF anyone would be done about it…

Just then, she felt someone grab her head from behind. The person fumbled for a moment with the laces of the hood. Madeleine groaned in relief as they were loosened. A moment later, the hood was pulled off. A blast of cold air hit Madeleine in the face. She had been very hot and sweaty underneath the thick canvas of the hood.

The captive woman blinked, shaking her head. She was in a small room, with walls, floor and ceiling made up of large, black tiles. There were no doors or windows that Madeleine could see, though she had no idea what was behind her.

As Madeleine looked around, nervously, the person who had removed her hood stepped around, into the captive’s field of vision. A tall, thin figure, dressed in black like the other kidnappers, but unlike them, her face was unhooded, but covered with a large black velvet mask, edged with black lace, like a carnival masque. From behind, long tresses of dark brown hair spilled out, hanging around her shoulders. Below the mask, she flashed a playful smirk as she studied Madeleine. The young business woman guessed her captor was in her early thirties.

“I see Miss Blake’s eye for cute employees is as good as ever.” The woman said, leaning over to brush aside a few strands of dark hair which had become stuck to Madeleine’s face in the sweaty confines of the hood. “I hope you will be as amusing as the last girl of hers I had the chance to play with…”

From behind Madeleine, someone else gave a soft cough. The woman sighed. “Oh yes. I suppose I do have to offer you the opportunity to bow out straight away.” She stepped to one side of Madeleine and took a leather folder someone handed her. Returning to the front, she flipped it open and showed it to the captive woman. Inside was a lengthy legal document, in small font that was difficult to read in the dim light.

“As the appointed representative of Miss Leone Blake, CEO of the Teleron Corporation, you may sign agreements in her name. If you sign this contract now, you will be released now, and no harm will come to you. If not…” She flashed an evil grin. “I get to have some fun with you.” She reached down and slowly peeled away the tape covering Madeleine’s mouth. “What do you say?”

Madeleine grimaced, knowing what was coming next, but loyalty to the company won out. Silently, she shook her head.

“Excellent!” The other woman replied. She handed the contract back to her assistant. “And hardly surprising. I doubt Leona would have picked you for negotiations if you didn’t have some spunk in you. We’ll you’ve made your choice. Now the negotiations can begin…”

Madeleine heard a wheel squeaking from behind her. A moment later one of the other female kidnappers came into view, pushing a small metal cart. The captive gave a soft groan as she saw it was piled with all sorts of bondage toys: chains, cuffs, rope and tape, gags of every sort, various clamps and plugs. Handing from the side were a variety of leather paddles and crops.

Turning, the Mistress selected a large, red rubber ballgag. Madeleine gulped as she turned back toward her, holding the gag. The ball looked far too large to fit her mouth. Grabbing the captive woman, the Mistress pressed the rubber ball to Madeleine’s lips, applying steady pressure until she was forced to open her mouth. For a moment, it looked as if the gag wouldn’t go in, until at last, the plug popped past her teeth. Madeleine gave a muffled groan. Her jaws felt stretched as far as they could go.

Grabbing the leather straps, the Mistress quickly looped them around her captive’s head. Two straps circled around behind, where they were buckled tight. Two more circled up from those straps, joining into one at the bridge of her nose. It ran over the top of her head and was attached to the first straps at the back. A final strap went underneath her jaw, attaching on either side of the gag’s harness.

“ggack!” Madeleine gagged, the sharp taste of rubber filling her mouth as she strained to accommodate the large plug, wedging her jaws apart uncomfortably.

The other woman smiled. “I think that gag looks perfect for you. Such a lovely shade of red. It matches your dress.” She reached down and grabbed the lapels of Madeleine’s business jacket. Tugging in either direction, she pulled it as far open as the tape binding the captive business woman allowed. She reached up and grabbed the top of her captive’s blouse. Madeleine whimpered into her gag as her shirt was pulled down, revealing her large breasts, supported by a black, lacy bra. Soon enough, the bra was pulled down, letting her breasts bounce free.

“Very nice!” The mistress said, reaching out with both hands to cup Madeleine’s breasts. The captive woman closed her eyes, giving a soft moan as the other woman firmly rubbed and squeezed her breasts. “You must be quite proud of these, right Madeleine?” The mistress teased, playing with the nipples. The captive woman could only moan in reply. “However, I think they’re missing something.” She let go of them, letting the breasts bounce back down. “Let’s see…” she walked back over to the cart. Madeleine watched, nervously, as her captor searched through the pile of toys.

“Here we go.” The woman finally said. “Some pretty jewelry for those lovely nips of yours.” She turned, holding up a pair of large, silver-finished nipple clamps for her captive to see.

“Mmmppphhh!!!” Madeleine grunted quietly in fear as her captor opened one of the clamps, showing her the inside of the metal jaws, lined with several rows of blunt metal teeth, that would dig into the sensitive skin of her breast.

The Mistress reached forward and grabbed Madeleine’s left breast, taking the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She slowly rolled the soft nub, kneading and tweaking it for a moment. After a minute of stimulation, the small, pink nipple stood erect. Madeleine tensed as the clamp was slowly positioned over her nipple. The Mistress grinned, letting the tension build up for half a minute or more, before she slowly released the pressure on the back of the clamp, letting the jaws close around the soft nub of flesh between them.

Madeleine jerked in her bonds, giving a sharp grunt as she felt the clamp close down on her breast. She squirmed, shaking as the sharp pain built up until it seemed overwhelming! The young woman shook her head, grunting loudly as she felt the teeth dig into her. Every nerve in her screamed to take the clamp off, but the tape held her down, kept her from doing anything about it.

After a moment, the pain, which had seemed unbearable a second ago, slowly faded to a dull throbbing. Grinning, the mistress tugged playfully on the clamp a couple times, making sure it had a good grip on her captive, and it wouldn’t come off. Each tug sent another spasm of pain shooting through Madeleine’s breast and elicited another muffled grunt of pain through her gag.

“Now for your other breast.” Her tormentor told her tauntingly. She reached forward to take Madeleine’s other nipple and began to roll and knead it as before, letting it get hard. The captive girl squirmed and whimpered into her gag. The anticipation, knowing what was coming, the occasional flashes of pain from her clamped nipple, reminding her, and still being helpless to stop it, was even worse then before. She closed her eyes, trembling.

Seeing this, the mistress took the second clamp, squeezed it open and in one quick movement slipped it over her captive’s nipple and let it snap shut onto the pink nub. Madeleine’s eyes snapped open at the sudden pressure at the end of her breast. For a moment, her senses were overwhelmed and then the pain came stabbing in. Once again, she thrashed about in her bonds, as if trying to shake off the painful clamps, without any success, grunting loudly in pain through her gag. And once again, the flare of pain slowly faded to a dull throb.

“Very lovely…” the other woman said, playing with the clamps, tugging on one, then the other, now both at the same time to tear another gasp of pain from the helpless businesswoman. “But I think they could use some weights…” Ignoring Madeleine’s dismayed moan, the mistress returned to the cart. She came back with half a dozen small, round lead weights, connected by short chains to metal clips. These clips attached to a ring on the back of the metal clamps.

Grinning, the mistress attached three of the weights to the clamp on Madeleine’s right breast. As she did, she kept the weights tucked in the palm of her hand, supporting the weight. When the last one was attached, she opened her hand, letting the weight pull down on the clamp. It in turn tugged sharply on the young woman’s nipple. Madeleine yelped in pain as the clamp’s teeth dug into her soft nipple. While she squirmed, the Mistress quickly hung the other three weights from the other clamp and let them fall.

The mistress stepped back a moment, to watch with enjoyment, her captive’s suffering. As Madeleine squirmed, her breasts shook, which caused the weights on the clamps to swing back and forth wildly. This, in turn, tugged her breasts this way, then that way, each swing, each change in direction, eliciting another sharp gasp of pain from the thick ballgag.

“You know, if it’s all too much, you can end this all right now.” The mistress told Madeleine. “All you have to do is sign this contract. I know you can’t say anything with that gag on, but just nod if you want to. Then I’ll untie you, take off that gag and those clamps.” She promised, with a note of reluctance.

Almost unsure how she was able to, Madeleine ignored the pain from her nipples long enough to shake her head in an emphatic no.

“Good.” The mistress replied, a large grin crossing her face. “I’d have been disappointed if you had given up just now. I’ve so many other things I’d like to try on you.” She turned to the cart. “Let’s get started.” The negotiations would continue…


Madeleine quivered, shaking within the ropes holding her bound as another wave of frantic giggles spilled out of the ballgag clenched between her teeth. She shook her head, blinking back tears which filled her eyes.

The young businesswoman lay on the floor of the cell. The black tiles were icy cold underneath her bare skin. Madeleine was naked, apart from her bra and the matching pair of skimpy black panties she wore. The cups of her bra were still pulled down, leaving her ample breasts bared.

After cutting the tape binding her limbs together, and binding her to the chair, Madeleine’s kidnappers had forcibly stripped the young woman of her jacket, blouse and skirt. They’d also removed the nipple clamps, which had hurt almost as much as when they were put on the first place, as the blood flowed back into the abused tips of her breasts.

Next, the mistress had taken several lengths of soft, strong rope from the cart. Her captive’s arms were once more pulled behind her back and expertly lashed together into a strict box-tie. More rope circled her chest in a complex tie, wrapping around the young woman’s breasts in a crushing embrace.

Next, Madeleine’s legs had been tightly lashed together at the ankles and above and below her knees. A rope was run from the captive’s ankles to be tied off to the rope harness around her chest, arching her back into a strict hogtie.

The mistress knelt over her captive, a small paintbrush in hand. She’d taken it from the cart, after tying the young woman up. Madeleine’s heels had been removed and her tormentor had gone to work, tickling the bare soles of the captive’s feet with the soft tip of the brush.

Peals of laughter, only slightly muffled by the large rubber plug filling her mouth, escaped Madeleine’s lips as the older woman deftly poked the brush in between her toes, one at a time, tickling in between them.

“Now for the other foot…” The mistress said playfully, and Madeleine squirmed excitedly as the brush brought forth another wave of giggles. “I hope you are enjoying this little respite, Madeleine…” the older woman continued. “After this, I start on the really unpleasant stuff. Of course, we could avoid all that, if you’d just say you agree to our terms…”

The young businesswoman fought back laughter long enough to grunt “oooh eeal…” through her gag, shaking her head no. Almost immediately, she regretted it as the brush came back, dancing over the soles of her bare feet, wringing peals of laughter from the helpless prisoner.

“Perfect…” The mistress purred, as she continued tickling her squirming plaything. “Then I guess I won’t feel guilty about what I do to you next…”

Beneath her, Madeleine gave a low groan…


“Thwack!” Madeleine gave a sharp cry of pain as the riding crop came into contact with the soft flesh of her bottom. The captive woman’s gag muffled her scream to little more than a pained whimper. She jerked away from the source of the pain, which set her swinging back and forth wildly.

Madeleine hung in the air, a few feet off the ground. Her legs had been folded over the top of a padded spreader-bar and then lashed with rope, her knees spread about a foot apart. Two chains, connected to the bar at either end, ran up to a pulley system hidden behind one of the ceiling tiles, by which Madeleine had been winched up into the air. As she hung, upside down, even the slightest movement was enough to set her swaying back and forth.

The business woman’s arms had been released from the boxtie and retied, palm to palm, at the wrists and at the elbows, tight enough they almost touched. Another rope had been tied around Madeleine’s waist, like a belt, then a strand of rope was run from the woman’s tightly bound wrists, between her legs, where it was tied off to the front of the belt.

The crotch rope had been pulled so tight it disappeared between the lips of Madeleine’s sex. The mistress had tied a series of knots in the rope at that spot, to increase the sensation Madeleine felt every time the crotch rope rubbed across her sensitive area.

Before doing that, the young woman’s captor had removed her panties and bra, stripping her completely naked. Both were currently balled up inside Madeleine’s mouth. The mistress had stuffed them both in before popping the ballgag back in place.

“Thwack!” Another blow of the riding crop landed on Madeleine’s exposed belly. The young woman couldn’t see the blow coming because her captor had put a padded leather blindfold over her eyes, increasing the disorienting feeling of being upside down and making it so she couldn’t see the mistress getting ready to swing. Plugs in her ears kept her from listening as the other woman moved around. She could only hang there, trembling in dreadful anticipation, wondering which direction it would come from, where on her body the next strike of the crop would fall.

As a final addition to her torment, the nipple clamps had once more been added to the ends of Madeleine’s breasts, this time with even more weight hung on it, it seemed. The young woman’s poor nips had had just enough time to recover from the last time they’d been clamped, that they hurt just as much going on as they had originally, if not more because they were still tender from the last time.

For what seemed like hours to the unfortunate captive, though it was likely only a little more than half an hour, the mistress circled around Madeleine, expertly striking out at the moment calculated to catch her victim off guard and unready for the loud slap and stinging pain of the crop. Her strikes roamed all over Madeleine’s naked body, from her firm, round bottom, to her thighs, to her belly and breasts, to between her spread legs.

Periodically, she shifted tactics. At one point she’d hit here, then there, at a different points of Madeleine’s body. Another time, she would strike the same spot in quick succession, lighter strokes warming the spot up for a final, full-powered smack that made the young woman howl through her gag, swinging back and forth wildly.

Then, she would mix it up. The Mistress laid a series of light strikes onto Madeleine’s left breast, before finishing with a last painful smack. As the younger woman sobbed into her gag, the mistress started with a number of rapid slaps across her right breast. The captive whimpered tensed in expectation of the painful blow she knew was coming… Instead, the mistress suddenly landed a blow with everything she had across Madeleine’s backside. The painful sting was all the more shocking from coming in an unexpected place, doubling its effect on the poor captive.

Finally, the mistress swung a final time with the crop, landing on the lips of Madeleine’s sex, enjoying the yelp of pain this elicited. Handing the crop back in place on the cart, she turned back, bending over to remove Madeleine’s ear plugs and blindfold. Grabbing the young woman’s head, she titled it up, forcing the captive girl to look up at her.

“Well Madeleine, how much longer do you want to play?” the mistress asked. “Because things are only going to get much worse for you from here on out, the longer you keep refusing. All you need to do is say you’ll sign the contract and you’ll be freed.”

She grinned, watching the look in her captive’s eyes as the struggle went on inside her head. The young woman hung upside down, panting for air. Her naked body was coated with a sheen of sweat from the exertions she’d been put through and colored all over with the red marks of the crop. She ached all over, her breasts were on fire where the clamps pulled mercilessly on her sensitive nipples and between her legs the tight embrace of the crotch rope as it rubbed against her sex was maddening. She desperately wanted to give in, to get it all over with. It took every bit of her willpower just to keep from nodding right then and there…

Just then, one of the mistress’ assistants hurried into the room. She stood at attention, coughing softly to get the other woman’s attention.

“Yes?” The mistress asked, letting go of Madeleine and straightening up. The captive woman swung limply to and fro from the chains as the assistant whispered something to mistress.

“Is that so?” she said, with a sigh. “Very well. Nothing we can do about it, I suppose. Pity too, I think another half hour and I could have easily broken the girl, but that’s how things go.” She turned back towards Madeleine. “Well my dear, I’m afraid our little game is at an end, sad to say. I think I’ve enjoyed matching wills with you more than anyone else who has graced my dungeon, but as they say, all good things must come to an end…”

“How true. Still, there’s always next time…” another voice said. A moment later, a tall woman stepped into view. She was dressed in a white leather one-piece, with long, white leather opera gloves and white, thigh high boots. With a white carnival mask, like the first mistress had on, it took Madeleine a moment to recognize the woman as her boss, Leone Blake!

Leona was holding a long chain leash in one hand. Attached to the other end of the chain was a collar, locked around the throat of a short, slender girl with dark brownish-red hair and a pale face dappled with freckles. She was naked, apart from a chest harness, connected to a leather armbinder which held her limps trapped behind her back, and a pair of leather cuffs on her ankles, joined by a two foot chain. The lower half of her face was covered by a leather panel gag, with straps encircling her head.

The captive shuffled after Leona, head bowed dejectedly. As she got closer, Madeleine noted that her naked body was covered with red stripes from the crop, much like the ones covering her own body after the mistress’ attentions. The other girl’s breasts, and the mound of her sex, were also covered in what seemed to be light burns, as well as a few bits of colorful wax left here and there.

“I see my Madeleine was up to the task.” Leone said, looking up and down the squirming, hanging figure. She flashed a wry smile at the other mistress. “Even though you grabbed her a little early.”

“I promise you, I did not touch her until my Hannah had been delivered to your dungeon.” The mistress replied, sheepishly. She sighed. ‘Though it seems she was not up to the task.” She gave the captive girl a mean look. Hannah cringed, grunting apologetic grunt into her gag.

“She did well enough for herself.” Leone said, looking at the young woman at the end of her leash. “I didn’t think I’d break her so quickly…that is until I discovered she had a weakness for hot wax.” She handed Mistress Long a leather case, similar to the one the mistress had. She took the case and opened it.

“Is that so?” Mistress Long said, scanning the contract. “Well, we’ll have to concentrate on that in your training then.” Nearby, the captive Hannah gave a frightened whimper. With a sigh, the mistress shut the folder. “Well I can confirm that the contract has been signed. I hereby agree to your terms.”

“Very good.” Leona replied, handing over the leash. “I’ll go and deliver the good news to my board members.” She turned to Madeleine. “Very good work today. Tomorrow, stop by my office first thing.” To Mistress Long, she asked, “Since you were so eager to pick her up, can I trust you to see Madeleine to her home safely?”

“As much as I’d love to keep her locked up in my dungeon forever, I suppose I can’t. I’ll take her home right away.” She turned to Hannah. “And then we are going to evaluate your performance tonight and schedule a rigorous training regime for you, Hannah. I expect better from my top negotiator.” Helpless, the younger woman could only give a resigned sob…

Ten minutes later, Madeleine found herself once more in the back of the kidnap van, now hogtied with rope, still blindfolded and gagged. Beside her was Hannah, also roped in a strict hogtie, looking forward with dread to a tough “employee evaluation.” Certain to involve lots of hot wax and various parts of her anatomy.

The van parked and Miss Long got out and carried Madeleine to her front door. She must have gotten the key from Madeleine’s purse, because she unlocked the front door and carried her captive inside. After a moment, the young woman was set down on her bed.

“You did very well today.” Miss Long told her. “I hope I get another chance to see you grace my dungeon soon.” As she quickly untied her captive. She removed the blindfold and gag before leaving the room.

Exhausted from the negotiations, Madeleine didn’t bother putting on pajamas or anything. She simply climbed into the soft embrace of the bed and the luxurious silk sheets and fell asleep almost immediately…


The next thing Madeleine knew, it was morning and sunlight was streaming into the bedroom through the window. With a groan, the young woman threw back the covers and sat up. Parts of her body were still sore from the night before, particularly her arms and legs. The marks of the crop had faded, but weren’t entirely gone yet. Her nipples were still sore from the clamps.

“Guess I won’t be wearing a bra today…” Madeleine thought, cupping her breasts gingerly. “Probably for a couple days…” she glanced over at the alarm clock. It read 7:30. “Oh shit…” Madeleine swore. She’d forgotten to set the alarm the night before. Now there was no way she’d make it to work on time.

Hopping out of bed, she went to the bathroom and took a long, hot shower, to help her sore muscles relax a bit. Ten minutes later, she stepped out, wrapped in a towel. From her closet, she got out a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt and a long skirt, which hopefully would hide the marks from the night before.

Fortunately someone, Miss Long she guessed, had had someone driver her car back over from the office, so she didn’t have to call a taxi. She drove downtown, cursing every traffic jam, but from the start, it was obvious she wasn’t going to make it to the office on time. She parked her car below the building and hopped out, half an hour late.

As Madeleine walked through the hallways to Miss Blake’s office, she got a few stares, heard some whispers from the people she passed, both on account of her lateness, but also because by now the office rumor mill had no doubt identified her as the one who’d conducted the negotiations with Miss Long and they could guess the reason for her overly modest attire today.

Nervously, Madeleine opened the door to Leona’s office and stepped inside, remembering the chewing out the last poor girl who’d been more than a few minutes late to work. Across the room, Leona sat at her desk, impassively typing on the computer. As Madeline took her seat, the CEO looked over.

“Good of you to come…don’t worry about the time, I suppose it’s excusable given all that happened last night…and given how well you did.” She continued, ignoring Madeleine’s sigh of relief. “…I have to say, I was very impressed with your performance, and so was Miss Long, judging from what she’s said to me. I pride myself on being able to spot talent, but even still I was surprised how well you held up to an experienced mistress like Miss Long. Thanks to this…” she held up the contract, the one she had forced Hannah to sign, “Our prospects this coming fiscal year are looking very good and it’s in large part thanks to you. I think a promotion might be in order…”

Madeleine perked up at that.

Leona put on a sly grin. “If you accept, you will be put in charge of all future negotiations. Your first one would be in three weeks. We’re submitting a bid with the Zola Corporation from Osaka. I know three other companies have submitted negotiators already. Zola’s Mistress favors the rattan cane, so we’ll focus on that during your training…assuming you accept the position, of course.”

“Of course.” Madeleine said, forcing a smile onto her face. Inside, she cringed. “Damn this job market…” she thought to herself…
Tight Negotiations
Done for :iconbdsmthingies:'s Story Contest: featuring his OC Madeleine:
In the description, she's described as a "Slender, busty, shy, frequently tied business woman."
Originally, my first idea was a story where she'd kidnapped by industrial spies, after details about a sensitive business deal she is working on. Then, I had another idea where her company is negotiating a business deal with another corporation and the CEO of the other company is worried whether or not they can be trusted with the project, so she arranged a fake kidnapping/interrogation to test whether Madeleine can handle things.
Eventually, the two ideas sort of ended up merging into the story as is. Hope you like it!

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“There you two are!” Thompson said, walking into the shop. Across the room, Scarlet and Mary were carrying the rolled up carpet which contained their two captives. “Smith wants to get everyone loaded up so we can ship ‘em to the facility.” He eyes the carpet, noting the way it squirmed. “That one girl or two?”

“Two.” Scarlet replied. “There’s one more girl in that chest over there.” She said, nodding towards the wooden box.

Thompson walked over and opened it. He lifted the junk out to reveal a young woman, curled up in the bottom of the crate, bound, gagged and naked. Hannah sobbed quietly. The young woman was covered in a light sheen of sweat from her fruitless struggles. She squirmed as Thompson reached down and lifted the captive out of her wooden prison.

“Come on bitch! Quit Struggling!” Thompson said, tossing the frightened girl over his shoulder. “Time for you to join your friends…”

While he was taking care of Hannah, Scarlet and Mary had made their way to the back door of the shop. “What should we do with our two ‘guests’ once we get home?” Mary asked, excitedly.

“I don’t know. Maybe we could-hang on!” Scarlet suddenly came to a halt, beside the door. When Mary started to ask a question, Scarlet shushed her. “Listen!” From outside, they could just hear their partner, Smith, talking on his cellphone.

“…Is that so?” Smith said. “Alright then. I’ll take care of those two. They were always more trouble than they were worth, anyway. I’ll enjoy seeing them up on the auction block…”

“Scarlet! What’s going on!?!” Mary asked, nervously.

“I don’t know.” Scarlet replied. “But I think Smith is getting ready to double-cross us…”

“But my uncle…” Mary began.

“I don’t think your uncle is in any position to do much for us now.” Scarlet replied. “We need to do something quick, unless we want to end up joining these dumb bitches on the auction block…” she paused for a moment. “Ok…I think I have an idea…”


“You sure you passed them on their way out?” Smith asked, angrily. He swung his head around, checking the corners of the shop as he stepped through the door, pistol drawn.  

“Positive. They were carrying a rolled up carpet.” Thompson replied. The slaver had delivered Hannah to the waiting van, only to discover the two had never come out. Smith had explained the change of plans, regarding Scarlet and Mary’s continued employment with their organization.

“Damn…” Smith said, “They must have found out somehow. Shit! I hope we can find them. The boss wanted them for the auction, to make back some of the money Mary’s stupid uncle stole. And I won’t lie, I was looking forward to seeing those two naked, being led out and sold…” He stepped into the back store room. “Well, seems like they left something behind.” He said, looking down at the rolled up carpet on the floor. The bundle squirmed, gently. “At least they didn’t run off with these two. The boss would have really chewed us out if we lost them and a pair of valuable slaves.”

He nodded to Thompson while putting away his gun. “Come on. Help me with this. Odds are they’re long gone by now. Let’s just get these two to the van and get out of here. The boss can send another team to chase Scarlet and Mary down if he really feels like it.”

Nodding, Thompson walked over. Bending over, the two men lifted the carpet up. Inside, the carpet’s occupant murmured and squirmed inside. The two slavers turned and carried their load to the back door. The van was still parked behind the shop. Inside, the other four girls, those who were still conscious, sobbed, struggling helplessly in their bonds.

“Alright girls…” Smith said, as he and his partner set the carpet down. He and Thompson pushed the carpet, unrolling it. “Time for you to join your coworkers...what the…aaah!” The carpet rolled out to reveal Mary, lying on top. The young woman raised gun and fired. From the tip of the taser, the two metal prongs shot out and connected with the slaver. He grunted sharply as a massive jolt of electricity shot through him.

Thompson’s eyes widened in shock. He reached for his gun. Before he could, Scarlet stepped out of the door and shot him in the back with a second stun gun. The man grunted sharply before falling over, stunned.

“That worked better then I thought!” Scarlet said, checking over the two men for any signs of movement. Neither of them seemed like they would be getting up anytime soon. She tested this by giving Smith a sharp prodding in his side with the tip of her boot. He groaned, but otherwise did not respond. “Let’s get these two taken care of…” The young woman glanced over her shoulder at the van and its helpless occupants. “Don’t worry, ladies. We’ll see to you in a moment.”

Leaning over, Scarlet picked up Smith. Mary struggled to lift Thompson. Together, the two dragged the limp slavers back into the shop. Scarlet produced a pair of handcuffs and used it to shackle the men to one of the overburdened shelves.

“What do we do with them now?” Mary asked, looking down.

“Let’s just leave them.” Scarlet replied. She leaned over and quickly searched the two men, grabbing their guns as well as the keys to the van from Smith’s jacket pocket. “The boss may decide we’re not worth bothering over, but he’ll certainly send someone after us if we kill two of his men. They’ll either free themselves or whatever cleanup crew comes by to take care of the evidence here will find them. Our worry is getting far enough away from here by then we can disappear cleanly.”

Straightening up, Scarlet opened over to a large, dark wood wardrobe. She opened it up. From inside, Samantha and Ophelia whimpered into their gags, seeing her. The two stood upright, still lashed together, in the narrow space of the cabinet. Reaching in, Scarlet dragged the couple out. “Let’s get these two to the van and get out of here.”

Together with Mary, they carried their captives through the shop to the back door. Outside, they tossed the young women in the back of the van with the other shop girls. “What do we do with them now?” Mary asked. “We can’t take these two back to our house and we won’t be delivering them to the facility.”

“I know someone…” Scarlet replied, reaching towards a box in the van behind the passenger’s seat. “A coworker from the last organization I worked at.” Opening it up, she pulled out a bottle of chloroform and a dozen cloth pads. “He’ll give us a fair price for these ladies, more then enough to retire someplace isolated and tropical.”

On the floor of the van, the captive women moaned, as the brief hope that their fates might be different was quickly dashed. Scarlet poured some of the chloroform onto the pads. Leaning over, she pressed the pads to her prisoner’s faces, one by one, knocking them out. The last two she drugged were Samantha and Ophelia. “Well…maybe we won’t sell all of you…retirement would be so boring without a couple lovely playthings for us to torment!” The two lovers whimpered into their gags miserably, as they slowly went under.

The two kidnappers climbed into the van. Scarlet got into the driver’s seat, Mary sat down in the passenger’s seat beside her. “There is one more thing…” Scarlet told her lover. “I know where he lives, but he likes to keep that strictly need to know. He can be quite picky about it so…” She held up one more chloroform-soaked pad. “You’ll have to take a quick nap while I drive us there…”

Mary sighed. “Fine.” She said, letting Scarlet gently press the pad to her face. She forced herself to breathe in, the drugs making her feel light headed. The last thing she heard, as things went black, was Scarlet whispering to her. “Just dream about our new life together, and how much fun we’ll have together…”      
Staff Trading Ending B
After I showed :icon Wheelie915: the first ending, he sent a note back saying that he really liked Scarlet and Mary and wanted to know if I could write an alternative end where they managed to escape, taking the other captive women with them instead. So I did.

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“Come on bitch, quit struggling!” Thompson told the woman over his shoulder, giving her a smack on her naked bottom for good measure. “It won’t do you any good!” Hannah sobbed into her gag as the larger man carried her towards the back door of the shop. Scarlet and Mary were right behind her, carrying the carpet which had Samantha and Ophelia wrapped up inside. Their own frightened moans could be heard coming through, faintly.

Smith was waiting outside by the van. He’d been busy, cutting off all of Amanda’s clothes. She was now totally naked, save a few scraps of cloth caught in the tight ropes binding her. Hannah whimpered as she was set down beside the other captives. Amanda and Hannah exchanged frightened grunts.

“Ta da!” Scarlet said, unrolling the carpet to reveal the two bound lovers. They were quite hot and flustered from their brief mummification. Scarlet quickly explained to the two men how the captive couple had been found and captured.

“Nice. Put them in the van. The buyers will love a cute lesbian couple.” Smith said.

“No, I was thinking Mary and I would have some fun with them first. I’ll put them in the trunk of my car.” Scarlet answered.

“Put them in the van!” Smith told her sharply.

“Fine. If you’re going to be like that.” Scarlet replied. The two female slavers lifted the squirming couple up and carried them over to join the other four captives. “But when we get to the facility, we’re going to have a talk with the boss. We had an arrangement!”

“The arrangements changed.” Smith told her. He suddenly drew his pistol. “Hands on top of your head! Now!”

“What the fuck!” Scarlet exclaimed, her eyes going wide with shock. “The hell do you think your doing?”

“When my uncle Henry finds out about this, he’ll have you killed, bastard!” Mary said, angrily. The two women glared at Smith as they reluctantly raised their hands up.

“He’ll have a hard time doing that now.” Smith replied. He gestured to Thompson who stepped forward and relieved their former partners of their pistols. “I just got a call from the boss. Seems your uncle’s been skimming money off the top for quite a while. The boss was none to happy to find that out. He’s been taken care of, now it’s time to take care of the two of you. Luckily, you two are young and hot, so it’s the auction block for you and not a shallow grave.”

“Now, get in the van and take off all your clothes.” He ordered, gesturing with the pistol for good measure.

The two former slavers exchanged frightened glances at each other. Glumly, they realized they didn’t have a choice. “Bastard.” Scarlet muttered as she slowly climbed into the van. Mary followed, having gone pale. She was trembling with fright. Having tormented dozens of poor girls over the years, they knew all too well what awaited them after being sold.

The two men whistled, appreciatively, as their former partners slowly stripped naked. “We should have bagged the two of you a long time ago.” Smith said, eyeing the two blushing young women. “You’ll make far better slaves then you did partners!” Keeping the gun pointed at them, Smith pulled out his chloro-rag and told Thompson to do the same. Taking it, Smith tossed both of them into the van.

“Now, the two of you are going to play a little game for us.” The man told Scarlet and Mary. “You are both going to chloroform each other and while you’re doing that, you’re going to play with each other’s breasts and pussies, like I know you like to do. Be sure to put on a good show for us. The one who stays conscious the longest will get a reward…” he grinned, “in that she will be gagged with a ballgag. The loser will be gagged with both of your worn panties. Understand?” Glumly, the two nodded, knowing there was no way out of this for them now.

With grim resignation, the two crawled towards each other, picking up the drugged soaked cloths. They both knew they could look forward to waking up bound and gagged, being carried off to the auction block, like the countless girls and young women they’d done the same to over the years. Scarlet pressed her rag over Mary’s face. She quickly took a deep breath before Mary did the same to her. Her free hand went to Scarlet’s right breast while Scarlet’s hand went between Mary’s legs.

For a minute, the two held their breaths, not wanting to breathe in the drugged fumes. Soon enough, though, Scarlet’s fingers started to have an effect on Mary. The young woman gasped as a wave of pleasure surged through her. With it, she sucked in a whiff of the chloroform. Realizing her mistake, she exhaled and held her breath, but the damage was already done. She started to weaken, but still managed to hold out long enough Scarlet couldn’t hold her breath in any longer and was forced to breathe in as well.

“And we have a winner!” Smith said, having watched the battle with great enjoyment, judging from his erection. “Congratulations Scarlet!” He said, taking the rag from Mary’s limp hand and pressing it back over Scarlet’s mouth and nose. She whimpered a complaint, but she was too weak from the chloroform she’d already inhaled to put up more then a token struggle. “When you wake up, all you’ll be tasting is rubber.” He whispered to her as she slid into unconsciousness.

Satisfied that both women were completely out, Thompson and Smith went to work tying them up. First, as promised, Smith picked up both of the women’s crumpled panties from the floor of the van. Both had been dabbed with the two lovers’ juiced, from when they’d been fondling their own captives not too long ago. Balling them up, he stuffed both pairs into Mary’s mouth. A panel gag went on to keep her from spitting them out.

The former slavers, now just two more soon-to-be-sold salves, were tied up, like their captives, lying against each other, chest to chest, lashed with plenty of rope. The two men enjoyed fondling the girls’ naked bodies, remembering how long they’d fantasized about doing this to their former partner.

“Well, we’d better get moving.” Smith told Thompson, yanking the last knot binding Scarlet’s ankles tight. He knew another team would come along after they were gone, to take care of the women’s cars and things. Then they would start a fire in the back of the shop. The investigators would quickly determine the place had been deliberately burned down as part of an insurance scam. If anyone would be looking for the six women, it would be in the Cayman Islands, not a slave master’s dungeon.

“Time to get these ladies to market.” Nearby, Hannah and Amanda quietly sobbed, knowing their fate was sealed. Smith turned to them. “Sorry ladies, but the location of the auction is a secret, so you’ll have to be asleep for the entire drive.” The two captives whimpered in fright as he reached for the cloth again, but with the two tightly bound and gagged there was no question that they would end up drugged to sleep once more.

After knocking out the two of them, Smith grabbed the bottle of chloroform and several cloth face masks from a box in the back of the van. He poured a few drops of chloroform on each cloth, not a full dose, but enough to keep the captives sleepy for the entire drive back to the slave market. Closing the bottle of again, he and Thompson slipped a mask over each of the captive’s faces.

Finally, a blanket was thrown over the slumbering captives to cover them up and the two slavers got into their seats. Thompson started the van and they slowly pulled out of the alleyway and onto the street…  


“Going once!...Going Twice!...Sold! To the gentleman on the right for £15K!”

In the dungeon behind stage, the frightened slaves could hear the cry of the auctioneer, the cheering of the large crowd and, faintly, the sob of the newly sold girl, the rattle of her chains as she was led off stage to meet her new owner. Huddling in their cages, the other captives moaned in fright, knowing with each slave sold, sooner or late it would be their turn to be dragged out and sold.

The six shop girls, along with their two former captors, knelt in a large cage. Upon arriving at the slaver’s facility, the women had been pulled out of the van, still groggy from the chloroform and untied. Immediately, their hands were cuffed behind their backs with steel handcuffs. Ankle fetters, with two feet of chain were locked onto their ankles, limiting the women to a slow hobble. Their gags were removed and replaced with large, brightly colored ball gags. Lastly, steel collars were locked around each woman’s throat. Smith and Thompson must have told the other slavers about Samantha and Ophelia; their collars were joined by a foot of chain, linking them together. Mary and Scarlet had been similarly linked. The slavers intended to sell them as lesbian couples.  

Thus secured, the eight captives were dragged to the cage and locked in. They could only watch, in growing horror, as the other cages around them were filled up with more captive women, like them naked and in chains. Then, about an hour ago, the slavers started taking girls out of the cages and leading them to the stage as the auction began.

Kneeling in the cage in front of them was a girl, probably in her late teens. Like the shop girls, her hands and feet were cuffed and a ballgag silenced her sobs, but unlike them, she was wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform. An hour earlier, the cage had been filled with a dozen girls, dressed like her; the senior class from the private girl’s academy, abducted during a school trip. One by one, the slavers had dragged the frightened students out of the cage to be brought out on stage and sold. Now, she was the last one.

As the shop girls watched, a couple slavers walked towards them. The cage across from them was unlocked and the frightened girl inside dragged out. A short chain leash was clipped to her collar. Pulling sharply on it, they led the weeping student off to be sold. Watching her go, the shop girls whimpered in fear, knowing they would be next. They listened, tensely, as the bidding for the girl rose, until the auctioneer cried “Sold!” A moment later, two more slavers came to their cage.

“Who wants to be first?” One of the men teased the women inside the cage as he unlocked it. Hannah was closest to the cage door. She shook her head, whimpering unintelligible pleas into her gag, but the leash was clipped to the front of her collar and the young woman was roughly hauled to her feet. Hannah stumbled out of the cage, dragged along by the relentless pressure at her neck. She passed by several more cages, some empty, more filled with frightened women and girls, waiting to be sold. Finally, she passed through a set of doors and onto the auction stage.

Bright spotlights shown down, lighting up Hannah as she stepped out onto the stage. For a brief moment, she was blinded by the bright light. All around her, the young woman could hear a large crowd cheering appreciatively as she stumbled forward, dragged by the chain at her neck. As her vision cleared, Hannah saw a long, narrow stage in front of her, like the runway of a fashion show, extending out into the center of the room.

All around it was a large crowd of men and even quite a few women. They were all well dressed, in evening wear and dresses. They jeered, eyeing the naked slave as she was forced to walk down to the end of the stage. Hannah looked out at time in horror. The young woman could hardly believe there were this many people ruthless enough to pay to own innocent people as sex slaves.

The auctioneer was standing at the end of the stage. Beside him was a metal post, seven or eight feet tall, with a bent crosspiece to one side. A short chain, ending in a metal hook descended from the end of the crosspiece. The bottom was secured to a round platform, half an inch above the stage.

The slaver holding Hannah’s leash led the frightened woman over to it and forced her to step onto the platform. The chain of her ankle fetters were looped around a metal hook at the base of the pole. The auctioneer, meanwhile, pulled out a smartphone and tapped it. The chain slowly descended. Grabbing it, the slaver slipped the hook underneath the chain of Hannah’s handcuffs. Another tap and the chain retracted, dragging Hannah’s hands up with it. The young woman was force to bend forward, as her arms were pulled up into a strict strappedo. Meanwhile, she was to spread her legs, as much as the fetters allowed, to keep her balance.

Just when it seemed Hannah’s body couldn’t take much more, the auctioneer taped the phone again and the chain stopped. The young woman stood, squirming uncomfortably, bent over by the chain. Hannah felt her face flush red as she realized this position forced her to thrust her naked chest out at the audience. Bent over, with her legs spread, her sex was on clear display for the eager audience. They liked what they saw, judging from the jeers and catcalls they shouted up at the stage. The captive woman didn’t think her position could get any more embarrassing, until the auctioneer pushed another button. An electric motored whirred, underneath Hannah’s feet, and the whole platform began to slowly rotate, so the crowd could see her shamefully exposed body from every angle as the auctioneer began the bidding.

“Our next item, Masters and Mistresses…” The auctioneer said, his voice amplified by a small microphone headset. He looked down at his smartphone. “…is a young lady named Hannah Braunstein, aged 22. She is untrained, having been collected only this morning from a small shop in Southampton. Bidding begins at £5,000. Do I hear 5K?”    

As Hannah spun, she watched the crowd. Here and there, men, and several women, raised up paddles. The auctioneer recorded their bids. Slowly, Hannah’s price rose from £5,000 to over £10,000. It finally stalled at £12,500. As the auctioneer called out, “Going once! Going Twice! Sold!” Hannah hung her head and sobbed. She was uncuffed from the frame and led backstage. In another room, a man was writing a check for one of the slavers. He was a middle-aged man, of Arabic features. A leering grin crossed his face as he saw his new slave being led towards him.

“How lovely.” He said, reaching forward with a hand to caress one of Hannah’s naked breasts. The young woman shrank back, as far as the leash in the man’s hand allowed her. She turned her face, cheeks bright red with shame. “How modest!” Her owner said, with a laugh. “Come slave, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. From now on, your only thought in life should be how to please me. Now come, they’re bringing out the next slave now…” Hannah whimpered into her gag as he turned, tugging sharply on the leash. She had no choice but to shuffle after him…

Back in the dungeon behind the stage, the slavers came and collected Samantha and Ophelia. The two lovers exchanged looks of horror with one another as they were led out on stage together. “For our next item, we have something special.” The auctioneer told the crowd as the two captives were secured to the frame, back to back. “These two slaves are lesbian lovers, as the recruiters who found them together can testify. Masters, if you ever wanted a pair of slaves you can watch make out whenever you order them to, or Mistresses, if you want a couple fuck-toys that will know how to pleasure you, consider bidding. Let’s start at £10,000…”

The bidding for the two went quickly, with eager buyers raising as fast as the auctioneer could announce the latest bids. Soon, though, the bidding slowed. The couple’s prices petered out, just shy of £50,000 and the auctioneer pronounced them sold. When Samantha and Ophelia were brought to the pick-up room, a tall, striking woman in her mid-thirties was waiting to collect them. Her dark hair was done up in an elegant hairstyle and she had on a long, black gown with matching gloves.

“I’m sure I won’t have any cause to regret purchasing you two, am I?” Their mistress said, taking Samantha’s leash from the slaver. “No, you two are going to be perfectly obedient slaves for your mistress, aren’t you? You don’t want to find out what happens to slaves who don’t serve me well, do you?” She smiled as the two frightened girls shook their heads. “I thought so…” She turned and made her way back to the auction hall, her two new slaves shuffling after her.

They made it just as the slavers were bringing the next slave out. Over the next half hour, the rest of the girls from the shop were quickly sold off. Carrie was bought by a Japanese businessman with a thing for blondes. He had already purchased two other fair haired girls at the auction already. Amanda was next. Bidding for the redhead dragged on for several minutes, with a trio of bidders raising each other again and again, until she was sold for £45,000 to a retired CEO who kept a stable of trained pony girls.

Emma was led out, having watched all of her employees be led off and sold. She was purchased by a man who ran a secret ‘resort’ for the extremely wealthy on a private island in the Pacific and was here for a little “staff trading.” He smiled, taking her leash. “I hope you’re better at ‘customer relations’ then you were at running your business, slave.” He teased, leading her off to join her new coworkers, caged in the back her new owner’s truck.    

After Emma shuffled offstage, the auctioneer waited for the next slave to be brought out. A minute passed, then another. From behind stage, there was a crash and the next moment, Mary and Scarlet was dragged out. Scarlet was fighting against the leash in her former coworker’s hand, screaming angrily through her gag. Chained behind her, Mary shuffled along, face pale, hardly able to believe the two of them were being led out on stage, like countless girls they had done the same to before.

“Before we move on to the next lot, we have a special item, ladies and gentlemen.” The auctioneer said, with a grin. “We collected these two lovely things at the same time as the other girls. As you can see…” He said, giving Scarlet a slap on her bottom, eliciting a sharp yell. “They’re a wild pair, so they need an experienced master who can take a firm hand with them.” The two former slavers moaned in despair as they were secured, side by side, to the frame and bidding began.

Bidding for them went on a long time, before they were claimed by the same woman who had bought Samantha and Carrie. She stepped forward, to examine her new purchases. Mary gave a quiet moan as her new Mistress fondled her breasts. Scarlet glared defiance at the older woman, fighting against the leash, grunting angrily into her gag. “I’ve just the thing for you, my unruly slave.” The woman said, opening her purse. She pulled out a small perfume bottle and squirted a dose of it right in Scarlet’s face, only when the former slaver breathed in, her nostrils filled with the muted scent of chloroform.

After a moment, Scarlet began to feel light headed. She no longer had the strength to resist as her new owner reached forward to caress her naked body. The older woman grinned, taking the former slavers’ leash in her hands along with the one tethering Samantha and Ophelia. “That’s much better. Now I have two lovely couples. I’ll have to see which pair is my favorite.” She told the slaves with a laugh.

“And now, Master and Mistresses…” The auctioneer called out, we have a selection of exotic beauties, brought in by our operatives in China…” The men and women who had purchased the eight women from the shop turned their attention to the sobbing girl who was being led out now. Their new slaves huddled in their chains, fearfully wondering what the future held in store for them. They knew their old lives were over now, and a new life, as slaves, awaited them…
Staff Trading Ending A
This is the ending I originally wrote for :iconwheelie915: He asked for a different ending, but said I could post it as an alternate ending. I'll post ending B fairly soon.


United States
I just wanted to let you guys know that :iconcaljedi1: just finished posting a series of pictures he and I collaborated on. He did the renders and I wrote the story to go along with them. They're in his gallery, so go and check them out!

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